Friday, April 19, 2013

Questions in the Form of a Quiz

The new pigs are here!  The new pigs are here!   I'm somebody now!

Things are about to get real up on this farm.

We've had a nice little break from animal chores this winter, but the days of lazin' around are over.

In honor of the pigs, and because Q is a stupid letter that has very few words to use, I've decided to quiz you all.  I've mentioned pigs on this here blog several times over the years.  How much have you learned?

Don't worry.  It's an open-blog quiz.

1.  Pigs are pink.
     a.  True
     b.  False
     c.  All of the above

Hint, hint.
2.  Put these animals in order of their intelligence, from most intelligent to least.
     a.  pigs
     b.  chickens
     c.  dogs
     d.  children - I'm not going to put a link.  Just about every post will help you.

3.  Pigs are social creatures, preferring to be in a group, especially when taunting the dogs.
     a.  True
     b.  False

Behind the safety of an electric fence and an actual fence, the pigs enjoy testing the dogs' collars.

4.  Why do farmers castrate their male pigs?
     a.  The male hogs get too aggressive otherwise.
     b.  The meat will not taste right otherwise.
     c.  The farmer's wife has enough testosterone running around.

5.  When should one tell her children about castration?
     a.  When they ask if the pig is a boy or girl.
     b.  At the same time they learn about the birds and the bees.
     c.  Don't bother.  They will learn about it at school.

6.  Which of the following can a pig NOT do?
     a.  Run faster than a toddler.
     b.  Sit on his hind-end.
     c.  Lie on his back.
     d.  Lift a gate off its hinges in order to escape.

Gotta say, this is the first time I have ever seen a pig sit like this.

7.  How long do we keep the pigs?
     a.  Until a coyote kills them.
     b.  Until they are big enough to ride.
     c.  Until I get tired of feeding them.

8.  How do the kids feel about the pigs going to the butcher?
     a. Happy, as they get to go to school late one day and take a task off the chore list.
     b.  Sad, as they were good friends with the pigs.
     c.  Indifferent, as they didn't pay attention to them anyway.
     d.  Confused, wondering, "What's a butcher?"

9.  How do we get the pigs to the butcher?
     a.  We don't.  The butcher comes here.
     b.  With blood, sweat, tears, cussing, and a big fence.
     c.  We hire someone.
     d.  They walk willingly onto the trailer.

10.  Now that we are comfortable raising pigs, why don't we try raising cattle?
     a.  They are more work.
     b.  We don't have the room.
     c.  Hubby's afraid of them.
     d.  If one dies, we don't have anything big enough to tow it out to the field.

11.  The first line of this post is a botched quote from the movie ______________.

******** Answers ***********

(Oh, how I wish I could do this upside down so I could then take a poll to see how many of you turned your laptop upside down to read it.)

1.  c
2.  dogs, children, pigs, chickens
3.  true
4.  b
5.  c
6.  c
7.  b
8.  Big kids, a; little kids, d
9.  b  Of course.
10.   d
11.  The Jerk

If you answered 0-3 questions correctly, you have a lot of reading to do.  Don't talk to me until you are done.
If you answered 4-7 questions correctly, I shall consider you an acquaintance.
If you answered 8-10 questions correctly, you have attained BBF (Best Blog Follower) status.
If you answered 11 questions correctly, Hi Dad.

Have a lovely day!


  1. I have to confess ... I cheated. I went right to the answers.

  2. I got #11...and a few others. Probably enough for a far as you know! :)

    1. You better have gotten #11! We'll just go with it.

  3. Here's a quiz about a pig for you. Do you know what hog maw is? It's a Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy and is a stuffed pig's stomach. We stuff the stomach with sausage, cabbage and potatoes and bake it for about 4 hours. It's DIVINE!!!!!

    1. And here I thought cracklin' was the most redneck of pork delicacies! While I won't eat cracklin', I would try the hog maw. Let me know the next time you make one. :)

  4. One spring my mom castrated the pigs on their farm. Every time there is an ODD job competition she wins. Hands down. Winner.

    I lost count but got most of them right! But I have no life and find yours amusing so I have read all your posts.
    I hope i qualify for a BBF award.
    Here is a Quiz Question for you. Why do I HATE pork but LOVE bacon???

    1. Ha! Hubby's college roommate had a summer job castrating pigs, too! Can't say it is one of my top 1,000 jobs to try.

      You have had the title BBF since the beginning.

      Answer: You haven't tried farm-fresh pork. Or you are crazy. One of the two. :)

    2. Probably both of the 2... crazy {check} never had farm fresh {check}

      Alright when we come up... Ha. You can make me some. My kids have yet to meet a pig that they didn't like. Keith either. But me, I used to choke down a bite if someone made it for us. But Bacon? Why must it taste so good???
      And when you come down I will make something southern for you.

  5. 8/10 - that'll do :)

    I was secretly hoping that your Hubby was afraid of cows, but sadly knew the answer and had to go with it.

    1. Now I'm wondering which ones you got wrong? :)

      Ha! If we could guarantee the life of the cow, we'd get one in a hot second.

  6. Too funny. Pink little social creature, aren't they? And so noisy. I remember an uncle who had a little pig farm. Soooo loud. For #6, I imagined the answer would be "fly" before I read your answers. Funny.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

    1. Ha! That would have been a good answer choice! It never crossed my mind.
      Yes, those pigs can be quite loud if you make them do something they don't want to do!

  7. Shading eyes...hiding in shame...I have a lot to learn about pigs. Don't worry, I know where to go to find the help I need.

    1. Don't worry, I raise them and this is about every bit of knowledge I have of the creatures. I forgive you for not reading every single post I write.

  8. Since it was multiple choice I was able to hit acquaintance with about 5 right lol With #4 I felt the obvious answer was C, but was honestly surprised it was B over A. Due to the taste? Seems odd to me. I would have bet money on aggression heh.

    Looks like I still have lots of reading to do, but most will have to be after the A to Z. I'm already so behind, Sunday's are partially a catch up day... if I don't have random visits in the night!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    1. I try not to make my quizzes too hard for my students. As for #4, yes, it is the taste. Boar taint is the farmers' term for it.

      I use Saturday and Sunday nights to get ahead. The weekdays don't leave me much time. Aaaaand for people that don't read your blog, that "random visits in the night" might make you seem a bit gigoloish. :)


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