The Funniest of the Funny Posts

No need to wade through the myriad mundane posts to get to the gems.  Here are some of the posts that I remember as having the most LOLs.  And even made me laugh when I wrote them.

You can read about horrible things the kids did to embarrass me:

1.  The school essay the teachers still talk about

2.  Potty training in public

3.  Failing to Get in the Blasted Van

4.  Make me explain vocabulary words

Would you rather laugh at gross things that happened?

1.  Potty fail of epic proportions

2.  When raising pigs goes wrong

3.  The dumbest pig on earth

4.  The pigs got sick...

5.  and I had to give them shots

Or the ridiculous things I've done?

1.  Fixing a teacher's wayward preschool craft

2.  getting a pig to market, the hard way

3.  try to be creative with the kids

4.  disposing of a dead chicken while doped up on Nyquil

Or just odd thoughts that made me laugh?

1.  Things I noticed driving my kids around

2.  Bad gift ideas

3.  A poem I wrote. No one finds it as funny as I do.

4.  Non-tweets, because I don't tweet

5.  The Christmas letter we sent out in 2013

6.  Some good things about the Polar Vortex of 2014

7.  My thoughts from the day we visited the public pool

8. How I'll spend my time now that all the kids are in school



  1. Oh my goodness, just the titles have me cracking up. I have to come back and read more.

    1. I hope you find the stories live up to the titles. :)

  2. Well I've finally read through all the stories on here and enjoyed every one. You're just so funny with the written word and your descriptions of various events are brill.

    I often wish I could make certain events in my own blog sound funny but although I can be humourous when telling a story I can't seem to transfer that humour to the written word. Maybe I should take lessons in humourous writing!

    1. First, thank you for all the nice things you said. Each time I publish something, I wonder if people will find it as amusing as I do.

      Who needs humor when you take such gorgeous photos and explain such beautiful places so well? Your posts draw me in every time.

    2. Thank you, I'm glad you like my posts and photos. Maybe I should stick to descriptive writing, that seems to be my niche rather than humourous stuff.

      I'm suffering from a bad case of writer's block at the moment, I've got eleven days worth of a recent Norfolk holiday to do but just can't seem to get started. It's not helped that (a) I'm currently on a 2-week live-in pet sitting job so not at home as much as I'd like to be and (b) I've recently acquired a trapped nerve/pulled muscle in my back so can't sit comfortably on my computer chair. Annoying really as there's very rarely anything ever wrong with me so I hate it when there is!

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  4. nice post i like it thanks for sharing it.


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