We raise chickens and pigs.  We have a huge garden each year, so we have lots of food to can and freeze.  You can probably guess I'm into making food from scratch.  I am not a cook.  I am a follower of directions.  I need a recipe to make anything edible.  Because of this, there aren't too many recipes on the blog.  I don't want to be stealing anyone's work.  Every recipe on here has been given the stamp of "Delicious" by someone outside of my family.

Snickerdoodles - aka The Best Darn Cookie That Doesn't Have Chocolate

White Chili

Red Cake - My husband's favorite cake - aka the Reason I Will Never Ask His Mom for a Recipe

Ham and Bean Soup

Macaroni and Cheese - I am not even on Pinterest, yet this has been pinned and brings people to my site every week.

Stuffed Peppers - what I serve when my kids are at their pickiest

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie - Easy, peasy pie with only 4 ingredients

Chocolate Delight - It's actually in the same post as the ice cream pie. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't love this dessert. It is also known as the Robert Redford, because it is a toss up as to which one you'd rather have. (I never called it that, but my friends did.)

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