My Thoughts on Parenting

I am not a parenting expert, I just play one in my daily life.  Raising six kids and being a teacher for many years, I've formed some opinions and ideas on parenting.  These are some of my profound posts.  (They aren't really profound, but I really like alliteration.  And parentheses.  And quotes.  You'll see.)

1.  Giving kids some freedom to grow

2.  Helping (not handling) a strong-willed child

3.  Gifts to buy for kids

4.  A letter to my teens

5.  Despite the bad, we will not live in fear

6.  How I want my kids to live, to be good stewards

7.  We can't do it all. And some breakfast ideas.

8.  On the sidelines of a soccer field

9.  How my boys are expected to behave around girls

10.  Helping kids build their self-confidence

11.  What we consider a fantastic day

12.  I am pro-life. Always.

13.  Road tripping with kids (and teens) can be fun

14. Our kids don't have smart phones.

15. Debt: What We're Discussing with Our Kids

In April of 2015, I began the A-Z Challenge, and I chose the theme of parenting tips and tricks. I didn't finish the month, because actual parenting was taking up too much time (ironic, I know), but I managed to get through most of the alphabet.

Anger. Ours. Not Theirs.

Cleaning out the momvan.

Teaching empathy through gift-giving

Ending the homework woes

Vaccinations made easy, or at least easier

Helping a child with social anxiety

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