Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When we moved to this house, on this plot of land, I knew I would enjoy the fresh air.  I knew I would enjoy being out by ourselves where only noises of nature (and an occasional train) can be heard.  I knew I would enjoy the big, beautiful trees and the wide open areas for the kids to play.

I never could have predicted the freedom it would give me to be my true self.  Because apparently I am a closet redneck.

If my yard has more weeds than grass, and those weeds are over a foot tall,

does that make me a redneck?

If I "hide" a van that doesn't run in the corner of our property and leave it there for over a year,

am I considered a redneck?

If I back my van up to the front porch to unload groceries in a hail storm and accidentally run into the step, then leave it like that for two years,

would the term "redneck" fit me?

If my washing machine stops spinning and leaves my clothes sopping wet, so it takes my dryer over an hour to dry the clothes, but I keep washing them, thus creating a back-up, which I solve by stringing rope across the front porch on which I hang the wet clothes to dry,

how redneck am I?

And lastly, if we get a new leak in the same bathroom that has a toilet that hasn't been able to be used for six months, and our solution is to put a bowl in the middle of the floor which isn't actually big enough to catch all of the drips, and keeps getting kicked over by kids anyway,

am I a redneck?

Of course, I may just be a lazy procrastinator.

One of the two.

But, have no fear, Dad, I am on it.  I have finally gotten to the point that, to quote one of my favorite movies growing up, "I can't stands no more!"

The van goes to the shop tomorrow night.

The plumber comes Thursday morning.

A new washer comes from our friend's house whenever we get the chance to pick it up.

The lawn mower should be back from the shop today or tomorrow.

The step will stay.

I don't have a Guy to call for that one.

Have a lovely, productive day!


  1. Wow! You go girl! Not that there is anything wrong with being redneck. :)

  2. yes I'd say you just might be a redneck! And today I may join you, my washer is not rince and spin, it is sit and drip. Today is laundry day and I have loads to go before we're done... off to drape my quilt over the kids swing set.

  3. Jen, welcome to the club.

    Dad, glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Coop, yes, you most certainly appear to be a redneck. Welcome to the club! You're in good company.

    Very funny, girl, very funny.

    Thanks for linking up at the TALU!

    1. Thank you! I didn't know you were in the club! I feel much better about it now:) Thanks for hosting!

  5. This is just one reason why I enjoy participating in the #TALU ... I subscribe to blogs through Google Reader, so a few times during the day, I'll scroll through the list of new posts and, based on titles, open and read some, skip others, etc. Because I have a food blog and am mostly interested in recipes, through the TALU, I'm having an opportunity to "stop and smell the [blog] roses" by reading posts I probably would have scrolled past otherwise.

    I've been following you for a while now, but I probably would have missed the chuckles from reading this and scrolled right past it. :(

    What I'm really curious about it Jen's comment above. I cringed when I read that she was going to drape her quilt over the swing set to dry. My first thought was one of my nephews grabbing onto a bar like that to do pull-ups only to find he had two handfuls of bird poop! That would really be a bummer on a nicely washed quilt! :(

    1. The TALU is a great idea, isn't it? It's where I found your blog, and I have enjoyed drooling over your recipes and photos ever since.
      As for Jen's quilt, Ha! She is the mom of a whole mess of kids,too. Sometimes, you just have to risk a bit of bird poo when the laundry is backed up to eternity.

  6. I think we've all a bit of redneck in us! TALU!

    1. Oh, that is good to hear. Maybe most people are just better at keeping it on the downlow.

  7. No - lol - I think it just means you are a busy mom! (TALU)


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