Monday, January 9, 2012


Thanks to a little ditty my dad made up many years ago, my children can spell the word "vacation" before they can spell their own names.  We love a vacation.  Time to spend together and just enjoy ourselves.  A little break from reality.  

For six days, our kids lived in an alternate universe. 

Where thrills are around every corner.

The three year old was very brave and rode all sorts of big kid rides.

Where everyone has a bag of snacks strapped to himself, and is allowed to eat whenever the mood strikes.

Where ice cream is considered (according to Hubby) "something more substantial".

Where silly hats are required attire.

Where Christmas decorations are larger than life.

That is Hubby with the colorful hair.  He wore it all week as a beacon for us to follow. 

Where you are surrounded by big-named celebrities.

Where you can kick back and relax whenever you feel the need.

Why do little kids love It's a Small World so very much?  The big kids were good sports and took rest times the four times we had to ride the boat around the world, as it was the two year old's favorite ride of all.

Where fun bridges are part of the landscape.

Where you get to try any new thing you want.

Where everything is bigger and closer than anything you've ever seen.

Where the sun and the fog amaze.

Where even normal things like sunglasses are jazzed up.

Where naps and bedtimes are unheard of.  You simply crash on the last night.

And when you awake, reality hits.  You load up the van for the long drive home.  Within 30 minutes, one child vomits into his car seat.  Thirty minutes later, a second one does. 

Helloooooooo reality!

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