Friday, January 20, 2012

I Really Should Have Known Better

Spend two days braggin' on your kids, and one can expect a ginormous piece of humble pie.  I knew this.  And yet I did it anyway, for all ten people that read this blog to see.   My humble pie came in the form of bees in the proverbial bonnets of all six kids. 

My day yesterday was filled with tantrums, arguements, rudeness, backtalk, whining, crying, foot-stomping, head-spinning, and procrastination.  Have mercy. 

The newly organized pantry sent one into a tizzy because he couldn't find a snack.  The unfashionableness of a winter coat in middle school caused chaos on this frigid day.  The lack of apple juice at breakfast (which, by the way, we've NEVER had) was a serious dissappointment.  The disappearance of a shoe in the van started WWIII.  A last minute change in the dinner menu from pancakes to waffles was a legitimate reason to complain.  And on and on and on.  After all of this, there wasn't a drop of Calgon to take me away.

At 8:00, after I got the little ones in bed, and I got dinner on the table for Hubby and the two stragglers after practice, I announced that I was going to put my feet up and do a crossword puzzle.  Everyone was told that I was not to be disturbed for five minutes.  Unfortunately, the oldest was in the shower when I made that announcement, so I only got three minutes.  But it was enough.  Kisses were given at bedtime without any sign of lingering annoyance. 

Thankfully, the bees seem to have disappeared.  The big kids got out the door without any of the drama from yesterday.  The little ones are still asleep.  It's gonna be a better day.

On a happier note, the chickens are laying a dozen eggs each day, even in these dead of winter days.  I especially love the extra-extra large double yolk ones we've been getting lately.

Now that I've said that, who wants to bet that they don't lay any today? 

Have a lovely, (hopefully tantrum-free) day!

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