Friday, January 27, 2012

This may sound random...

My daughter prefaces many comments with the phrase, "This may sound random".  And it usually is.

I've had several random thoughts lately.

"When IS the last time I had a good hair day?"
   -I sprayed myself in the face with hairspray today.  It dried up in the nozzle, so when I went to put some hold on my good-lookin' hair, the spray veered off into my eye.  I'm thinkin' a face held like this really detracts from the awesome hair.

"How can I be both omnicienct and completely clueless at the same time?"
   -According to my daughter, I know nothing when I tell her that 20 degrees is cold and coat-worthy.  According to the three year old, I know everything, including where every single car on the road is going.

"Why does the second biggest toe on my left foot keep twitching?
   -It's been going on for a few days now, and it's a bit unnerving.

"How does one go about losing a fight to a hard-boiled egg?"
   -Yolk powder on your eyelashes?!  Really?

"Who feeds you, reads books to you, plays games with you, and kisses your boo-boos all day, every day?
   -The two year old screaming his head off  every morning because he wants Daddy to get him out of bed is getting old.  We have to have the same "conversation" about Daddy being at work, and if you want out of your bed, it's gonna have to be Mommy that gets it done.  He grudgingly agrees, but lets me know that I am very much his second choice by crying about it for at least 10 minutes.

"Is it possible for chickens to get Seasonal Affective Disorder?
   -The chickens only get to come out of the coop when Roy the Wonder Dog is tied up.  We can't tie the dog up on rainy or really cold days, as he can't get into his dog house when tied up.  We have had extreme cold or rain every day for WEEKS now.

"The little ones may be feeling a wee bit left out.  Or confused."
   -I was asked what sound an ostrich makes.  I replied that I never heard an ostrich speak.  The three year old said that he did.  I, of course, asked, "When?"  He replied, "A long time ago.  Before you were born."

Have you had any random thoughts lately?

Have a lovely day!

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