Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is it me?

It is a rare day when a friend asks me to watch their kids.  Most people think it is a huge burden for me, seeing that I already have six kids.  (Of course, they could just be giving me an excuse.  Perhaps they don't think I can handle it?)  I tell them that an extra child or two actually makes my day easier, but only one person believes me.  The mom who has five kids. 

We got to host the youngest of the five today.  She is such a sweet thing. 

Within moments, my three year old was working his charm.  She said she wanted to ride his toy motorcycle, and he said, "Why don't you ride on the back, and I'll drive you around?"  She hopped on, put her arms around his waist, and off into the sunset they went.

The main event for the day was when I pulled out the new box of Play-Dough.  Kids can entertain themselves for hours with that stuff. 

At least long enough for me to get some vaccuuming done.  Oh, and time to tackle the laundry mountain.
I have washed 11 loads of laundry in two days.  If only I could find a little folding fairy running around.

Back to the kids.

They had a ball squishing


and shaping.

My question for those who let their kids play with Play-Dough (not everyone does. GASP!  My sister-in-law hates the stuff.) Do you let the kids mix colors???

Even if it means a bunch of containers full of hideous colors?

As with many things, the oldest two kids were the practice children.  I used to be vigilant about keeping the colors separate.  They sat at opposite ends of the table, and each child was allowed to play with one color.  Then more kids were born, and I ran out of table ends.  Colors got mixed.  And the kids didn't care.  They still played with the ugly colors with as much excitement as with the bright, new ones.  How 'bout that?  Certainly made my life easier. 

When the fun is done, this is the part some parents hate.

The crumbs.

I don't mind them a bit.  If you can ignore them for half an hour or so, they dry right up.  Easily swept away.

I've found that it's a whole lot easier for kids to learn and have fun when they are allowed to be messy.  Or downright dirty, even.  They can learn, too, from the cleaning up. 

Huh.  Maybe the whole dirty, messy thing is why people don't let me watch their kids.

Have a lovely, messy day!

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