Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm outta here!

It is wickedly cold.  The wind is howling.  Time for me to hit the road again.

The four big kids play on "travel" soccer teams.  I am OK with it, because the travel normally isn't any farther than we would go with the school's team.  Once a season, all the teams go on one out-of-state tournament.  I am not thrilled with that part.  It seems ridiculous to me to take anyone this young to play sports against teams to two states away.

Until, of course, it takes me to Florida.  In January.  In the middle of the first cold snap of the winter.  Then it is the best idea ever!

Our nine year old's team actually made it to nationals, so we're off to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Center at Disney World. 

He and I will be flying out this afternoon, returning on Tuesday.   I sheepishly had to write to his teacher to let her know that our spoiled little boy was going to miss more school to take a second trip to Disney in two weeks time. 

The rest of the family will stay home to finish up science fair projects, go to basketball games, and enjoy a long weekend at home.  Oh, and brave the weather to take care of the animals.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow. That's amazing. Have a safe trip and tell the 9 year old I wish him well in the games.

  2. I hope you both had a great time and that his team did well!

    I'm just curious...Do you have to manage 4 team schedules, or are some of your children on the same teams? I can't imagine the craziness! We've been fortunate so far to only have two schedules at a time. However, next fall we will have three schedules from three different organizations to work through. YIKES! The things we soccer moms do!!


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