Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's a Love/Hate Relationship

I love order, organization, and timeliness.  I am thrilled to bits when my day clicks along on schedule and follows the plan I made.

Recently, however, even I am just plain sick and tired of the clock.

It seems that everywhere I look, everything I say is a slave to it.

Bedtime, naptime, "Wakey, wakey, rise and shine.  Time to get up!"

Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, snack time, time to cook, time to go to the store, "Wash your hands 'cause it's time to eat!"

Used minutes, unused minutes, rollover minutes, "Time to get off the phone!"  Unless, of course, you have unlimited minutes.

Time for school, homework time, study time, computer time, "Put your coats on, 'cause it's time to do your chores!"

Me time, down time, cuddle time, time to read a book, "Don't talk to me for five minutes, 'cause I need some quiet time!"

Practice time, game time, half-time, time out, "Game's over, time to go home!"

Prayer time, scripture time, time to volunteer, "For heaven's sake, get your dress pants on, 'cause it's time for church!"

Playtime, video game time, quality time,  "Grab Boggle, 'cause we have time to play a quick game!"

And when the school secretary calls to say your child is injured, "Drop everything, 'cause it's time to go!"

Time is flyin' by. 

I need to grab on to it and slow it down.

I need time to savor the little things that happen each day.

My littlest baby getting dressed on his own, everything mismatched and backwards.

My three year old, learning to wink, boasts, "I'm good at blinking with my eyes closed!"

My nine year old, bustin' out all the moves when a favorite song comes on.

My ten year old giving me little secret grins, now that he is old enough to be in on the joke.

My little girl being both fascinated and disgusted by the thought of disecting a frog in science class.

My teenager, who claimed he wouldn't be all that interested in a baby before the three year old was born, going out of his way to make the little ones giggle.

My dear hubby, using the same awful voice for all of the characters in the books he reads to the kids.

Time to reflect, time to write, time to jump in puddles, time to take walks, time to visit.
Time to wrap this up, 'cause it's time to play Candy Land.

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