Monday, May 13, 2013


$1,000,000 for information leading to the capture of the mean person putting hexes on the Coop family*
Do not attempt to apprehend the individual on your own.
She is armed (with needles) and dangerous (to our family).
Simply sneak away and send me an email.
*We don't have a million dollars, but we will gladly pay you Tuesday.  In pork products.
Guess where I was today.
I'll give you a hint.

Because you are my friends, I know you are thinking, "Oh no!  Poor Giant!  What happened?"

Soccer, that's what happened.

He played in a tournament this weekend, which included 2 games on Saturday and two games on Sunday.  In the 2nd Saturday game, he and another boy fought for the ball, got their feet tangled, and both went down.  Giant's thumb hit first.

Did that stop him?  Of course not.  He shook it off and kept on playing.

That night, it was a bit swollen, and he wasn't using it much.  I had him ice it and rate the pain.

Because I'm not a doctor.  But I am an idiot who will never learn.

Giant played the two games on Sunday.  In the second, he was taped up thanks to the ER doctor dad who happens to be a friend from the team.  He told us to get the thumb looked at.

Monday morning, I got Giant out of school to go to our new home, OrthoIndy.  From the X-ray room, we went straight to the cast room.  That is what we call a Bad Sign.  With my foot and Buttercup's thumb, we went to an exam room.

Turns out, he not only broke a bone, he knocked his thumb out of alignment.  It no longer lined up with the growth plate. 

They had to realign it.

I had the two little boys with me.  They didn't want them in the room in case Giant didn't do well with the procedure.  WHICH IS PRECISELY WHY I WANTED TO BE IN THE ROOM!!!  They didn't want me in the room in case Giant didn't do well with the procedure, and then I didn't do well with the procedure.

I agreed to go.  If this procedure didn't work, he would be in the operating room to have it fixed.  No one wanted that to happen.

It was quick, but it hurt.

That picture from above was before we knew about fixing the alignment.  The first doctor thought the alignment would fix itself, being that Giant is only 10 and growing fast, so he had the cast put on.  As we were getting the care instructions, we were told the doctor with more experience looked at it and said, no.  It needed to be fixed right now.

The appointment in photos:

Bet you can guess which thumb is the injured thumb.

The first cast.  The little boys were as enthralled as I was.  No Coop family member has ever had a cast before.

After the bad news.  The sawing of the first cast.  Right after this, the doctor pulled me out of the room to talk privately about what was about to go down.  Giant is a smart boy and figured it out.  He asked, point-blank, if it would hurt.  I told him it would.  There is a shot they could give him to numb it, but the shot would hurt just as much.  We were going without the shot.  We'll just say he wasn't happy about that.

I gave him a kiss and a hug, gathered up the boys and their stuff, and walked out of the room.

Both Giant and I were crying.

Within 5 minutes I was retrieved from the waiting room.  In the cast room, there was Giant, lying on his back, arm in the air getting his new cast, eyes red.  I was told he never flinched.   He silently cried and let them fix his finger.

Another X-ray and instructions to come back on June 5 were given.

And then the last, harsh blow.

No soccer until it's healed.  Actually, no physical activity that has the potential for another fall or getting his blood pumping too hard.  (The blood flow to his thumb could mess up the alignment.)

I think this hurt him more than the alignment. 

Normally, when kids break a bone, they just need to wrap the cast in bubble wrap and get back out on the field.  Unfortunately, not for him.  That alignment issue put the kibosh on that.

Aaaaand this weekend is President's Cup, aka State Championships.

Aaaaand the 5th grade goes camping overnight on Thursday.  He can go, but has to sit out of some activities.

Aaaaand next week is the 4th/5th/6th grade Tour de France, when the kids bring their bikes to school and have different competitions during the day.  Can't do that.

The poor kid is quite disappointed, but he's handling it well.

We were there for over three hours, missing school lunch.  Of course he got to play hooky for a while and go wherever he wanted for lunch.

Have no fear.   He's a tough kid.  And we'll come up with some fun things to do when he plays hooky on Tour de France. 

And, that cast is now covered in signatures.

So, let us recap.

Our family has never had an injury requiring an X-ray before 2013.  This year,

January:  Hubby broke his foot and Giant broke his nose.
February:  Buttercup broke her finger.
March:  I had an awful ankle sprain.
April:  I thought we had come through the curse.
May:  Giant breaks his thumb, making it the worst injury yet.



  1. Good Gawd, poor kid. Let's just hope he either saved a goal on that injury or one of his team mates stole the ball and scored. Somethin' awesome had to come of that one!

    1. I wasn't there, so I don't know for sure. Knowing the team he was playing on, though, I'm going to guess not. Makes it all worse, don't it.

  2. Geeeez Louise (and yes I know your name's not Louise)...enough already!!! I'd say you've had your share of ummmm "mishaps" for the year (especially Giant). :(

    1. Surely he has reached his quota for the year. (And I'm not calling you Shirley. :) Name that movie.)

  3. Maybe this will mean that you will have an uneventful summer! One can only hope! I will keep my fingers cross! It was probably best that you had to leave the room when they had to do their magic on your son. It is so hard to see your child in pain and there is nothing you can do about it!

    1. Oh how I hope it's true! I'm sure they made me leave because they've seen some parents lose their gourds. You never know. It didn't make it easy, though.

  4. OW! Poor chook :( Hope he heals quickly and manages his disappointment - it's so hard at that age when you've been looking forward to something.

    Will keep an eye out for dolls...

    1. He is doing very well with it all. The only annoyance he has shown is when people kept offering to do things for him. He leaves for camp tomorrow, knowing he can't do some things, but is still excited to go.

      Please do!

  5. 1. The little boys are DARLING sitting on the bed and watching. 2. Giant is one brave kiddo. 10 is awfully young to go through a procedure like that without mom in the room. 3. His grooming skills are to be applauded. 10 and beautifully manicured nails? Nice! 4. You getting the group discount yet at OrthoIndy?

    1. 1. They were quite cute during the entire ordeal. 2. He forever amazes me with his maturity and bravery and toughness. 3. He is the only child I have who is meticulous with his hygiene. I love him for it. 4. I was sad to walk in and realize I knew the doctor and the women working at the front desk. No discount, but it's so much cheaper than the hospital, that I don't care. 5. I so enjoy the fact that you make lists in comments. You are my kind of people.

  6. I'm so sorry. I'm searching for something funny to say, but am coming up empty. I think you've earned a reprieve from emergencies. OK, I just figured out the funny line. You've earned a break--from the breaks.

  7. oh no!!!! That is so sad! He was a brave man, and the picture of the three boys is so cute. I hope cast life goes quickly for him.

    1. He was unbelievably tough through the whole thing. He never even left the game after he injured it in the first place. I've never seen a kid handle pain so well.

  8. Hang on girl... 4 down and 4 to go.
    what a rough year, just think of all the exciting things that you can include in your Christmas letter this year!
    We used bread bags and clear packing tape to cover our casts for showering.
    I hope it is not our dolls, little A has been playing doll house and was throwing around people.

    1. Don't you be talkin' about 4 more to go!!!

      Hahaha! My husband just yesterday asked if the Christmas card was going to be all about doctors and medical mishaps.

      Great idea!

      Oh, no. Not cute little A!?!?

  9. Oh my word!! So sad. God bless your little guy. Soccer is from the devil. My son was kicked by the soccer COACH (unintentionally) in 2nd grade and it broke his leg. Cast, limited activities, all the hoo-ha. It's the worst seeing a child hurt. My daughter, now 32, has ruined knees due to soccer. Soccer is from the devil.

    1. So, how do you really feel about soccer? :)

      I'm now going to forget that I ever read this. All four big kids play, and they would mutiny if I said they couldn't play anymore because it was from the devil.

  10. Oh, crumb! (That's an alterna-swear brought to you by The Berenstain Bears) That made me feel teary! Brave boy and mama, too. I can't believe the Coop Fam has never had a cast until now! Seriously, this chain has got to stop! I had to laugh at the pork products payment offer... :)

  11. Uh oh... I just rifled through some of these responses and notice an obvious deliberate lack of vulgarity...

    Sooooooooo, get on my case if I'm ever a little too much so >.<

    That sucks for Giant :( especially with the tournaments and activities coming up. He has to be completely bummed out. Thankfully I've never broken anything *knock on wood*, but I think I would have taken that shot heh

    Damn that fine print sneaking in... I could use a million dollars! I would hunt down those voodoo dolls for you no prob! I mean, it's impossible for one family to be THAT accident prone right? Voodoo Dolls have to be the culprit!

    But then, after going over the results from the DNA analysis, one begins to wonder...

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  12. Oh man! I'm so sorry for Giant! There really is no good time to have that happen, but I imagine missing out on all of those special events makes it totally stinky. Way to go, Mom, for thinking up some fun things to do instead. I hope the time goes quickly!!!! Hugs


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