Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick FTSF Takes

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Friday is here,
and I want to dance.
I can't find it to link it, but I just heard a fun, new kids' song all about not rhyming.  I was inspired.
Gonna do some quick takes with Jen today
and mash it all up with some Finish the Sentence Friday with Kate, Stephanie, Janine, and Dawn.
And apparently I'm covering the mash with some Musings from the Minibus gravy. 
And I'm refusing to line everything up on the left column, because centered fits my happy style today.
When it comes to reality TV shows, I am torn.  I actually like some of the competition ones, where people have to have some real talent to participate.  I like Chopped and Project Runway.  I don't watch every episode, but I'll stop and watch them if they are on. 
I also like shows about people who are positive and/or fun.   Shows like 18 Kids and Counting are fine.  And my new favorite is Duck Dynasty.  That show is hilarious.
The shows where I learn interesting things are good, too.  I've been known to watch a Pawn Stars or American Pickers every now and then.
However, I am completely against the shows that do nothing but encourage people to fight, argue, and basically tear each other apart.  I don't find them entertaining or funny or the least bit interesting.  I won't watch them.  (Although, I cannot pass up Ashley's recap posts about the Bachelor.  That lady is funny.  With a capital funny.)
I guess what really puts me over the edge into really, really not liking reality TV is the fact my youngest sister was on a terrible reality show on MTV.  Cameras were at my childhood home filming two of my sisters, my dad, and my stepmom for I don't know how many days.  I was not a part of it, on purpose, but my photo was.  My kids photos are, too.  Hubby actually had to go back and forth with MTV to make sure phone conversations I had with my dad while they were taping did not get aired.  This happened five years ago, yet it still gets thrown on MTV's schedule on a semi-regular basis.
 It was a show meant to make my sister look bad, and it did it's job.   
Some people will do just about anything to get on TV.   For free. My sister didn't even get an MTV T-shirt for her participation.  And the fact that people make a living making others look bad just makes me sad.  Everything about these reality shows make me sad.
I don't want to stay sad, so on to happier topics...
It is so cold here in Indiana
(You darn well better have said, "How cold is it?")
that going to the bathroom has become torture.  Let's just say that those heated toilet seats I made fun of when I saw them on a home improvement show are making a whole lot more sense these days.  I would totally get one if I could find one. 
I actually screamed the last time I sat down on the toilet.
It's cold.
It's when-the-boys-miss-their-mark-it-freezes cold
OK, so that wasn't exactly a happier topic.
Let's try again.
In my many hours behind the wheel of the van, I see lots of things.  I've seen people texting, of course.  I've seen them applying mascara.  I've seen them arguing with their passengers.  I smile and cheer when I see someone belting out a favorite tune.  I don't get surprised by people much anymore.  Today, though, I saw something new.  The woman next to me was brushing her teeth.  I kid you not.  She had a toothbrush and was brushing her teeth. 
I don't think it counts as a true brushing, though.  I didn't see any toothpaste froth at the mouth.  She didn't roll the window down to spit.  Surely that can't count.
Huh.  My happy meter must be broken.
While I made dinner, the little kids were playing with Star.  At one point Cuckoo came running into the kitchen, tears streaming, to yell/tell me, "Turken called me Cutie Pie, but I'm not Cutie Pie.  I'm Cuckoo."  (Obviously he didn't say Cuckoo.  My family doesn't choose to go by the blog names.  Yet.  He said his real name.)  The boy is very protective of his name.  Woe to the person who has the nerve to call him plain old "cute".  He immediately replies, "I'm not cute!  I'm free!"  I'm pretty sure he means three. 
There it is.  Cuckoo talk always makes me happy.


 I was watching a volleyball game today, and I cried.
One of the fantastic traditions at our school during Catholic Schools Week is the 8th grade vs. teachers volleyball game.  I have an 8th grader this year, so I made sure to attend.  Seeing these almost men and women that I have known and watched grow for the past 9 years, having fun and encouraging each other, even when they made an epic fail, just warmed my heart.  They are going to high school next year.  Our lives are going to change.  Big time. 
With kids in 7th, 6th, and 5th grades, too, I foresee myself getting dehydrated from all the crying that will be going on over the next four years.
Blast.  Not happy.


The school registration card I had to fill out today certainly didn't help the crying situation.  I had to leave Phoenix off of it, but Turken was added for the first time.  My second-to-last baby is going to kindergarten next year.  How in the world is that even possible?
Yes, I cried when I wrote his name down.
I seem to be in rut of unhappiness.


To wrap up the mash, I have to admit something.  The movie the kids were watching is over.  I got them all into bed.  I flipped through the channels to see what may be worth watching. 
I just laughed through a conversation between Si, Jase, and the Duck clan.
Some reality TV makes me "happy, happy, happy".

*Thanks my friend, for the idea to put the two links together.*

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Have a lovely day!


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  2. Ah bless, you've been on quite the emotional mountain range this week. Cuckoo cracks me up though. Long may your kids continue to provide you laughter therapy as an antidote for life.

    The old public schools in England (in, like, the 50's) had a tradition whereby the oldest students (or possibly just the prefects) could grant special favours to the youngest in return for menial tasks done. Roald Dahl describes some of these in his autobiography 'Boy'. One of the tasks he had to do was to warm the toilet seat for his designated prefect by sitting on it for 10 minutes before the lad had to go. Apparently he had a warm bum. Seems to me like you've got an awful lot of kids in your house who *might* be persuaded with extra pocket money...I'd totally bribe them if I were you. I hate the cold.

    You're welcome for the idea and thanks for the credit! Let's start a new hybrid tradition, then everyone can enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Liked your poem, btw. I prefer the uber-geek version

    Roses are #FF0000
    Violets are #00FFFF
    All my base are belong to you

    (or, for those who use linux; chown -R you ~/base )

    1. That is the best story ever. We already loved Roald Dahl, now even more. I'll have to get my hands on his autobiography. That is a great idea. I told the boys about it, and they laughed and basically said fat chance. Someone's bound to need some money soon...

      I love it when you let your uber-geek show. :)

  3. Wow, you left me speechless with you addition to this Finish the Sentence Friday. I am so sorry for that experience that you had and can't even imagine. I truly would never want to have to go through having cameras on my family and can understand why you opted out of this one. That said I honesty very much appreciate you linking up and sharing this with us this week!!

    1. Thank you for hosting. I debated all day about whether I would even do the link this week.

  4. I remember Catholic Schools Week from when I was in Catholic Grade School! We also had to go through Cotillion when we graduated 8th grade, all of us kiddos ballroom dancing in front of our families haha. I really appreciate now that I went to Catholic schools, they have so much personality!

    1. Our kids have an etiquette lunch in 7th grade where they learn a few dance moves. Luckily for them, it is not in front of the parents. I do love our school.

  5. Oh gosh, what a horrible experience for your sister and your family...I admit, I used to watch all those horrible MTV shows but think they've just gotten meaner and meaner over the years...or maybe I finally grew up/got sensitive.

    1. I don't know if she actually thought it was horrible. She was glad to be on TV. They are getting meaner. People get used to things, so they have to up the ante, which equates to more mean.

  6. I'm watching Duck Dynasty right now for the first time! I'm sorry your family had such a bad experience with reality TV. It sounds awful, and you make a good point about how people who didn't sign up for the show end up getting dragged into it. The producers go too far a lot of the time.

    My favourite reality shows are the ones where you learn something about a different lifestyle or profession. I just think it's so interesting to learn about these things.

    1. What did you think about the Dynasty???
      I had more than one person recognize me on the show. I wasn't happy until I realized that person should be more embarrassed for having watched it.

  7. To producers and directors, it's all about the money! People are only tools they use to make cash, and a name for themselves. Sorry about your experience, for sure. Really a sensitive post. Great job!

    1. Thank you. It is amazing how many producers and directors think that way. Astounding, really.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Thank you for joining in! I've been following your blog for a while so it was great to see your name on the list. And I'm so sorry to hear about your family's experience with that show. It's disturbing that producers can be so callous.

    1. Thank you for hosting! I'm so glad you are getting better, even if it is slowly.

      It is very disturbing to realize just how many people are out to make money any way they can.

      But you have proven that not everyone has such experiences with reality TV! I'm glad your experience has been so positive.

  9. Ugh, I hate those shows that really only exist to make someone look bad. It's just a little to close to bullying for my tastes.

  10. 1 - my friend's daughter was on an MTV show where they made her look terrible, and she wasn't even on the show she had auditioned for. They talked her into switching shows against her will and had a miserable time, to the point that she quit.
    3 - used to see the toothbrushing on the LA freeways when I lived there and the spit situation always troubled me. Of course, watching me cut across 5 lanes of traffic while trying to catch projectile baby barfing with a burp cloth may have troubled the toothbrushers.
    5-6 I have a senior and an 8th grader and am adopting a friend's theory that you don't cry because they are graduating or moving on to high school; you cry if they DON'T do those. Time will tell....
    And, finally, "Cuckoo talk always makes me happy" should go on a t-shirt.

    1. I'm sure plenty of people regret their decisions to be on those shows.

      Ha! I never thought of the people looking at me as I deflected flying shoes and socks. I'm sure I don't always instill security either, and I'm driving a huge vehicle that could crush most toothbrusher's cars.

      Fantastic point! I'll keep it in mind.

      Hahaha! That is hilarious. Reminds me of a Dirty Jobs episode (speaking of reality tv I like) in which he worked with an old woman in a goose plucking facility. Just about every time she opened her mouth it was something funny, and the host would whisper, "T-shirt!" I'll send you one if I ever get them made.

  11. Sorry to read that you had a bad experience with the producers. Actually it is all about the money for them, no wonder this is a flourishing business :(

    1. It really is all about the money. If it wasn't, they'd still be playing music videos.

  12. I'm a sucker for Pawn Stars and American Pickers....but I also have a weakness for Grey's Anatomy so I can get my cry on once a week! And speaking from a mama with grown children, yeah, those milestones are major tear jerkers. But they're just doin' their job and we raised them to be independent of us. it's just so hard to let go!

    1. I'm always amazed at the properties those pickers find.

      In my head I know the kids are only doing what we are raising them to do. Too bad my heart doesn't listen.

  13. Wow, that's crazy that your sister didn't even get a TShirt for being on MTV. I don't get that. And I agree that too many reality TV shows are designed just to make people look bad. I don't watch any of them. None. I save my viewing for well-written shows on the cable networks. :)

    1. After I wrote that, I was thinking, no amount of money (or t-shirts) would be worth the humiliation the people on those shows endure. Of course, some of them don't care that they look awful. They just want to be on TV. It's why the shows are still being made. If people respected themselves more, the shows wouldn't exist.
      Unfortunately, we don't have the cable channels with well-written shows.

  14. Oh, where to begin? FIrst of all, I've got to watch this Duck Dynasty thing. Second of all, I am with you- the shows whose sole purpose is to make people hate each other and look foolish are terrible and should not be public entertainment. So sorry about your bad MTV experience; I would have a bad taste in my mouth about reality shows after that. Also, I too have been next to a driver who was brushing his teeth, and I also would have cried at the game. So bittersweet.

    1. You must watch it once. Let me know what you think.
      I had a bad taste about reality shows before my sister's experience. It just really settled it for me.
      What is with the brushing the teeth in the car? How are there that many people who think it is OK? Or that it's doing anything?
      It really is bittersweet. I am sad that my baby is so grown up, but I am so excited for him. He has no idea how much high school will change his life.

  15. I think I remember seeing someone shaving in the car once. But not with cream, so not so crazy. Wow, that stinks about your sister and MTV. I haven't watched any of those shows in so long. I've watched more of the competitions and The Duggars. I watched the Real World when I was in my 20s, but that's about it. No time lately - sounds like a good thing!

  16. Hi there, just read your post on realities! I never got hooked on them basicaly because I never watch them. In fact I don't even watch TV anymore, I don't have time! I need my precious hours for living! See you around!

  17. I had the best line on the show


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