Monday, February 4, 2013

There May Not Be Drinkin', But There's Pukin'

It's Super How Many Variations of Cheese/Carbs Can We Eat Bowl!!!

I'm not kidding about the cheese and carbs.  The menu for this year's little family Super Bowl party tradition:

mozzarella bites
cheese and crackers
french bread pizza
soft pretzel bites
banana bread

cheese curls
french fries
spray cheese (you'll see why later)
Rice Krispie Treats
and the Cub Scout cake we won paid dearly for, in more ways than one (you'll see how later)

We always have to way overpay for the cake we purchase.  We are known to bid up the price of the cakes grandparents are required to buy for their grandkids.  Turn around is fair play and all that jazz. 

In order to try to give at least a semblance of balance, I add some protein and nutrients in the form of deviled eggs, homemade chicken nuggets, cut up veggies and fruit, and some summer sausage with the cheese and crackers.

Some kids do well and heed their wise mother's advice to eat some healthy food and refrain from stuffing yourself.  Most kids.

But there is always one who thinks he can handle the unlimited junk bar.  And we all have to pay for it. 

And so a new family rule has been written:

If you feel yourself getting full, then DO NOT eat a piece of cake with red icing.

Hubby was just a touch horrified that I took a photo when our child had just thrown up.  I already had the camera facing that way taking a photo of Giant when the puker ran through.  There was no thought involved.  Simply instinct.
It does not lead to an easy clean up.

Buttercup added her own addendum to the rule.

If you are going to puke, don't come towards me.

Moving on to other gross, vomit-inducing topics.

Hubby can't just let us watch a sporting event.  There always has to be some sort of prize or reward for the fans who correctly choose the winners.

This year, it was spray cheese.

Each time a team scored, the fans of that team were the proud recipients of a big old spray of cheese right into their mouths.  I can't believe we didn't have more vomit.

Thoughts on the halftime show:

I'm not a fan of Beyonce.

Thoughts on the power outage:


We got to witness cutting-edge reporting we don't normally see outside of election years.

And while those players were just lazing around and the commentators were tripping over themselves trying to figure out how many times they could just show replays was too many, did you see who was continuing to work their tails off?  Just like they always do.

Their new motto should be "Neither rain, nor snow, nor death of night, nor power outage can keep us from our duty.

Yup.  Those cheerleaders never stopped shaking their money-makers throughout the 34 minute delay.  Dedicated to their craft, they are.

Although, the graphics guys did get to put in some overtime.  It's not often that they get to make new stat graphics on the fly.  "Yards since power outage", "points since power outage", "Beers chugged since power outage"... So many new graphics.

Thoughts on the commercials:

Fast and Furious 6?  Is that  really necessary?  After this many years I'm guessing it's less fast and furious and more quick and a touch angry.

Jared has been a spokesperson for Subway for 15 years???  My word, I am old.  I remember when his commercials first aired.  He lost all the weight while at IU in Bloomington during the same years we were there for Hubby to attend law school.  Good gravy, that was 15 years ago??

The E*trade baby is always good for a laugh.

Mio Fit made me giggle.  Especially the line "We didn't like the shape of a chicken, so we changed it to nuggets."

I want to be like the Taco Bell Nursing Home Residents when I grow up.

It may not have been funny, but Dodge Ram made a great commercial with "God made a farmer".

Miracle Montana Stain was quite funny.

Leon Sandcastle had all of us cracking up.

Thoughts on the kids watching the game:

There were too many "Kids, close your eyes" moments.  Why, oh why, can't football and sex be separated?

We never let the kids stay up for the entire game.   The little ones always get sleepy

and head to bed at halftime.

We sent the older kids to bed after the third quarter, but right afterwards the score got within 2 points.  (Remember, 'cause of the power outage?)  We called the boys back downstairs, as I did not want to be that mom.  `Can you imagine if the 49ers would have won, and my boys would have gone to school and said, "Yeah, we didn't see it.  Our mom made us go to bed after the third quarter"?  I'm mean, but I'm not cruel.

Did you watch the game?  Any thoughts to add?

Have a lovely day!


  1. I had to make my son stop eating, he had a dazed look on his face as he was shoveling chips in his mouth. He is known to be a party puker. I cried during the Budweiser commercial.

    1. Our puker stopped eating halfway through his cake saying he was full in a sick sort of way. Within a minute it was over and he felt much better. Although none of us did.

  2. You are a cool Mom takin' pics of blowin' chunks!!! Your kids will thank you later in life for that one. What an amazing game!!! I was pullin' for my home boys the Ravens so I was pumped. However, I was really ticked off at the Jeep commerical using the military to sell their vehicles. They should be ashamed of themselves. Even the Today show said they felt exploited by that commercial.

    1. Oh, I'm sure they will thank me. Who doesn't love to see photos of themself puking? It would have been a good commercial if they would have left the Jeep logo out of it and just said thank you to the military.

  3. I am pretty sure your house was the place to be last night...that menu was incredible! Deviled favorite...cake....all that CHEESE! I guess someone is bound to puke. Sounds like fun anyway! :D

    1. Normally, the deviled eggs are fantastic. Unfortunately, I lost the recipe and went by my terrible memory and learned the hard way that there is such a thing as too much ground mustard. (Did you notice the purple and red coloring on the eggs? That was tough to eat, too.)

  4. We've had garbage pukers in the past and we pull out the old stories to remind them what happens when they won't use the off button. Being 15-weeks pregnant, *I* almost puked while reading the food line-up at your house though! And the photo of the cheese whiz almost pushed me over the top. So, thanks for that...LOL!

    I live in Cleveland... so we can never root for Baltimore since they stole our team however many years ago. The bitterness will never die. My 10-year old almost started a brawl by randomly picking Baltimore as his fave. "You don't understand your history, boy!!" It almost got ugly. But good food and fellowship (and the fact that our Browns will never ever make it to the big game) all kept it cool. I would have loved to see the 49ers win. And we didn't watch the half-time show. And kids were required to find something else to do during commercials. I loved the farmer commercial and felt like I wanted to go out and by a Ram asap!

    1. We may hang the photo of the puker next year as a little reminder to all. I'm not even pregnant and I could taste the bile in my throat. So sorry.

      I grew up in Canton, so I know your Cleveland Browns pain. So sad that Kozar was their last shot at ever making it within throwing distance of the big game. We feel it is OK for the kids to cheer for the Ravens now, seeing as how we are Colts (used to be Baltimore) fans. The Browns will always have a special place in my heart, though.

  5. I like your spread for the game!
    I thought the halftime production was good, but the wardrobe sadly predictable. SO sick of women having to dress trampy. Where is the self-respect?
    My youngest LOVES the Ravens and was glad they won. It was a good game.

    1. Unfortunately, too many people see the trampy wardrobe as a good way to show off their bodies.
      It was a good game, and really got interesting after the power outage!

  6. ...spray...CHEESE!?

    Wow, er, that sounds TERRIBLE!

    And how are some of those crisps multicoloured?

    You live in a weird country which allows all this bizarre non-food, yet won't allow the most awesome confection in the world, the humble Kinder Egg...because it has a toy in the middle. Good grief!

    Glad y'all had fun, despite the barfing.

    1. They call it a cheese product, which is not even close to being cheese. And yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds.

      The "crisps" are veggie sticks. I try to make the junk as healthy as possible. They are colored with tomato and spinach puree. A couple of my kids love them.

      I will not dispute the bizarre non-food we have in the US. I just googled the Kinder Egg and am cracking up that they get seized at airport security. There is no end to America's insanity sometimes.

    2. See, now it's my turn to be lost in translation - veggie sticks here are long, cut up pieces of e.g. carrot, bell pepper, celery and cucumber. You'd make them fresh and usually dip them in some kind of scrumptious sour cream and chive dunky stuff.

      STILL can't get over the idea of spray cheese! At least it has the integrity to be disgusting :)

    3. Hahaha! We have real veggies, too. We don't call them sticks when we cut them up, but we do eat them, too. I actually had them at our Super Bowl party. Even if only two of the kids ate them.
      These veggie sticks are more like puffs of wheat dyed with the purees. We only get them for parties in order to pull the kids away from the potato chips. Although, I try to get the healthiest version of those as well.
      I can't believe you've never heard of spray cheese. One thing I love about blogging. I'm learning so much about how people in far off places live.


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