Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Thinking Bill Cosby Wouldn't Approve

I logged onto Facebook, expecting to see nothing more than the usual posts from the one person who posts at least 8 Scentsy ads each day.  (I only have 12 friends.  My kids make fun of me mercilessly, but I like to keep things simple.  And drama free.)  Imagine my surprise when I saw...

My 88 year old grandmother doing a Jell-O shot. 

My grandma doesn't own a single product invented after 1973, let alone a computer, so I knew she wasn't the one who posted it.

Nope, it was my dad.  Her son.

This is the woman who told me over and over again throughout the years that she limits herself to one beer a day.  With all the stress my dad and uncle caused her in their growing up years, if she didn't limit herself to one beer, she would have become an alcoholic long ago.

This is the woman who, when I was 18, would always ask me if I would split a beer with her. She didn't want to blow her whole beer in one sitting.

The woman was doing Jell-O shots.  In the gym of my old high school.

I called her immediately to get the whole story.

And so it goes...

She was at my alma mater's fundraiser with her brother, sisters, cousin, my dad, and my stepmom. 

She had one glass of wine, which wasn't very good.

She kept seeing people walk by with Jell-O, so she asked one person where he got it. 

She's a sucker for Jell-O.  When we would go to her house, there was almost always Jell-O in the fridge.  In individual sundae glasses no less.  As she pulled them out of the fridge, she'd add a dollop of Cool Whip.  Of course.

I'm not surprised that she was eyeing the Jell-O.

I am surprised that she chose to imbibe after she found out there was vodka in it.

Her closing words on the subject were, "Good thing it was later in the night and I had already had the wine.  They were good.  I would have had more."

(If you want to see her photo and read what I wrote about her two years ago, go here.  She is one awesome lady.)

Have a lovely day!


  1. I think your grandma is AWESOME!

  2. I'VE never done a jello shot. I've been one-upped by your Grandma!

  3. Some amazing heritage you have there.


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