Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

***************** 1 *****************

After Cuckoo once again hollered, "Wipe my bottom!" from the bathroom, Phoenix yelled back, "You will never be successful in life if you can't wipe your own bottom!  We are not royals.  No one will wipe your bottom for you when you are older!"

That's when Star jumped into the conversation with, "There are people who wipe the royals butts?" 

And he was completely serious.

******************* 2 *****************

Why my husband is a sought-after attorney:

I emailed him the completed Christmas card letter and asked, "Can you read through this please?  Don't be shy with the critiques," thinking he would tell me if it was more on the dumb than funny side.  After 25 years, I really should have known better.

His reply:

Just a couple of things:

1.  Page 2, Section 5 - "Giant's bugged-out eyes" - You never finish the sentence.
2.  Page 2, Section 6 - Change "Colt's" to "Colts"
3.  Page 3, Section 9 - Change "uncooperative pig" to uncooperative pigs".
4.  Page 4, Section 4 - Change "Dad's" to "Dads".

And he was completely serious. 

********************** 3 ******************

Notice that new, big button in my sidebar?  It says "The Mom Connection".  Yeah, I'm going to be connectin'.  So are a few other moms.  We were asked, "How do you prepare for the holidays with your children?"  They asked, I answered, we're connected.  Come back tomorrow to read all about it!

**************** 4 *****************

Cuckoo was terribly upset that he didn't get to go to Daddy's office with four of the other kids yesterday.  They were going to the Yuletide Celebration that the symphony does, and he was just too little to go.  When the four put on their best Christmas finery, Cuckoo ran upstairs to get dressed, too.  Giant was kind enough to help him, and put a sweater right over top of Cuckoo's clothes he had worn all day.  When I told him he just wasn't old enough, he replied, (as he touched his toes and ran his hands all the way up to his head) "I grew this big and am big enough to wear a sweatshirt.  I can go."  The look on his face when everyone got out of the van except him about broke my heart.  No crying, no tantrum.   Just the pouty lip and sad, sad eyes. 

**************** 5 ****************

 To curb the sadness, I asked him what he would like to do on our date, seeing as we were the only two left without something to do.  (Phoenix was at basketball.)  "I want to go to a playground and a restaurant."  Since it was already dark outside, we went to Chick-fil-A.  We were there for an hour and a half, and only ten minutes were spent on the playground.  He just couldn't stop talking long enough to eat his four chicken nuggets.

I love a good date with one of my kids.

******************* 6 ***********************

Did I mention that you need to come back tomorrow to see me connectin' with moms?  Yes?  Well, I'm just reiterating.  And to let you know that I learned a whole bunch about computers while doing this.  I even did HTML for the first time.  Still don't know what HTML stands for, and really all I had to do for the post is copy and paste the HTML Miss Cassie (from Two in Diapers) (she's the one hosting this connectin') sent me.

I'm kind of surprised she's letting me write for it, considering my overuse of parenthesis, commas, and quotes.  And I don't have Facebook or Twitter accounts, which I'm supposed to use to promote the connectin'.

But, when you do come back tomorrow, which I know you will, seeing as how I've played it up so much, it is a mom CONNECTION.  You are supposed to comment and get all connected, too.

And really, you don't even have to wait until the real tomorrow.  It goes live at midnight.

Saying "it goes live" makes it sound so big and important, doesn't it?
 ************************ 7 **************
 My friend living in Japan sent me a bunch of American items that had been made for Japan, and she put a post-it on each item explaining why she sent it.  On the Japanese Kit-Kat she wrote, "a snack for when you are taking kids hither and yon".  The following conversation occurred:

Star:  "What does this say?"
Me:  "Hither and yon."
Star:  "Who are Hither and Yon?"
Me:  while trying not to laugh too hard "They aren't people.  It means taking you guys here, there, and everywhere."
Star:  "Oh.  I thought they were someone's blog names."

Have a lovely day!


  1. Number 7 is absolutely hilarious! My kids will say to me when I take a picture, "Is this for the blog?" Our kids are all going to need therapy because we kept blogs as they were growing up! Have a great day woman!

    1. Thank you! I am just a touch nervous about the kids growing up and being old enough to blog themselves. I'm thinking I will be in big trouble.

  2. I love that you love parentheses :D

    1. I knew I wasn't the only parentheses fan in the world!

  3. Your husband's comments made me laugh, because that's what I would do too (I'm not a lawyer though - I'm an accountant). Have fun with your connecting! It sounds great.

    1. Oh, yes, accountants and lawyers have loads in common. If I couldn't laugh about his ways, I'd have to throttle him.


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