Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let's Try This Again

When I write on this here blog, I am very careful about what I write about and how I write it.  Sometimes it takes me an hour longer than it should, just so I can reread and rewrite and be sure that I will not hurt anyones feelings.  Especially with my family.  I want to be truthful, and I try to find a way to do it that won't cause any pain.  It has been really good for me, as it really makes me think about what I feel, but also about what others feel.   I think about what's true, and what's true to me.  We all remember things differently.

Writing "funny" is a good example of when I really have to think.  I do love me some sarcasm, but sarcasm can easily go into the mean territory.  Things aren't funny if they hurt someone's feelings.  That's usually why I write about myself.  I can totally make fun of myself without hurting anyone's feelings.  And Hubby's.  He is normally just fine with being fodder for the blog.

However, earlier today, I wrote a sarcastic post that drifted to mean.  I even posted it for about 30 minutes.  It was funny, but it was unnecessary.  At first, I defended myself, saying, "I'm writing about a concert I didn't like.  It's not like they will ever read it, so they can't be hurt by it."  Once it was up, the guilt set in.  It is beyond unlikely that this particular band would ever read my little blog critique.  They would never be offended or hurt.  But I realized that my guilt had absolutely nothing to do with them.  Regardless of whether they read it or not, I was still saying things that put people down.  I said things that just weren't nice.  And while they may not be hurt, I will be.  That is not the kind of person I want to be.  Why would I take such care to not hurt my family, but not take the exact same care for people I don't know personally?  It makes no difference if I know the person or not, I shouldn't say things that could hurt.

So, the post has disappeared.  Never to be read again.  But I will share a few tidbits of my week, because I hardly recognize myself.  I, attendee of three whole concerts in my life, have gone to two concerts this week, Train and Journey.

Train was fabulous.  I didn't even realize that so many songs that I love are his.  The lead singer was so, so good about getting the crowd involved.  He was witty, and he actually pulled quite a few audience members on stage.   Just plain fun.

Pat Benatar opened for Journey, and I had no idea I liked her so much.  When you see someone singing songs that she first sang 30 years ago, you wonder.  Is this person simply clinging to the songs that made her famous, trying to relive the glory days?  Not the case with Ms. Benatar.  She seems to really enjoy herself, mostly because those songs are her life story.  Did you know that she has been married to the lead guitarist/pianist of the band for 30 years?  They were great, completely working off of each other.

As I've said, I have rarely gone to concerts.  Not because I don't like music.  I love nothing more than pulling out my dance moves, singing at the top of my lungs, whether I know all of the words or not.   The opportunity just hasn't been there.  Until this week.  Because of last year's horrific disaster when the stage collapsed at the state fair, all concerts are being held at the arena downtown this year.   Through Hubby's office, we've been able to get tickets.  We have jumped all over that opportunity.

It's amazing how music is so intertwined with our lives.  A song comes on, and you are immediately transported to the past, when you first heard that song, or when you first danced with a boy, or drove a car, or went on a trip, or other some day in your life, whether super special or completely ordinary.

I remember when my dad drove me to college.  A five-hour drive, full of the "oldies".   (I put it in quotes, as I do believe the music I listened to as a child/teen are now considered old.)  It seems that with every single song that came on, he knew when it was first released.  I alternated between completely amazed that he knew it, and completely skeptical, thinking he was just making it up.   I now get it.  He did know, because those songs took him back in time, and he knew where he was when it came out. 

This certainly wasn't the direction I was headed when I sat down to write today.  Shoot, I had that whole first post written in my head since the drive home last night.  I guess that's one unexpected benefit of writing a blog.  Something in my head can sound awesome, but written down for anyone to read, I see it in a different light. 

If only I could do this filtering out and about, spur of the moment.  I would never again ask someone, "You haven't had that baby yet?" when in actuality, she had it four days prior.

Have a lovely day!

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