Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zumba, My Nemesis

I am not a fan of Zumba.  As a matter of fact, I really, strongly dislike it.

I've never been to a Zumba class.  Never even saw one.  I actually don't even know what it is besides some new sort of excercise craze.  Even so, it comes from a bad place.

I am so overwhelmed by all that has been going on since school let out, and I just need to blame someone or something.  Zumba is fulfilling the role of scapegoat for the time being.

It all started over the weekend with our 15 soccer games.  That is normal chaos that I can handle.  It was made a million times worse on Saturday morning during Buttercup's 7:30 am game.  I wasn't there to witness it, as I was watching Giant's game, but I hear it went something like this:

Opponent has the ball.  Buttercup, as defender, chases her down and gets in front.  Opponent pushes Buttercup.  Buttercup can't get her hands out fast enough and lands forehead first.  Her head then bounces off of the ground and snaps backwards.  She lies on the ground without moving for 15-20 seconds until the ref realizes she's down and gets over there.

To sum it up, Buttercup was a mess.  She couldn't focus, was moving in slow motion, her speech was slow and thick, her balance was off, and her memory was shot.  We all knew it, but the diagnosis was confirmed by the EMTs on site that baby girl got herself a concussion.

So, between doctor visits and keeping an eye on her during dizzy spells, headaches, and balance problems, I've been a bit frazzled.  (She missed the last two games of the weekend, and that is the end of the season.  She will have plenty of time away from soccer to let her head heal.  Until she's back to normal, she isn't allowed to do any physical activity.  These concussions aren't to be taken lightly!)

Add to this, Giant and Star are going to Butler soccer camp this week.  They absolutely love it, but it means two hours in the van for me each morning to get them and our carpool kid there.  Not exactly the way I like to start my day.

In addition, my two oldest have suddenly become social beings.  They have been going to pool parties or birthday parties every other day.  More driving for me and the little boys.

We've had to spend even more hours at the soccer field this week, as the little boys finished up their Happy Feet yesterday, and Giant had his soccer tryouts for the fall Tuesday and Wednesday.  Which, by the way is going to cause more chaos for me.  The coaching staff has decided that they want Giant to play with older kids.  One practice a week he will play with his own age group, and two days a week he will practice with the older kids.  As for games, he'll go to as many as the schedules of both teams allow.  So, basically, between the four kids, I will have to keep track of FIVE soccer schedules.  Oh, and this won't go over well with many parents of players in his age group.  They will be angry because 1.  The coaches are "breaking up the team."  and 2. Their boys weren't invited.  And some of these parents won't have a problem letting me know about it.  Normally, I wouldn't be getting my feathers ruffled about this, but I'm in the mood to be annoyed this week.

And lastly, vacation bible camp is next week.  I am in charge of the station where we act out bible stories.  I took a break from this station when the little boys were babies, but I'm happy to be back in it.  I love this station.  I was totally meant to be a Broadway star.  But, this station is a lot of work.  Each day I have to tear down and put up a new set for the next day's performance. 

On Tuesday, the volunteers were able to get into the building and get a head start on decorating.  I was able to have my room to myself to get it the way I wanted.  I spent five hours dragging supplies and props upstairs (did I mention my station is in the "upper room"?)  and getting the room just the way I wanted it.  (There were a few setbacks to work around.  Namely our custodian, who actually is OCD.  Great quality to have in a custodian, as our building is spotless.  Not fun to work with when you are setting up make-shift sets.  For example, I had to keep a big table in front of the picture window, even though it messed up my ambiance, because if the table wasn't there, kids would get fingerprints all over the window.) As I was taking care of a few last minute touches, with the two (or was it 50?) little kids losing their minds all around me (I swear, they multiplied that day.)  I was told that I needed to take the whole blasted thing down.  The staff didn't realize that I was up there (even though one staff member unlocked the door for me at the beginning of the day, and several saw me going up there) or they would have stopped me.  See, Zumba class will be held up there on Wednesday and Thursday.  They can't be having Zumba in the middle of my lovely lake/park scene I had going on.

And with that, my strong dislike for Zumba began.

I pushed everything to the side of the room and stomped on out of there, very mature-like. 

Then I refused to go back on Wednesday to help the volunteers finish the massive amount of prep work needing to get done.  I'm selfish that way.

I won't be allowed to get back to my room until Friday.

Friday.  The last day of Butler camp, when they have all of the last day competitions that my boys want me to watch.

Friday.  The day that Phoenix has yet another party to go to immediately before I drop him off at school to begin his ten day Scout trip to the Black Hills.

Oh, and I have sheets to wash, floors to scrub, arms to twist into being room parents, meals to cook, yard to mow, bathrooms to clean, berries to do something with, and a fridge full of eggs to get rid of.

I ask you, when am I supposed to relax and enjoy summer with my kids???

I think I might actually hate Zumba.

Hope your summer is off to a great start!

UPDATE:  I have something new to hate and blame everything on.  Zumba has moved to second place.  I really hate either AT&T, internet explorer, or computers in general.  Whichever one is telling me that my post is saving as I type it, but then when I go to publish or close it, says, "Oh, too bad.  You can't save anything."  I've tried to post this blasted thing ten times, and each time it takes away some of the post, so I have to type it all over again.  Try to post, and some is missing.  Retype and try to save.  Some goes missing.  So, this post isn't as good as it was the first time, but you get the idea. 

I'm off to have a bit of a breakdown.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I am so sorry you had such a rough weekend. I don't like Zumba either and now like it even less for stumping your creative classroom, and taking away your fun and time! So sorry about buttercup and her head. How are her headaches? and What about her heart I don't remember if you posted anything else about that. I assume fine since she is playing soccer again. And I swear wordpress hates me b/c at least 2~3 times a month it delets my entire post, sometimes parts some time whole even if I save it as I go. And sometimes it sucks away my best stuff. Frustration! Praying for buttercup!

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  3. The table needing to be in front of the picture window had me laughing out loud! You poor girl!

    Isn't that the way it goes sometimes? Just when you think you can't get any busier, something else lands on your plate.

    My week has been like that too. I'm incredibly impressed that you stuck with it enough to get this post up, lol.

    Hopefully, Buttercup is feeling better! It was great to meet and chat over the weekend! What a beautiful family you have! :)

  4. Everyone, thank you for asking about Buttercup. She seems to be doing much better.
    Karen, I am almost positive the produce mom and her husband was one of the couples we sponsored when she got married!

  5. I would have been SO mad, after going to all that work. Stupid Zumba. Just one more reason why I don't do it. I cannot believe your crazy schedule. I have no idea how you do it. You deserve a bit of a breakdown! With chocolate of course.

  6. Of course chocolate is involved. A ginormous bag of peanut M&M's to be exact.


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