Monday, June 4, 2012

Just a Quick Note

I am completely exhausted, and I'll tell you all about why later.  But I need to write this down before I go to bed and forget it.

I walked into the house after a church meeting to the sounds of the two little boys chatting away in their beds.  I love a conversation between little siblings, so I sat down for a listen.  I heard Turken say, "Hey Cuckoo, guess what?"  "What?"  "Turtle tooted!"  As in their little stuffed turtle.  Cuckoo then broke into his rendition of Mama Tooted.  Of course.

A few minutes later, Giant came downstairs.  He wasn't in bed as I had assumed, but sitting outside the little boys' bedroom listening to them chat.  He was about busting, wanting to tell me what they said.

Turken:  Do you want to watch TV?

Cuckoo:  Yes.  How?

Turken:  Close your eyes and it will turn on.

Cuckoo:  My eyes are closed, but it's not on.

Turken:  You have to close your eyes and then wait a minute.

Cuckoo:  Oh.  (pause)  No I see it.

I've wondered if the big kids are jealous that I like the little kids better.  Not only are they not jealous, they completely understand me.  Time and again, they tell me how much they love their little brothers.  But I don't need them to tell me. 

I can see it each and every day. 


  1. Doesn't sibling love make you get all teary eyed? I love that my big kids worship the baby, and thinkj that the little kids are funny and smart and cute. I love that my little kids yell across campus when they see the bigs and the bigs look to waves and signs of I LOVE YOU. So glad you got to catch some sibling loves today!

  2. That is hilarious. I love little kids. It makes me wish I was little again, to see the world through such innocent, pure and fun little eyes. They are so cute! :)


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