Thursday, June 28, 2012

In the Eyes of a Toddler

There is nothing more enlightening than when your children play "house."  It's like a little window into how the kids see our home.

The kids had made a bit of a mess in the playroom during their "house" time.  I told them that they needed to head back to the basement to clean it up before lunch.  Cuckoo was the last one to go, and he was carrying a toy with him.  At the top of the steps he yelled down to Buttercup,

"I'm the dad, and dads don't clean.  You're the kid.  Put this toy away."

I do believe Hubby and the boy are going to have to have some alone time and a chat while they do some cleaning up.

Have a lovely day!


  1. That is really funny! I also loved your post about your wedding dress and how you met your hubby. Loved the picture! Seriously, I know it was the style of the time, but I think the dress is beautiful and you look beautiful. Sometimes I do wonder who thought up the idea for brides to wear hats back then?

  2. we had the "I'm going to be a dad and dad's don't eat broccoli" {which their dad does not} but that child does now... b/c "you are a child not a dad so you have to eat the broccoli...


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