Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time to Take Stock

 Haapy, happy, joy, joy.  Spring is coming!

I know this because:
   1.  All of my children's pants barely reach their ankle bones.  (And I refuse to buy new ones when they only have 11 school days before they can wear shorts!)

   2.  I saw my first robin of the season.  I've been looking for it daily, and today it flew right in front of my car while I drove to the playground.  And when I got home, the driveway was full of them.

It's time to kick back in the soon-to-be green grass/weeds and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Time to see how much we've grown in those few months of winter.

 Who has outgrown his shorts? 

Nice knees, Phoenix!  Looks like we need to work on your color scheme when we get you those new shorts.
Who is finally tall enough to climb the pig pen fence?

The first thing he said when he got to the top was, "Where are the pigs?"  Um, the freezer.
Time to take a hard look around the farm and plan accordingly.

What work needs to be done?

Do you think we may want to work on the pigs' barn before they get here? 
Are we going to get apples this year?

Don't bloom yet, little tree!  Spring isn't actually here.

Is the garden ready to go?

This will be a problem.  If she is in the garden now, you know she will want to be there when it's full of tomatoes!
Any safety issues need to be addressed?

Looks like the zip line needs to be tightened before someone breaks a leg.  (Of course, that just means that they will be going full speed when they hit the tree at the end of the line!)

Although, with it being lower, look who's big enough to zip!

Each year I am amazed all over again at the growing and changing that can happen in a few short months. 

Almost makes me want to go through winter all over again, so I can watch a little closer.


Have a lovely, spring-like day!


  1. That zip line looks pretty fun to me! Spring is here for me and it is work, work, work I tell ya!

  2. Love the pictures! Spring can't come soon enough for me. Unfortunately I think we probably have a couple of months left before my kids well be able to wear shorts. ~Heather @


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