Thursday, March 15, 2012

Actually, I Just Need a Rainy Day

I feel a meltdown coming on.

With all of this fabulous weather, nothing is getting done around my house.

I have a rule that if God gives you a gorgeous day, you are to enjoy it.  Get outside and play, play, play.

The problem with that rule is spotlighted when you have a whole string of gorgeous days in March.

An entire week of playing leads to one messy house.

It starts with me not getting my cleaning done each day, because I am out with the little boys.

Things get worse when I let a weekend go by and don't give anyone cleaning chores to do. 

And we hit rock bottom when the kids pick up on my lack of cleaning leadership.  They totally take advantage by not doing their normal, daily routine.

I cannot walk through a room without stepping on something.

The piano room is littered with 200 Matchbox cars.

The kitchen floor has crumbs all over it.

Books are scattered in the TV room.

An entire box of soccer gear has been dumped on the landing.

Dirty clothes have overflowed the hamper and are all over the bathroom floor.

Random socks and shoes show up everywhere.

And then there are the surfaces.

A pile of clean clothes has sat on the couch for 5 days.

Papers and magazines cover the counter and end table.

Boy scout books and school projects take up the chair in the TV room.

Are you getting tense just thinking about the mess at my house?

If something doesn't get done today, I will lose it.

And it won't be pretty.

Hubby is out of town until Sunday, so he can't help.

The rule will have to be broken.

The children and I are going to get something done around here.

The hammer is coming down.

I'd put my foot down, but I would probably hurt myself on a toy penguin left on the floor by Cuckoo.

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