Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Honey, Mama's Don't Toot!

Have you ever noticed?  Little people repeat just about everything they hear. 

Yesterday, Turken asked me to look at his picture of Harry Potter.  The conversation continued with him asking me, "Who is this with Harry Potter?"

"I don't know, honey.  Who is it?"

"Justin Beaver."

Ha!  I love you, little boy. 

Because I know kids repeat everything they hear, we only listen to a kids' channel on the radio.   SiriusXM Kids Place Live has been our channel of choice for years.  They have introduced us to many, many fun, toe-tapping songs from many imaginative people.

But the folks at the radio station forgot one very important thing about kids.  They repeat everything!

Cuckoo is now quoting this song each and every day.

Fun and toe-tapping?  Absolutely. 

Funny lyrics for young and old to enjoy?  Most certainly.

Something you want your two year old to sing all day, every day?  That would be an emphatic NO!!!

Picture yourself pushing two boys through a crowded grocery store.  Out of nowhere, one little boy belts out, "Mama Tooted.  She may say that she did not, but Mama Tooted."

Awesome.  Really.  I would have died laughing if it would have happened to someone other than me.

Although, if I would have seen this happen to someone in the middle of church on Sunday, I most certainly wouldn't have laughed.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as nice as me.

I don't get to relax any at home, either.

Let's say Cuckoo is working on a puzzle.  Most parents would be thrilled that he is occupying himself in such a productive way.

But most people don't have children who physically cannot work a puzzle in silence.  Every single one of my kids either chit-chats or sings while putting the pieces in place.

So, when Cuckoo works on a puzzle, he invariably begins to sing that song.

The rest of the kids hear him, start giggling, then join along.

If Hubby is home, he doesn't put a stop to it.  No.  He sings it loudest of all.

As far as my family is concerned, this is the best song ever put to paper.


All of this singing is making me jumpy.

Everywhere we go, I'm on alert. 

Go to bible study, anxiously watch to see if he goes near the puzzles.  Gotta shut that down real quick.

If we're in a room full of kids and one of them toots, Cuckoo will most certainly blame it on me.  Loudly and clearly.  So I am forever ready to grab him and go before he can utter a single word.

I am to the point where I am going to have to write to Mr. Keller Williams.

I really need him to write a retraction song.

I need him to tell the truth.

I need his next song to be super catchy, played often, and titled, "I was wrong.  It was the dog."

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