Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Did I Get Any Mail?

Expect this question a lot if you follow today's suggestion.

At least one of my kids will ask daily.

We have purchased magazine subscriptions for each of our kids.

They love it.

For one, it is a reason to get mail. Who doesn't like getting mail (that isn't a bill)?

And secondly, it's something fun to read and look at. Magazines always have great photos to go with their information.

If a subscription isn't in the budget, it is a great gift to suggest when a grandparent or other relative asks you what to buy your sweet darlings for Christmas or a birthday.

We've gotten many different ones over the years, but the favorites have been:


Sports Illustrated Kids

National Geographic Kids

chickeaDEE (Printed by the same publisher of Owl and Chirp, two other favorite magazines.)

And of course, Highlights (or the version for younger kids, High Fives).

Have your children ever gotten magazine subscriptions? What was their favorites?

Have a lovely day!


  1. I used to love Highlights when I was a kid. We bought our boys Sports Illustrated Kids, but as much as they love sports, they didn't really dig the magazine.

    1. I did, too. I read them in every doctor's office we went to. :)

      My kids liked the kids version when they were young, but as they got older, they preferred the adult version. Bryan already gets that, so no extra purchase necessary. And they don't get the swimsuit issue with their names on it. :)

  2. Do kids still do pen pals? I remember growing up having several in other countries, Norway and Taiwan were a couple, and would love watching the mail to get their latest correspondence.

  3. Yes, my kids did get magazines periodically (!) throughout the years. I can't remember all of the titles, but The Friend was one we always subscribed to.

    I remember being excited as a child when I received a response to my query to the Highlights editors about UFOs!

  4. When I was a kid my magazine was on regular order from the newsagent and was delivered every Friday with the local evening paper. I continued to get my teenage magazine when I was in my early 20s and through it got several penpals both in this country and abroad; I loved getting all the mail from different places. Now unfortunately, with the advent of email and other communication, the only things I get through the post are bills :(

  5. What great magazines. We still get many magazines here and enjoy each and every one of them. I love how you are raising your kids. You're a good mom.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. My kids, yes. My grandbabies? I don't think so but I know what I'm ordering this week! Christine, I don't say it enough, I love your blog and I always learn something here. I may have missed your tips raising my own kiddos but it's not too late to apply what I learn to the "grands." Thanks so much!

  7. My daughter had a sub to a magazine called Stone Soup, when she was in third and fourth grades. She loved it. It was all about writing. Great post here and LOVE the photos of your "Pecking Order!" They are beautiful... Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

  8. not so much on loving the mail. Can't remember owning a magazine subscription, but could spend hours browsing in the magazine section of the local B&N store.

  9. We get NatGeo Kids and Rsnger Rick. The kids love them.

  10. The only magazine my kids get is Chess Life for Kids...which they love. However, the older 2 have a few friends they write to, so that is fun. THey love writing to friends or pen pals and getting letters in return.

  11. I used to subscribe to Backyard for my classroom. Lots of interesting science information about animals. I have to admit I always enjoyed finding the hidden pictures in the back of Highlights.

  12. I love, LOVE getting magazine subscriptions and sister has given both J2 and me a subscription for the last 3 Christmas's (how DO you spell that?!?!?!) J2 likes Guitar World and I like the Food Network. :D

  13. My kids got Babybug when they were up to toddlers, then Ladybug and whatever came after that. Babybug was my favorite, and I kept all of them for "future" use. They are awesome because there is no advertising. Emma goes online and signs up for free offers all the time. You never know WHAT will show up at our house!


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