Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Storm Cancelled Halloween, So Here's Some Highlights of Our Week

I'm linking up with Jen and the many other folks doing some quick takes.  I'm so predictable.

************ 1 **********

We had our big home soccer tournament last weekend.  11 games in 3 days, plus 4 volunteer shifts.  During one of the games Phoenix went to get something from the concession stand.  He came back with this:

I immediately thought of Lizzi and our conversation last week about the US's obsession with all things fried.  There you go, Lizzi.  (And everyone else unfamiliar with fair food)  Behold the elephant ear.

He ate the entire thing.

*************** 2 **************

In Star's last game of the tournament, he was playing an undefeated team for the championship trophy.  At halftime, we were up 1-0.  The other team wasn't really happy about it.  As the second half progressed, the opposing coach, parents and players got more and more vocal, and not in a good way.  The center ref was passing yellow cards out left and right, because kids were actually yelling things like "Are you blind?!?"  The attitudes went south, and the parents even started cheering when a player received yet another yellow card. 

Our families and players were surprisingly calm and didn't say a word.  Until...

One opposing player was getting more and more upset, and at one point he purposely kicked the ball out of bounds (which players normally do in a regular game).  The problem is, he was only a couple of feet from the sidelines and he kicked it as hard as he could.  The ball hit a spectator right on the side of her face.

The refs stopped the game to check on the woman and talk with the boy.  No card was passed out, but the parents were mad.  One person actually yelled, "Oh, now we're not allowed to use any force when kicking the ball?" 

One of our parents couldn't take it anymore.  He yelled back, "Hey!  He just hit an old lady in the head for no reason!"

One of the refs came over and told everyone to calm down and take a seat.

It was a horrible situation.  One of the worst I've ever seen on a soccer field.  Yet only one thought stuck in my head. 

I leaned over to my friend standing next to me and said, "Wow, that poor woman probably isn't happy that he just called her old."

************* 3 ************

Cuckoo is convinced that Santa lives, not at the North Pole, but at COW's office.

Last Christmas time I dropped the five oldest kids off at his office so he could take them to a Christmas show.  Cuckoo and I went on a date of our own.  The next morning, the kids were talking about seeing Santa and sitting on his lap.  Ergo, Santa must live at COW's office.

Tuesday Cuckoo had a date with COW, so I dropped him off at the office.  COW actually had to take Cuckoo on a search for Santa, looking in every office they passed.  In one office, they found a man (one of the partners of the firm) in a white shirt and red tie.  COW immediately dubbed him "Elf" and told Cuckoo to tell the elf what he wanted for Christmas.

"I want a Target suit, a running and flying duck, a running and flying dog, a chair, and a lamp.  Not a big one, but a small one like that."  He pointed to the partner's lamp.

With a smirk, COW pulled rank and told "Elf", "Well, he wants your lamp.  Hand it over."

Everyone in the office is laughing about it, and I will not be surprised if Cuckoo receives that very lamp on Christmas morning.

************* 4 ************

For their date, COW and Cuckoo went to the opening Pacer's game.  (That's basketball for all you non-fans.)  Before the game even started, Cuckoo saw the cheerleaders.  I got a text from COW.

"Just told me the cheerleaders look naked."

They got home well past his bedtime, but he had to tell me all about his evening.  At one point, COW prompted him to tell me about the cheerleaders.  Watch, and then I'll translate.  (Yes, that is me in the pink robe.  When it's cold, I wear two pairs of socks, PJ pants, a short-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and my robe.) 


Cuckoo, embarrassed, whispered in my ear:  They were naked.
Me:  They were naked?
C:  No, it just looked like they all were.  They had underwear on.  And that thing you wear.
Me: *laugh*
C pulling at my shirt to show me:  That thing your wear under your shirt.
To the cheerleaders and all other women who go out in public so scantily clad, I'm begging you.  Put some clothes on.  Even a 4 year old knows that what you are wearing is inappropriate, and he is embarrassed for you.
************* 5 ***********

On Thursday (Yes, Halloween), we finally had time to pick out pumpkins to carve.  The wind was at a steady 35mph, everything was wet from earlier rains, and there was a bit of spitting rain as we looked for someplace to buy pumpkins. 

The farmers' stands were all closed, thanks to the weather.  Grocery stores had already taken their pumpkin displays down.  We parked at our last grocery store option, and I told Buttercup to go scout it out before we all got out of the car.  (She is most trustworthy in such situations.) 

She got back in the van and said, "Well, I saw one boy carrying a pumpkin out, so they must be there somewhere.  I didn't see them."

I told everyone we were going in when Buttercup continued.  "This is going to be just like those people who wait until Christmas Eve to get their trees and come home with the tiniest, spindly tree because that's all that's left."

As I laughed at her analogy (because I was afraid she was right) she then said, "Why don't we go there?" and pointed across the street.

We drive this road approximately 500 times each week, yet I completely forgot about the place across the street.  It is a freakin' farm with a corn maze, hay bales, and gobs of pumpkins.  AND an indoor place to pay.  They were totally open.

So, we got back in the van and went across the street to buy some pumpkins.

We chose, we paid, we loaded into the van. 

I realized we didn't get any photos.

Four kids were good sports and got out to re-enacted some pumpkin choosing.

Phoenix practicing his juggling skills.  Turken showing off his inability to put his jacket on the right way.

The hair is the first clue that it is ridiculously windy.

Yes, Cuckoo is wearing an undershirt as a regular shirt.  He learned it from watching cheerleaders.

Did you notice the kids were in short-sleeved shirts??  The wind brought some lovely 62 degree temperatures.  I can live with wind and rain if it means 62 degree temperatures.

**************** 6 ************

Commence pumpkin carving.

Cuckoo wasn't about to touch his pumpkin once the top was cut off.

***************** 7 *************

I've bored you enough.  Hopefully I'll see you this weekend at the TToT hop!

Have a lovely day!


  1. I was thinking the same thing about the victim of the soccer ball.

    We didn't carve pumpkins this year, which is the first year we've neglected that, I think. I guess that's what happens when the kids all get old. (Unlike John and I--we are not old!)

    1. Good!

      We wouldn't have carved them if trick-or-treating went on as it was supposed to. With that soccer tournament each year, we just don't have time!

      You are not old. At all.

  2. I wouldn't want to be called old either...that's worse than being hit in the head with a soccer ball.

    Ummm I LOVE Cuckoo...I don't know if I've told you that before, but I love him. And I love that he knew what the cheerleaders were wearing was not appropriate. Good job , Mom & Dad...too bad the cheerleaders didn't have parents like you. Just sayin'...

    1. I wouldn't want to be called old either, but I really wouldn't want to be hit in the head. I only have a limited number of working brain cells left!

      Um, I think you've mentioned it. :) I was quite surprised when he said it. We've never talked with him about appropriate attire, except of course, "You must wear long pants to go out in the snow."

  3. What a shame about the soccer ball hitting that lady. I didn't catch the old though. Probably because I am old and it would have been the appropriate thing to say if the ball had hit me. Parents need to chill at these things. Kids are watching and that's how they learn to act.

    Loved the video.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Ha!

      It was a shame. It didn't need to happen. This team was a prime example of kids acting like their parents. As the parents and coach got angrier, the kids got worse and worse.

      I have often wondered what games would be like if parents couldn't watch. Or had to watch from a remote location on closed circuit TV. I'm thinking the kids would have a lot more fun.


  4. I thought the same thing about the "old" lady. I'd of probably grabbed the soccer ball and thrown it at the guy who said that! LOL! Wow! That game sounded vicious! SHAME on the parents of that other team!

    Cuckoo cracks me up! What a kid!

    1. Hahahaha!! Oh, I wish that woman would have done it. :)

      It was bad. I've seen lots of bad games, but this was one of the worst.

      Me, too. :)

  5. Crazy about the soccer game. Just crazy!! Poor lady! (For being called old AND getting hit in the head with a soccer ball on the same day!)

    That video cracked me up, what a cutie! And I totally agree with your message to the cheerleaders - if even a 4-year-old feels uncomfortable because of what you're wearing, you might want to rethink your wardrobe (or lack thereof).

    Looks like you guys had a blast pumpkin carving! We didn't do a whole lot last night, just watched some Ghost and Mr. Chicken with the family and ate pizza and chocolate.

    1. It was completely nuts. The refs were doing their best to keep everyone under control, but it was tough. I hate games like that. What happened to soccer being fun???

      I think he's cute, but I'm a bit biased. :)

      Mr. Chicken??? What is that?? Your night sounds good to me.

  6. Wow that's a BIG hunk o' fried badness! Good for him for managing it all.

    I feel bad for that lady, but not great about the attitudes - they seem sucky. The UK is meant to have the reputation for hooliganism - hope y'all don't try to catch us up!

    I LOVE Cuckoo. His voice and his attitude are SO adorable. And you're adorable too, all snuggled up (right til the point where the kid tries to demonstrate the cheerleader clothes! Ha!) - that's SO how I'll be when the cold weather hits!

    Um. Why are those pumpkins on a Christmas tree? That seems weird to mix the seasons!

    But awesome that you got them and had fun. You gonna leave us with any pumpkin recipes this weekend?

    1. There's a reason it's called an elephant ear and not a tiger ear.

      I didn't know you all were known for hooliganism! I can't imagine it worse than some of what goes on here. These folks were downright mean and rude. Teasing and talking smack is fun, this was not.

      Are the stores not already putting Christmas decorations out in the UK? Here in the US, retailers like to lump all holidays from Halloween to New Years in one, big pile of BUY STUFF!

      No pumpkin recipe from me. I am not a fan of pumpkin taste. Poor COW, he loves a good pumpkin pie.

    2. Ohhh we're bad. Same as we're known for our teenagers going to Aiya Napa in summer and spending their days drunk, disgraceful and crossing off the full complement of STDs... Many football matches have police guards. Often pubs will only allow supporters of one team to enter. Many people are arrested. It's been (largely) improving over recent years, but it seems the world of professional football is full of thugs.

      They started on September 1. A few had an aisle or so for Halloween. Now it's gonna be full on Christmas, and then on January 1, the Easter eggs will come out.

      No pumpkin pie for COW? Awwww g'wan! It's SO GOOD! And with nutmeg all over the top and homemade pastry and pumpkinny-deliciousness... I might even try my hand at it - I got a pumpkin...

  7. I love the pumpkin pictures! Looks like you've had a great time!

  8. LOOOOOOOVE that video!! I am cracking up so hard and the kids want to watch it but I won't let them;) LOL. That is so cute.

    1. Ha! I can see your kids doing something very similar in the same situation! :)

  9. I haven't had an elephant ear in forevvvverrrr. Yum. I did have funnel cake on a stick last weekend at our fair though. Also YUM!
    Love the pumpkin patch pics. We didn't get around to pumpkin carving this year. No roasted seeds for me. =(
    I witnessed an UGLY scene at a soccer game once too. Some parents are just ridiculous!

  10. My first thought "is that an elephant ear???" Haahaa! We have those at our summer Fair too.

    I gasped when I read the "old lady" line and thought exactly the same as you! :D

    Cuckoo is just waaaaaay too cute. Gary got quite a kick out of it too and now refers to my bra as "that thing you wear under your shirt". Oi-vay.


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