Saturday, October 12, 2013

10 Things of Thankful, Week 19

Let us rise up and be thankful; for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.
1.  I am thankful for the end of three sports seasons.  High school soccer, middle school cross country, and Turken's rec soccer all finished up this week.  Life is going to seem almost lazy come Monday.

2.  I am thankful for a new laptop.  As the kids get older, they are having more and more homework which requires the use of the computer.  There have been many nights when a teen is up until 10 typing, simply because he didn't have access to the computer before then.  And when a kid ties up the computer until 10, Mama doesn't get to use it at all.  That is a Problem.  COW took it upon himself to solve the Problem by ordering a laptop, and it came in yesterday.   Happy days are here again!

3.  I am thankful for two boys who know how to build a fire.  It used to be, we rarely had evening fires.  By the time dinner was eaten and cleaned up, it was almost bedtime for the little boys.  Now, as soon as dinner is over, we can send Phoenix and Star out to get the fire going.  COW and I stay inside to clean up the kitchen and get the s'mores ready.  Last night we were able to spend an hour outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and the little boys still got to bed at a decent hour.

4.  I am thankful for OrthoIndy.  Our year of being hexed has continued, and we were there on Monday night to have Buttercup's toe x-rayed.  It was broken, but we only spent 30 minutes in the place to get the diagnosis.  And it costs 1/10 the amount of an ER visit.

5.  I am thankful for modern medicine.    Quite ironic that last week I was thankful for modern medicine when we didn't need it as well as my parents' good health.  This week, I received a call from my stepmom at 11:00 at night.  My dad was in the hospital with a heart rate of 175 beats per minute.  A simple shot into his IV, and he was fine.  One prescription later, he was home.  One day later, he was feeling great and back on the golf course.

6.  I am thankful for technology which can help spread important news.  After the call about my dad, it was my job to inform my siblings.  Since my dad was fine, I didn't want to alarm my siblings with a late-night call if they were already asleep.  I simply texted them, so they could have the info when they got up in the morning.

7, 8, and 9.  I am thankful for people who can make me laugh.  (7) It so happens that both brothers were awake and got my texts right away.  The youngest of the two was about to head to a hospital in his town to help a family from church.  Our "textersation":

Me:  I will say some prayers for them.
Him:  Make sure they're Mormon prayers, cause they're Mormon.
Me:  I'll say New Testament prayers.  "Dear Baby Jesus..."
Him:  7 pounds 5 ounces baby Jesus, with a little gold diaper.

(If you haven't seen Talladega Nights, do so now.)

And (8) (What I'm about to tell you is on Lizzi's list, too.)  Earlier this week, I received a note from Lizzi with a link she said I must watch.  I watched, and laughed whole-heartedly.  Our conversation after I watched it made me laugh even harder, since I had no idea when I watched the video that my mug was actually one of the characters.  A werewolf me doesn't look anything like the real-life me! 
Good heavens!! I just realized I never said it was Zoe who made the video!!  She's the funny one who made me laugh!  Sorry Zoe!
Go here if you would like to see it.

(9)  We were driving home from school, when out of the blue, Buttercup gasped and yelled, "That guy scared me!"  I looked out to see what she was talking about, and once again fell into appreciation for Americans.  How can you not love a guy who does this?

For those of you not wearing your glasses, he's wearing a gorilla mask. 

10.   I am thankful for line-dried sheets.  I love crawling into bed at night, but especially when the sheets are clean and smell like the out of doors.

Your turn!

Have a lovely day!


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  1. First Comment! (is that like, what the secondary week in a row!) people will be talking!*
    I enjoyed your list but I need to submit this Comment before someone beats me to 'First Comment'


    *or chatting or IM'ing or whatever

    1. Congratulations! You beat her by 5 little minutes. :)

  2. So much to be thankful for and just so happy you dad is doing well now. So scary and I know my dad recently had a heart attack and stroke at the same time. Thanks modern medicine, he really is so much better and for that I too am so thankful!

    1. That had to be scary for you all. I'm glad your dad is recovering nicely.

  3. #2 total yay (as normal bloggers express the emotion)
    #3 very excellent, 'specially with the not-Summer season upon us
    #5 whats not to like
    #s7,8,9: "...Here's the deal -- I'm the best there is. Plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence."

    1. #2 Since when are you a "normal" blogger? :)
      #3 It is. I do love a fire, but never get up and make it.
      #5 Nothing.
      #7,8,9 You've seen it! Awesome movie.

  4. WAHEY! So pleased about your laptop - that's awesome :D

    Glad you had the healthcare in place both times to support your family, and the tech to share the message asap. What a relief! Hope your dad and Buttercup both heal quickly. At least you now have more time to do 'looking after' on her, especially now all your sport thingies are over.

    That video is just hilarious. I still laugh at it each time I see it.

    Enjoy the beautiful fires. I remember open fires. I remember a few, warm times of family around them when I was very young, and those memories are very precious. Thank you for doing that for your kids.

    The gorilla biker is AMAZING.

    1. Me, too!

      Dad is perfectly fine, now, as long as he keeps taking his medicine. Buttercup is healing, and will hopefully be back to normal soon.

      It cracks me up to no end.

      I'm so glad you have such wonderful memories from your childhood. For many reasons...

      This isn't even the best photo. At one point, he was looking around and actually acting like a gorilla on a motorcycle.

    2. Glad she's healing :) She can sit at the computer and make you a fancy-schmancy social media button for whenever you finally get yer butt on twitter.

      (no oatmeal jokes either - did you see that? Totally resisted the temptation there...that's gotta be worth at least *thinking* about twitter...)

      Wonderful memories are good.

      And WOW! My mind is boggling now, trying to imagine how a gorilla would act on a motorbike...!

    3. I think we'll work on my header instead.

      I did see that, and appreciate it. I'm afraid of what jokes you had floating through your head. And no, it's not. :)

      Ha! Lots of head rolling, so maybe not as a gorilla would act, but a person wearing a mask while on a motorcycle when he realized it's REALLY hard to see the road and other cars when wearing a gorilla mask. :)

    4. Fine, go with the header :p

      But I do love watching your blog evolve and change as you get more confident about playing with it :)

      Really not worth it? I've downloaded Kindle...

      LOL thanks for the visual on the gorilla. What an idiot, but what a HILARIOUS idiot! Hope he made it home safe!

  5. A new laptop, that's cool! And grateful for people who bring a little humor to our lives, including you. A fabulous weekend!

    1. It is very cool. And much appreciated.
      Aw, thank you. :)

    2. that's right! a new laptop! as in 'oh look! it has a built-in camera...and this? why that's a link to google hangout... and what day is it, 7 days from now? way it's Sunday (and as we all know you can't spell Sunday with out the S and U and D and! A....and!!! Y in Wakefield Doctrine Sunday Brunch!' (lol)
      I cordially invite you to join us whenever the opportunity presents it's own self

  6. A new laptop, bonfires in the evenings, and fresh line-dried sheets (which I haven't had in years but still remember how wonderful they smelled... here they would smell of dust)... blessings to warm the heart, and give you reasons to smile during some of the more trying times this week. I join you in being thankful that your father's medical issues were attended to so promptly and quickly resolved, crisis averted! Our lives are such a mixture of ups and downs, but without one, how would we truly appreciate the other? Your post reminds me of how much we are truly blessed! Got a big kick out of that conversation with your brother too! :-))

    1. You are such a good commenter. :)
      It is true. We would never know how good the good was if we didn't have the not-so-good to balance it out.
      My brothers do crack me up.

  7. Aww line-dried sheets are awesome!

    I am so happy for you for the new laptop. My laptop is essential for my well-being (hangs head in shame), so I totally get this!

    I am also very glad to hear that you dad is fine again! xo

    1. They certainly are!

      Ha! I don't want to admit it, but the computer is pretty important to me. :)

      Me, too!

  8. Darn, I think my last comment got deleted... Anyways.. Love that your kids are now old enough for you all to enjoy bonfires outside. Can't wait to have a fire pit myself, to bake bread on the stick and make smores.

    I love fresh sheets, whether they are out of the dryer or from the clothes line. We put on our winter sheets last week, heavenly!!

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

    1. I hate when that happens. Sorry my blog deleted your comment.
      Bake bread on the stick!?!?!?!? I've never heard of such a thing! You must explain. Please?

      Very true. Clean sheets, regardless of how they dry, are wonderful.

      You, too!

  9. Very good list! I am especially thankful for modern medicine and technology, myself.
    Love the guy in the gorilla mask, although if I saw him I'd probably pee myself.
    I love line-dried sheets. I think I need to put up a clothesline....

    1. Thanks!
      Ha! I thought he was quite entertaining, but Buttercup was quite taken aback when she looked out the window and saw a gorilla looking back at her. :)
      Or a zipline. We don't have a clothesline either. :)

  10. rest assured you were not selected for your resemblance to any wolf-men ... it was more that I could download your face without it blurring out... So glad your dad is playing golf again and so soon. My brothers are crack ups as well especially in times of crisis...the inappropriate laughter seems to be the most therapeutic!

    1. Ha! It was an awesome card!
      He is very happy on the golf course, so I'm glad he can be there already.
      Therapeutic is a great word for the inappropriate laughing!

  11. I am thankful for technology, too. I am reminded of that every time it dysfunctions - I work from a computer and off of my phone, so having them = money for me! If anything goes down, internet, phone, or computer I start panicking fast. I am most thankful for the times they work correctly... and I wish that could be all the time... lol.

    I totally saw the hilarious video Lizzy posted with the Monster Mash dance. I thought it was great! I actually tried to insert my own family's faces which took a lot of searching for photos and fitting them into the proper slots. Then right as I was about to hit "play" to watch my masterpiece and be amused, the site informed me I'd have to pay to see it. Ha! I'm too cheap for that business. (Besides, can you imagine the conversation between hubby and I when he saw the charge on our account? Now that would probably be work paying for. Heehee!)

    1. Oh, I can't even imagine if my livelihood depended on technology. I lose my mind when the computer does something funky. The only thing I know how to do to fix it is to restart the blasted computer. Oh, and cross my fingers. That's an important step.

      I wondered if it cost money to do a JibJab. Friends of ours sent one out of their family as a Christmas card one year. Hilarious! And for a Christmas card, probably worth it if you don't send out actual cards.

  12. Glad to hear that your family is doing well health wise - and a high five to modern medicine.

    I loved #9 - that must have been a site. And yum to line dried sheets! Such a great smell to fall asleep with :)

    Such a lovely post - and it sounds like you have a great family. I can't even picture my kids that age yet - but I know it will happen quicker than I think...

    1. Thanks!

      It was so funny. I love quirky people like that.

      Line-dried is awesome. I agree. :)

      Thank you! I have a hard time believing my kids are the ages they are. A line I once heard (but most people have heard plenty, as they don't live under a rock like I do) was "The days are long, but the years are short." Could not be more true. And as they get bigger, it only goes faster. It boggles my mind that I have a child who is much taller than me and in high school.

  13. Damn! I was sure I'd make 7,8 or 9. Oh well, guess I gotta try harder! And, what's the joy with a new laptop? Please don't think me rude, maybe it's just because I'm an old guy that can't see worth a crap, but I like the PC with a 22" screen! I've got like ten different things hooked into it with USB's, and don't have to sit close to my wife when I use it! I keep downloading free movies in my laptops, just in case I go back on the road one day. Besides that, one of them sits next to my recliner in case I ever sit there again, and the other is being used to lean a stack of BluRays against. Besides, if you really hold them in your lap, you'll end up with a heat rash where you really don't want a heat rash! :) Also, be careful with the kids setting fires. I understand barns burn real good on a cool Fall evening! I do like line dried sheets, as long as the birds flying over are scarce and the bugs don't bite too bad. Me? A city boy? Never, I grew up in the country. Can't you tell? Enjoyed this! Good job!

  14. oh my gosh, your posts are SO MUCH FUN! I think I've seen that guy in the gorilla mask, and I know we don't live in the same neck of the woods. Is that a thing? And the video is HYSTERICAL! Zoe did such a great job.
    Love the textersation between you and your brother---haha! (Talladega nights is one of our faves). I wanted to join in on TToT this weekend but had ZERO time to devote to other blogs and didn't want to be a tool and just throw my post up there and leave, so I didn't join in, but I hope to next week. I have a little time this morning but already posted yesterday. :) Oh, also, love the Buddha quote. #smoresrule

  15. 1. Dinner at home Monday with all 6 kids and COW?
    2. You're going to LOVE IT! And make sure you put a log in password, so your kids don't "borrow" it. Trust me.
    4. How's she doing with the toe? Getting around alright?
    7-9. I LOVE the video! We look AWESOME, especially Skip. And a gorilla on a motorcycle? Gotta love it.

  16. As usual, a great list :)

    I'm totally with you there on modern medicine, bonfires, new laptops and gorilla masks - as for line-dried sheets - you can't beat them! :)

  17. The guy on the motorcycle. What a riot. And I almost put friends that make me laugh on my list too. A series of texts exchanged with a friend today gave me the best laugh. What a day brightener.

  18. Glad your prayers worked. :-)

    The video made me laugh, too!

  19. Can't wait to have a place conducive to having line-dried sheets. And I love my newish laptop! Makes such a difference!

  20. Wish I had read your post BEFORE trying to write mine. Love the Buddha quote and would've totally written what first came to my mind...mainly that I'm not dead...yet! Haha!

  21. Great list - people and motorcycle-riding gorillas that make you laugh are great.


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