Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes/FTSF

Hooking up with Jen with some quick takes today and Kate with a FTSF, 'cause that's how I roll.

********** 1  **********

Our sentence to finish this week is "My bucket list includes..."

Well, my bucket list includes my daily to-do lists.  If I can get just one to-do list done, I'll be doing cartwheels all over the yard to celebrate.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I don't set goals and I don't make plans.  I am too lazy for that sort of thing.  I simply do whatever comes my way.  Fortunately, my husband is a fastidious planner.  He has lots of goals and is going to take me along with him.

His bucket list includes things such as "travel all over the world".  Unfortunately, these things he has planned can't happen until our nest is empty, and with our youngest only being three, it's going to be a long, long time before that happens. 

I guess my bucket has more than air. 

My bucket list includes live long enough, with sound mind and body, to actually enjoy the things COW has planned for us. 

**************** 2 ************

The night was supposed to be bliss.  COW had the oldest 5 children at a pro soccer game downtown last night (game time was 8:00).  I was home with early-to-bed Cuckoo.   I had grand plans of paying the bills, getting some posts written, and half-way watching Project Runway.

I sat down at the computer, typed in, and got the notice that THE SITE WAS NOT RESPONDING!!!  I tried again.  No luck.  I tried (the bank).  I couldn't get on that either.  I tried facebook (Did you know I was on Facebook?)  and managed to get that.  I got on a couple of other blogs, which I could read but not comment, and went back to blogger.  I couldn't get on.

I did all the things I knew to do when confronted with this problem.  (I restarted the computer.)  No luck.

When COW and the kids got home at 11:00 (Yeah, Turken got home at 11:00.  This morning has the potential to be treacherous.), I was still in my cycle of type blogger, not get in, scream, type blogger, not get in, scream, restart computer, type in blogger, not get in, scream, send a panicky message to Lizzi on FB, type in blogger, not get in, scream, send a tad more panicky message to Dyanne, type in blogger, not get in, scream...

My family,waving their giant Chelsea flags they got for free, did not understand my panic.  They did not show an ounce of empathy. They weren't impressed that the only thing I had to show for my evening alone is the knowledge that the guy I thought should leave really did get the Heidi Klum "You're out."

Yes, they can be jerks sometimes.

I finally went to bed, a tad worried that I didn't pay the bills, and fully annoyed that I couldn't write a post.

************** 3 ***********

I got up at 6:30 this morning, crossed my fingers, and turned the computer on.  Guess what?  Internet is back to normal.  Bills are paid.  And I can rush through and write a terrible post for today.

************ 4 ************

With the big kids all going with COW, I knew I had to pull out something big for Cuckoo to do in order to avoid 3 hours of "I want to go with Daaaaaaadddddyyyyyy!!!!" 

We had a date.  I found out that he is a crappy date, offending me every step of the way.

For example, in the middle of dinner, he said, "I like Daddy better than you."

(I asked for a reason, and he responded, "Daddy doesn't put me in the corner very much." (Daddy and I will be having a chat.))  

After dinner we stopped at the restroom.  He was "going" and there was music playing on the speakers.  I was dancing a bit, because I can't not dance when the song is telling me to.  He laughed and said, "That is not how you dance."

I told him, if he was so smart, to get off the toilet and show me how.

To translate, his dance was called "Fancy Song". 

For the record, I think my dance was a whole lot fancier.  (No, there is no video.  The only person who could have recorded it was a three year old sitting on the toilet.)

*********** 5 ************

Next on the date agenda was a trip to the store to buy his new bike.  His birthday is still three weeks away, but I needed something big.  You may be thinking, "Won't he be disappointed when his birthday gets here and he doesn't get anything?" 

Normally, yes.  Except the only thing he asked for is a jar of Nutella.  He'll get his Nutella and be happy, happy, happy.

When one buys a bike for an almost four year old, one must give the almost four year old a chance to ride it, even if it is past his bedtime.

You'll remember I live on a farm, and we have a gravel drive.  We don't ride bikes at home.

Fortunately, I have friends who live in a normal neighborhood.

When I was one minute away, I called my friend Mrs. Always Random, and basically told her to get out of her pajamas, 'cause I was bringing Cuckoo over to ride his bike.  (Yes, she was in her pajamas at 8:00.  No, she won't be annoyed that I told you that.  (I'm pretty sure. (Aren't you glad you don't live in the Indianapolis area and have to endure being my IRL friend?)))

I tried to get a photo of Cuckoo with Mrs. Always Random and her house in the background, but as I was taking it she said, "Don't you dare put me in this picture!"  It's hard having friends who have blogs.  They can read your mind, and they rarely use it for the good of your own blog.

That's my car.  That's her house.  Notice, you don't see her.  She's off to the right, yelling at me.

Apparently, having your tongue out is imperative to getting your bike up over the curb and onto the driveway.

***************** 6 **************

Earlier this week, while eating lunch, I bit the side of my tongue.  Hard.  Blood poured.  Swear words may have been uttered.

At dinner that night, it was still bothering me, and when I went to eat, it really hurt.  I was bummed, seeing as how we were having a yummy Shepherd's pie.

(Side note:  If you were following me on FB, you'd know where the name Shepherd's pie comes from, and you'd know that Cuckoo had an absolute fit at dinner.  When it was placed in front of him, he started screaming, "This is NOT pie!!"  and wouldn't let up.  Seems he heard me tell someone what we were having for dinner, and he honestly thought I had lost my mind and was going to give them some sort of sugary goodness for dinner.)

On the upside, I thought, "Well, I've gained about 5 pounds in the last couple weeks.  If I can't eat, at least I'll lose some weight."

I was thinking of funny things to post about my new weight loss plan and how I was going to get filthy rich off of it.

But then I got hungry.

Turns out, I'll choose eating Hershey Kisses in absolute pain over not eating at all.

***************** 7 ************

Our potatoes and tomatoes are ready to harvest, so I've been canning the last two days.  If you have any ideas about canning your own veggies, know that it is not an activity for wimps. 

Besides the time it takes and the mess it creates, injury does happen.

Canning includes lots of boiling water.  I have scalded myself dozens of times.

Canning potatoes involves lots of sharp utensils.  I'm currently sporting two Band-aids.   One on the tip of my right pointer finger, where I cut myself with the potato peeler, and one on the bottom of my left pointer finger, where I got a blister (which popped soon after) from cutting the potatoes into 1-inch cubes. 

I'm a hot mess.

Found out, though, that I would rather blog in absolute pain than not blog at all.

Lucky you.  :)

Don't forget to come back and link up with our 10 Things of Thankful this weekend!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Hope you start to heal you hot mess!! It's a bad thing to be in your PJ's at 8pm????? I'm in mine at 7 and in bed by 8:45 most nights. Unless the Bachelorette is on, then I stay up 'til the ungodly hour of 10pm.

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in your jammies at 8...I was in mine before that, but she just didn't call until the ungodly hour of 8! :)

    2. You go to bed at 8:45? Good heavens. My kids don't even go to bed until 9. And if you're going to stay up, surely you can find something better than the bachelorette. I hear this season is horrible.

      Hey Mrs. Random! I know you go to bed at 10:00, and wasn't going to interrupt any beauty sleep!

  2. Your husband sounds like mine, who is constantly planning. Like you I have more day to day lists and the bigger things are more dreams for me I suppose, but my husband is truly the constant planner and thank god someone around her is, I suppose!! Thank you as always for linking up with us again and hoping you are having a wonderful friday now!!

    1. I am also very grateful that my husband plans. Otherwise, we'd be dirt poor, living with our children when he retires.

  3. I love your go-with-the-flow, no planning attitude. I really need to be more that way. It would save me a LOT of stress!!

    Cuckoo wants Nutella for his birthday???? That kid is AWESOME. That is probably the coolest birthday wish I have ever heard.

    1. There are some downsides to the laid-back attitude. Like a messy house. And last minute meals thrown together.

      I'm certainly happy with it. The Nutella started a year ago when Star turned 11. He got the one thing he wanted, but it didn't cost much, so I took an idea from a friend of mine. She had given her son 13 of something that he really liked on his 13th birthday. For Star, we got 11 jars of Nutella. He was beyond thrilled. Cuckoo still remembers it, although not the number of jars. He only wants one. :)

  4. Love your stream of consciousness here. Nice kind of "talking". However... you're not playing fair posting a vid of your very cute smallest human dancing from the heart! LOL
    Glad I stopped by today.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. I didn't have time to edit like I normally do. That video makes me smile. I'm glad it's not just me thinking my kid is adorable while everyone else rolls their eyes. :)

      I'm glad you did, too.

  5. Thank you for honoring my "request" (ok, imperative command) to not include a photo of me...even though I was no longer in my jammies, I was still in no condition to be photographed. However, it really makes no difference what I am wearing, I still don't want to be photographed...which is why my profile picture on my blog is me at about age 6 in a plastic Wonder Woman Halloween costume.

    1. The least I could do after you researched the eggs for me.

  6. Aren't children wonderful? Now you know how to properly fancy dance, realize that the key to Cuckoo's heart is not putting him in the corner so much, and can make his day with a jar of Nutella. Bad dates can be such learning experiences. :-)

    1. They certainly can. I just wish he'd learn how to stay out of the corner! :)

  7. You bit your tongue. I hate that. I say bad words too. Not a good way to lose weight though.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

    1. The worst part is, you always rebite it at least once before it heals. Why is that???

  8. Way to go CuKoo! Must be a bummer not being able to ride at home though. :( I guess it's better that Mommy ended the week with all the ouchies instead of him. ;)

    1. It is. All the kids get annoyed. We do let the big kids take their bikes a bit down the road where there used to be a tiny town (as in 160 years ago used to be). There is much less likelihood of them getting hit by a car flying down the country roads.

  9. Glad you got back online before you freaked out properly and bust something!

    The video of Cuckoo is SOOOOO cute! Reminds me very much of Neff a couple of years ago (though his would have been a 'Cool Dance' and would have included throwing some 'shapes'.

    If you can eat chocolate, you can eat mash, surely! I sense the ol' 'I-have-a-booboo-and-can-only-eat-sweeties' ruse. Heal quickly though :(

    (Mrs Random - yah boo sucks to no photos! - looked like an awesome late night trip out)

    1. Me, too!

      Throwing shapes?? What could that mean?

      Perhaps... It's getting better. It would probably be healed if I would quite rebiting it!

  10. First off, I am delighted that you are on FB, and in the Bloppys, no less! This will definitely inspire me to stop by more often, particularly as summer has been killing my blog reading momentum. Second, I almost always cry and/or swear when I bite any part of my mouth. And lastly, I am envious that you don't plan. You say lazy, I say laid-back.

    1. So far, I'm having fun with it. Gotta make sure it doesn't take over too much of my time. (I won't mention that FB will inspire you to stop by, but my fabulous writing won't. :) Ha!)

      A bite to the inside of the mouth always deserves a swear word or two.

      Laid-back is a much better way of saying it.

  11. YES to living long enough. That's my take-away. Because that's my number one. I want to live long enough. And I'm so frightened I won't (about me).
    To number 2 - today was weird and freaky and I was convinced aliens were invading because a bunch of blogs were down (BlueHost had a huge issue). My site was down almost all day. Sigh. Anyway, glad that the internet being down for you and this happening today wasn't related as I'd originally thought that they were when I saw that.
    The rest? I've no doubt that your dance was fancier but his was amazing. And I LOVE the bike photos.

  12. 1. You and I are frighteningly alike. That's all I'm saying. 2. I'm so glad I played some small part in easing your panic attack. I have similar methods for making electronics work, except I probably use more bad words than you did. 4. When my son was that age, he always, always, ALWAYS had to poop when we went to a restaurant. 5. Husbands and children of bloggers are also wise to being a potential topic. 6. I don't think that method is going to catch on. 7. I hate it when I hurt myself and have no one else to blame.

  13. Oh, when I read "I like Daddy better", all I could think was OUCH! That stings. =(
    I totally understand your panic over the lack of internet. I do everything online including paying all bills!
    I love me some Nutella. I haven't had any in a while, I think it's time for a fix!
    I'm cracking up about the Shepherd's Pie confusion.
    I follow you on FB! I'm on there too,

  14. I don't exactly know why, but I was a bit taken aback by the revelation of you watching Project Runway. I maybe missed this in earlier posts, or didn't remember, but that was a surprise. Though, the name may be deceiving. If this is the one they design clothing and then are voted on... I suppose that is okay (only because I found I like it for some odd reasons and I end up picking the ones that are chosen a lot*)

    That video of Cuckoo is awesome. He has some good moves, and has video to prove it... unlike soooooome.

    Am I the only one that thinks "get out of your PJs" means sexy birthday suit time?!

    I HATE biting my tongue... I don't think I've ever caused blood loss, so that had to of been pretty damn bad. In fact, seeing those pictures of your son on his bike made me worry about him hitting a bump and biting his tongue >.<

    Also: It's hilarious he had a fit over dinner. THAT should have been caught on video lol

    *Because I have MAD fashion skills!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


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