Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen for some quick takes.   After all these weeks, it really shouldn't be a surprise.

*************** 1 ************

You know how when you're really, really nauseous, and you're writhing in discomfort, lying on the bathroom floor, and you've gotten to the point where you just pray your body will simply, finally get on with the throwing up because you know you'll feel better afterwards?  (Run-on intentional to convey feeling.)  Yeah, that's the kind of weather we're having around here.

Hot and humid, people.  Hot and humid.  And we're writhing in discomfort, praying it will simply, finally get on with the rain so we can all feel better.*

It's not the heat.  It's the ridiculous humidity.  It is so humid.

"How humid is it?" you ask?

It is so humid, sweat accumulates in my bra within 5 seconds of stepping out the front door.

It is so humid, even the pigs' hair is getting frizzy.

It is so humid, men are foregoing the gym's sauna and simply stripping down in their backyards.

It is so humid, pea soup is looking downright runny.

It is so humid, the chickens are actually coming outside to try and catch a breeze.  (Woohoo!)

It is so humid, after sitting in a chair watching a soccer game, I have a minor panic attack, wondering if I've wet myself (or worse) based on the amount of moisture I feel on my rear and between my legs.

I told you it was humid.**

*Drama, much?
**Some of these may have been made up.  Doesn't mean it didn't happen somewhere.

************** 2 ***********

This product is completely unnecessary. 

And wow, this picture is completely blurry!

And dumb.

Just so you know, I found this while buying a brush for the dog.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that on July 22, I was looking for the dog's brush.  I had put it in a very logical place, since it took me a good long time to find it the previous time, yet on July 22 couldn't remember what that logical place was.  The dog recently got into some burs, so we can't wait any longer for someone to find it.  I had to buy a new one. 

When I put it away, I will tell you where it is.  In a couple of weeks you will need to remind me where I put it.

I'm not kidding.  I won't remember.  I just hope I remember to ask you when the time comes.

************** 3 *************

When my extended family gets together, the relatives oftentimes get annoyed with my youngest brother and me.  While they all find us funny, they don't find us as funny as we find ourselves. 


I'm the green text.

Really, we should be the ones annoyed with them.  How can anyone not find us hysterical?

************** 4 ************
I have an Instagram account, and I've realized I really, really like looking at photos on it.  Unfortunately, I only have 5 people I follow.  If you Instagram, would you mind putting in the comments exactly how/where I can find you? 

***************** 5 ***************

I finally got to walk the halls of Phoenix's high school last night.  Schedule in hand, I walked the path he walks each day, and met the teachers who work with him.  I came away with one thought:  high school is A LOT harder than it used to be.  Every single teacher made a point to stress, "This is a hard class.  Don't be too worked up if your child, who used to get straight As, isn't getting an A in here." 

Yes, I'm a bit worried for the boy. 

****************** 6 ***********

On a related note (though you may not exactly see the relation), for all you with young children, beware the easy kids.  The ones who rarely throw tantrums.  The ones who are happy to go with the flow.  Yes, they are a breeze when they are young.  They aren't when they are older.

I'm actually surprised my easy-going child hasn't had his pants go up in flames.  It's really only a matter of time, based on the number of fires I've had to set under him. 

What can you do with this info?  Nothing, as far as I know.  Just one of those "Wish someone would have told me" moments.  Kind of like after giving birth, women usually say, "Why didn't anyone tell me about all of the post-partum nastiness?"  Nothing would have been different if they would have known.  They'd still have to endure it, but they would have been expecting it.

Now you know.  Your tantrumless toddler will make you pull your hair out someday.

*************** 7 ***************

Kids are waking up, so I gotta run.  (Yes, they were given today off of school, too.  Love our principal.)

My US friends, have a fun, safe Labor Day weekend. 

My non-US friends, have a fun, safe, normal, everyday, two-day weekend.

Have a lovely day!


  1. 1) I HATE humidity! When we lived in Virginia, it was humid a LOT. I NEVER wanted to leave the house because I would get migraines with the humidity. AND - I HATE sweating!
    2) I HATE when I put something in a "safe" place, and then can't remember where I put it! I did that with something recently, and dang it! I still can't find it!
    3) I AM funny, even if my siblings don't think so! :) That texting was hysterical!

    1. 1) I don't mind sweating if it is from actually doing something physical. But sweating for walking out the front door? No. Just no.
      2) It happens to me all the time, and it's making me nuts. I once put one of the kid's birthday presents in a great place. It was so good, I didn't find it until two months after his birthday.
      3) Thank you! I think you're funny, too!

  2. That's pretty humid indeed. I can relate though as I've lived through it a time or twelve.

    We are off to the boat for the three day weekend. Lots of fun with friends and that's awesome.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. ☺

    1. Sounds like you are doing exactly what we're supposed to do for Labor Day. Enjoy!

  3. Ugh, the humidity here is awful too and just in time for our annual camping trip. It is going to be sweaty!

    Haha, dog nail polish. What will they think of next?

    1. Ugh, are you going to be in tents?

      If they make dog lipstick, I might have to do something drastic. :)

  4. Total drama much. And I think the technical term you were looking for (which I learned recently elsewhere) is 'swamp butt'. You're welcome.

    I'm far funnier than my Sis, but we have fun anyway. I annoy her, and laugh. *I* think it's fun. She sometimes does.

    And get YOU cross-pimping your blog with other social media. I don't instagram but I'd say you'd do well to go back and edit your 'take' so that you include a link to your profile for others to follow...

    1. Ha! I saw that after writing this!

      Oh, don't annoy her too badly. Niece and Neff will grow up and just may decide to pay you back for it. :)

      That's funny. It didn't even cross my mind. I don't care if people follow me. I just want more photos to look at. (Notice, no one left their info. :( )

      Thank you!

    2. They're probably all too busy hanging out on twitter. You know there are photos there, too, right?

      If people follow you, does that not make it easier for you to follow them back, thereby establishing the connections you're seeking in the first place?

      I'm not as bad as I used to be - I think Niece and Neff have quite well-developed senses of humour, though I'm gonna have to watch Neff - he's a lot like me and can nearly give as good as he gets!

    3. Oooh, look at you, being all clever in your persuasion tactics. :)

      Well, I guess that is true. I'm not very good at this social media stuff.

      I can't wait to see what he does to you.

  5. Humidity sucks big! If writing makes me sweat, even though I only wear short s and a t-shirt, it's too freaking humid. If I wake up at night and all my hear is sticking to my neck and I want to take a shower before going back to sleep, it'S too humid. But right now, we have a beautiful late summer.. Love it ;-)

    1. This weather certainly makes our water bill go up. You just can't NOT take at least two cooling showers each day.

      Our beautiful late summer is supposed to arrive later this week. I cannot wait!

  6. Yeah, humidity indeed. It's like that here this week, too, and I can't stand it. And then when it rains? It just gets worse. Glad I'm not the only one who rolls around and cries when it's muggy.

    1. Oh, we don't want one of those barely rains which only adds to the humidity. We want a downpour with plenty of wind blowing in cooler air.

      You are not alone.

  7. Ugh! I remember humidity like that when I lived briefly in Augusta, Georgia during the summertime. Ten minutes after taking a shower and feeling fresh, clean and dry you would feel like you hadn't bother to bathe in weeks, drenched in sweat from head to toe... not at all a pleasing feeling! That is the one thing I don't miss living here in west Texas... humidity!

    By the way, the dialog between you and your brother is indeed hysterical! I wish I had a brother, it would have been very cool, I think!

    1. It's so true. Many mornings I think, "Why bother showering? I'll need another one within 5 minutes of getting out!"

      Ah! Glad someone else gets our humor. Brothers are very cool when they aren't annoying. :)

  8. Dog nail polish? Why, just why?
    I live in Florida and its humid whether it rains or not. No joke - all of the shakers for my salt and other seasonings are clogged because it's so moist and that is INSIDE with the a/c running constantly.
    You and your brother sound like my kinda people.
    I'm on Instagram as cyndybush.

    1. Great question!

      That is some horrible humid. I've lived like that, and it is terrible.

      Then you must be "good" people. :)

      Yay! Instagram person!

  9. HS is a lot harder than it was 40 years ago. All the kids have to take algebra and geometry, and other academic requirements are stiffer too. Kids headed for college have to take even more. You can't fill a schedule with home ec, shop, art and speech. Top of the heap kids, at least here, start hs classes in eighth grade and are taking AP or college dual-enrollment classes as seniors. I have mixed feelings about. My daughter headed off to college with 21 hrs of credit; but she never took journalism, drama, speech, home ec, shop, typing, accounting, and her driver's ed class was outside school hours. How are these kids supposed to find their passion if we just give them more of the same things they've been doing for years. Now she is a college freshman (my 7QT is about moving her in)and since she joined the Scholar's College her college credit from hs is useless and she still has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up.

    1. I hear you. I'm not convinced these "tracts" are the best ideas. Some kids take them, but are so stressed and overworked they don't have time to enjoy high school. At our high school, kids can take 5 AP classes their senior year alone, all at the same time. That makes me very nervous.

  10. 1. Boob sweat is awful, because the band of your bra gets wet (although at least it's doing its job of keeping the sweat from running all the way down the front of your body and into your britches, where it would make you look as though you wet your pants). The other bad one is back sweat, that runs down your spine (and evades the bra's band, which is all hooky and non-absorbent anyway), runs into your britches and makes you look like you wet your pants (or worse).

    2. Don't expect me to remember where you put the dog brush. I'm the one who lost the thirty-one lunchbox for TWO YEARS.

    3. You two should go on the road.

    4. Check your email in-box.

    5. It is survivable. But if they made me do it all over again, I would fail.

    6. My easy-going one had to be pushed (and it was like pushing a wet noodle) all through middle school and high school. I told him repeatedly that I was NOT going to college with him, and he would have to learn to do it himself. Am currently hoping for the best.

    7. Thank you. You, too!

    1. 1. You put way too much thought into sweat. :)

      2. So, I bought the new brush on Friday. Guess what Buttercup finds today. The old brush, of course. It was out in our "can't call it a garage because a car can't fit in it and it doesn't have a door" garage. I have no idea why I thought that was a good place. (Or, more likely, why one of the kids stole it and put it there.)

      3. It has always been a dream of mine to be a stand-up comedian.

      4. Thank you!

      5. Survivable doesn't sound like much fun.

      6. I really hope that in a few months you will be telling me he has learned to do it for himself and is performing marvelously in all areas of life.


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