Monday, July 30, 2012


My children are much more like dogs than I like to admit.

When we were kids, my dad had a dog named Zack.  For those that know us, that info doesn't really help narrow down the dog of which I speak.  At birth, when I turned out to be a girl and didn't really fit the name, all of my dad's dogs have been named Zack.  Anywho, (our family's new word after vacation.  Our 18 year old tour guide through the cave, the same one who left us unsupervised in the cave with thousands of dollars worth of crystals said, "Anywho" at least 150 times during our 30 minute tour.) this dog of my dad's really liked Kraft processed cheese slices.  The kind you have to unwrap.  Regardless of where the dog was in the house, he could here my dad open up a slice of cheese.  Making a grilled cheese sandwich?  Zack heard the wrapper and came running, hoping to score a piece for himself.

Stick with me through yet another tangent.

At least 300 days out of the year, my lunch consists of a toasted turkey sandwich, an apple, and one other fruit.  When that is eaten, I pull out my 48 oz. party bag of peanut M&Ms.  I buy in bulk, as it's cheaper that way.  I eat them while sitting on the couch and catching up on blog reading.  The kids know this.  It's my thing.  They call peanut M&Ms my vitamins. 

Each day, when Turken comes down from his nap, he immediately comes to the couch and asks for a handful of M&Ms.  I agree, and he grabs some.

OK, back to the whole children/dog connection.

Today, when Turken put the newly opened 48 oz. bag onto the couch, it was a bit lopsided.  The bag toppled off and landed on the hardwood floor with an amazing crash.  M&Ms went absolutely everywhere, including the adjoining two rooms. And they didn't go quietly.  Kind of like rain on an uninsulated tin roof. 

Within the blink of an eye, every child in the house came running.  They didn't need to see what happened.  They knew.  It isn't the first time they've heard this sound.  All were yelling as they ran, "M&Ms!  M&Ms!  I'll help clean them up!"

Aren't they just the sweetest?  

And in case you are wondering, yes, I had them put those M&Ms back in the bag.   Well, the ones that they couldn't squirrel away in their incredibly stretchable cheeks.  Five second rule, combined with the fact that Star cleaned the floor this morning, means I will not waste $3 in vitamins.

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  1. Hhahahahah I LOVE IT!!! and am quite fond of Peanut M&M's!!!


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