Friday, July 6, 2012

I've Taught You Well, Mini-Me

Once again, Cuckoo is wanting to play house.  He just fininshed telling me that he was the mom and I was the baby when, for the 100th time today, Turken came crying to me to tell on one of his older siblings.  This time it was because someone had hit him in the eye with a frisbee (cloth, couldn't hurt a fly frisbee).  I turned to Cuckoo/Mom and asked him what we should do about the situation.  His response:

"Run away."

My thoughts exactly, Little Man.

We're off to be with my dad on his favorite day of the year.  He hosts a 4th of July party, so all of my siblings and plenty of other relatives head to his house in northeast Ohio.

A day and night full of slip-n-sliding, baby-pooling, corn-holing, card-playing, junk food eating, and belly laughing will be on the agenda.

Have a lovely weekend!

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