Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How Hot Is It?

I live in Indiana, where we may have a few days of 90+ in a row in August.  We may have a few weeks without rain.  June usually means pleasant temperatures with a few storms mixed in.  Not 100+ degrees for endless days and .05 inches of rain for the entire month.  I beginning to wonder if I am having a nightmare in which my entire town has relocated to the surface of the sun.

We have been figuring out how to live in this end of the world type of situation.  It is certainly too hot for some things, but not quite hot and dry enough for others.  Here is what we've concluded.

Too hot for soccer during the day, but...

Not too hot for Hubby to work in the garden.  Nothing will keep Hubby away from his garden.   He weeds, and I water every couple of days.

Too hot for Roy to chase chickens. He has been parking himself in the garage, while they have been roaming all over the yard. But...

Not too hot to keep my family from running a 5k.  We were up nice and early this morning to head to the Sparkler Sprint.  (When did it become a rule that races have to have names with alliterations?)  At race time it was about 80 degrees, so when they finished they were hot, sweaty, and red-faced, but still conscious and able to wolf down the after-race food, especially the red, white, and blue cupcakes.

Phoenix and Giant pulled out second and third place finishes in the 14 and under division. 

Star mannaged to win an Orange Leaf hat in the door prize drawing.

Hubby and Buttercup were just happy to finish before most of the walkers.

Too hot to run the dryer.  Enough electricity is being used to keep the house at a reasonable temperature, so I bought some clothespins and have been hanging everything on the line.  Zip line that is.  No need to waste a full month of sunshine!  But...

Not too hot to can green beans.  With all of the gardening Hubby's been doing, the green beans have been doing well.  So instead of playing outside, the kids got to watch TV and do some snappin'.

The kitchen gets seriously hot during the process (I actually have to move my MandM stash to prevent them from melting!) but beans don't wait for cool weather. 

With the lack of rain, we have been extra consious of water consumption.  Canning takes quite a bit of water, so we saved it all and used it to water the garden.

Too hot to go outside barefoot.  The porch will scorch the skin right off of your foot, and the grass is so dry that it will puncture whatever is left.  But...

Not too hot to try to fry an egg.  We have plenty of eggs, so I challenged the kids to find a good spot outside to try.  Most of the kids immediately thought of the barn roof.  Star was the first one to try.

First, they thought to spray the area with Pam.  Don't want the egg to stick, after all!

He cracked the egg

and flew into panic mode as soon as it hit the roof.  No one took into account that the roof has a nice slant to it.  His egg immediately started running, and he chased after it.

In the end, all he had left was a yolk and an empty roof.  As soon as the other kids saw what happened, they ran for a new egg-frying location.

Buttercup and Giant took the porch, while Phoenix and Turken took the walkway.

After half and hour, no eggs were cooked

and the kids got bored watching them.  This came in to find me:

Apparently, they turned their backs for a second, and Roy went to town.

He ate up every egg, including Turken's, who was still hoping to eat his. 

Pray that we get some rain around here.  It's going to really hurt the farmers if there isn't some rain soon. 

I hope you are all having a spirited 4th of July, even if it is blazing hot where you are. 

Because even though it is too hot to have a fire (there is a burn ban all over Indiana) and make some s'mores, it is

Not too hot for fireworks.  Many years ago, before Indiana moved to the sun, a law was passed that said people could not be prevented from setting off fireworks on the 4th of July.  I have no doubt that some people will take advantage of this loophole.  I'm praying that everyone is safe and that no one accidentally sets a field on fire. 

Have a lovely day!


  1. Hahahahaha that is awesome that you fried eggs. I don't know anyone who has actually tried that. Illinois is also on the sun, burn bans and all. Seems kinda contradictory to have a burn ban on the sun though. Except for the 4th - all is legal in celebration of our country's birth

  2. I love it! Please, feel free to keep the hot over your way... it seems to keep creeping this way (Ohio)... we don't want it!

    Thanks for the comment... I'm following your blog. :-)

  3. Gina, I think I saw someone do it on the news, or maybe a sitcom, a few years ago. I figured there was no better time to try!

    Julia, sorry to say we're bringing the heat with us. We will be in northeast Ohio this weekend, and it is supposed to be around 95 degrees for the party on Saturday. Hopefully it will be back to normal temps for you soon!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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