Friday, March 11, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful Week 143

We were very fortunate to have had a pretty mild winter here in Indy. We never had enough snow to even delay school, let alone cancel it. Which means...

1. A short week this week! Monday was a built-in snow day. Since we didn't have any snow days this winter, we didn't have to use that built-in make up day. Gotta say, it is way better to have a random day off when the weather is warm than a random day off when it is freezing cold outside. I'm extra grateful for the shortened school week because this was one loooooong feeling week. On Wednesday afternoon, I was astounded to find out that it was in fact only Wednesday.

2. I am thankful for teachers and attorneys who volunteer hours and hours and days and days over months and months to help a group of teens practice for Mock Trial.

3. I am thankful for the Geometry teacher at our high school who makes up goody bags for groups/teams in the school who don't get the attention that other groups/teams do. Out of her own pocket, she supplied each person in mock trial with a big bad of candy and snacks.

4. I am thankful for the teen who took it upon himself to wash, dry, and FOLD two loads of laundry while his parents were off watching two other kids at their mock trial competition. *cough*Giant*cough*

5. I am thankful for the teen who took it upon himself to take the little boys to the church half a mile away from our house, on foot, to play on the playground and shoot some hoops. *cough*Star*cough

6. I am thankful that we aren't dead. The vent/chimney issue will be fixed on Friday the 19th.

7. I am thankful my kids like to play sports and sometimes play in super exciting games. Giant's team played on Tuesday. At half, they were down 2-5. Two minutes into the second half, the other team scored again. It was the last time. Giant's team came roaring back and ended up winning 7-6. It was great fun watching his team work together and come back from such a deficit.

8. Somehow, we got away from reading to the little boys before bed. Last week, Cuckoo asked me to read a chapter book he had found on the shelf. We have read a chapter each night, and even a couple in the middle of the afternoon just because they love it so. You'll never guess which book it is, so I'll tell you. I wrote a horrifyingly funny post about it once.

9. I am thankful for the PTO fish fry, which just happened to occur on the day I had to begin scrubbing my house from top to bottom (more than once, because plaster dust is worse than sand, ya'll!) and did not feel like making any sort of dinner.

10. (I will be surprised if this one doesn't make just about everyone's list this week.) I'm thankful for the warm weather we are having. Sure, it was rainy for two of the days, but at least it was warm. And the other days were absolutely gorgeous.

How was your week? Tell me all about the things that put a smile on your face!

Have a lovely day!

(A bit of trouble with the link tonight. It says it doesn't open until tomorrow night. We'll get that fixed ASAP!)

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Your biggest thankful this week has got to be No. 6 - I think I'd put that top of the list.

    My thankful this week? - that you're still here to write this blog (and your family of course)

    What made me smile this week? Sunday's off-roading, I've been smiling about it all week :)

  2. Have neglected reading my fave blogs recently. Looking at the pics of the family, it's been a VERY LONG time since I last dropped by. Will try to do better.

  3. Have neglected reading my fave blogs recently. Looking at the pics of the family, it's been a VERY LONG time since I last dropped by. Will try to do better.

  4. Another busy week... bags of candy, everyone is safe, laundry done,and and reading; sounds like a good week - go ahead sigh
    oh and lets not forget the fish fry which i want and invitation ... LOL
    By the way so you don't get totally confused, next friday is the 18th not the 19th - i don't want you to miss that appointment.

  5. I'm so glad you got that fireplace fixed. I've thought about that so many times this week. I'm guessing you'll all feel better now.

    I love your thankful posts. It's so good to stop and reflect on the good things in life. So many only seem to notice the bad things.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  6. When you mentioned your fish fry it reminded me of my sister. She needs gallbladder surgery, but when her doctor attempted to schedule it, she was all---I can't do that during Lent. Interesting comment coming from her considering she is not Catholic, or really a church go-er of any denomination for that matter. But she lives in Western Nebraska and she says that all the little towns around hers host the best fish fries every Friday night in Lent. She had long ago made plans to attend one with friends each week. I will have to give her the details on yours for next year!

  7. good to go ahead and fix that CO air freshener ( ha ha, a little household environment joke).

    Saw the photos of the 'post-painting', (this week past)… aiyee. It's amazing how much dust can spread. A number of years ago we had our floors re-done. We were wiping up dust for weeks, and the floor guys did a careful job containing and cleaning up after themselves… but fine particles will do as fine particles are…

    but the result must be pleasing… new paint smell. nice

    multiple car drivers!! nows your chance!! remember, when you let your daughter drive: bring your phone and spend the entire trip staring down at your phone with an expression that makes it clear to the car next to you that you would give anything to be anywhere but in the car (personal observation, as the driver in the car next to you)…. or, or, if you're in a good mood, make sure you put both your feet on the dashboard…and stare at your phone.

  8. Love love love your thankfuls and your wonderful family!!

  9. #7 Isn't that the most exciting thing?! Good for Giant and his team. Go Giant!! Pulling out the stops when the game is winding down does wonders for confidence building :)
    A random day off. Cool. It'ss great, isn't it? We've finally broken the winter barrier! Spring is here!!
    #6 Holy s*%t Christine!!! Holy s**t! You and your family are extremely lucky. Headaches are the first sign of carbon monoxide poisoning. I've only had one close call myself and that was enough! Thank God for drafty windows, eh?! Hopefully, everyone will sleep better now.

  10. CO poisoning glad you are all okay...

  11. CO poisoning glad you are all okay...

  12. I'm glad you're not dead, too!!!

    Plaster dust is awful to clean up, nice to have the fish fry break to get away from it.

    And, you are definitely right about the weather. It has been wonderful to see the sunshine!

  13. I'm also thankful I'm not dead this week! Woo hoo! Glad you're all OK.
    Extra snow days are awesome and one of these days I'm going to crash that fish fry - every time you post about it, I want to be there.

  14. How nice when kids help out and make life easier! Also, congrats to the mock trial participants. Some of my kiddos participated in mock trial, too. And, of course, hurray for not being dead!

  15. I'm thankful you aren't dead, too. But I thought the week went by really quickly, and I didn't even get Monday off. With no snow days, I think our kids get out on May 11.
    We don't have a mock trial here, but there is a constitution team that competes every year. Emma will be on it next year. It's nice to see academic teams do well, isn't it? It's always all about the sports, and even when your kids are athletes, it's still nice to see them recognized as part of a team that doesn't involve a ball or sweating.


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