Friday, September 26, 2014

Soccer Is Kicking My Behind and Other Excuses for Not Reading or Writing Blog Posts, TToT Week 67

I look forward to these thankful lists every week.  It is such a positive exercise, and reading everyone's always makes me smile.  Plus, through everyone's big and small thankfuls, I get to know you all better.  That's why I felt terrible that I couldn't make the rounds last week.  Soccer season is one gigantic time-taker-upper.  Add to that all of the other, normal and abnormal things that our family has to do these days, and I didn't have one spare minute.  I'm so sorry.  This weekend should be marginally better.  Sunday isn't booked solid.  Once we're through the first week of October, life will calm down considerably.  I'd be grateful if you all stick with me!

All righty, on to my thankfuls for this week.

(Numbered just for Dyanne)

1.  The entire week was nothing but blue skies and temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees.  It couldn't have been better for all of the activities we had going on this week.

2.  There is a third grader in our school who has (most likely) terminal cancer.  It is one sad situation, to say the least, but the beauty of seeing the community come together to support him is awesome.  Last weekend, the entire third grade football team had a hair shaving event.  Every one of them shaved their heads bald in solidarity the day that they were being introduced at the high school football game.  This week, our entire school had it's annual walk-a-thon.  Normally the kids raise money for an organization close to someone in our school community, for example to support camps for kids with diabetes.  This year they walked for the third grader.  Everyone bought matching t-shirts and did what they could to raise funds to support Make-a-Wish Foundation and to help pay the family's medical bills.  The kids raised almost $9000.

3.  Remember last week when I told you about Phoenix's soccer success?  Well, Saturday morning during the varsity game, a defender was pulled out and they threw Phoenix into his place.  He played the entire half.  After that, the coaches decided he was no longer going to play JV, but would play varsity.  Since then, he has had another game and played all of one half and part of the other.  He's doing so well, and I couldn't be happier for him.

4.  Phoenix has also had a big week in another way.  He was finally officially diagnosed with ADD (We'd assumed it for a while and had been doing a variety of things with him to help, all with very little success.)  and was put on medication.  He's taken it for two days, and he said he actually feels a difference.  He took a really hard Algebra quiz one of those days, and he said he never would have finished it before.  Actually, Buttercup (who is in his class) didn't finish it, and she has the highest grade in the class.  I am so glad there are alternatives to help kids who are suffering.

5.  Buttercup is a peach.  We have had a chance to spend quite a bit of time talking this week, and I just love the way she thinks.  We also went shopping for some much needed church clothes and a homecoming dress.  We didn't argue once over her choices (except I suggested a bit more (some?!?!) sparkle, and she refused.), as she never looked twice at anything that wasn't modest or appropriate for a 14 year old girl.

6.  I got the nicest email from a fellow 7th grade parent.  She helps out with the music for the weekly school mass, and she emailed simply to let me know a story about Giant.  She said after mass, he and two other boys, unsolicited, went to ask her if she needed help packing everything up.  She was so happy to have some help, especially when she didn't even have to ask for it.

7.  The tooth fairy remembered to come the first night Turken's first lost tooth showed up under his pillow. Our fairy has been known to be a slacker, sometimes not getting here for a week or so after a tooth is lost.  Glad he was on it this time.

8.  I was able to have breakfast with a friend.  She is someone I've known for a few years, but we've never had the chance to see much of each other, much to our chagrin.  This year, her daughter and Turken are in the same class, and her son is on the cross country team with Giant and Star.  Plus, I have some extra time during the day with only one child.  All together, it's meant I've seen more of her in a month than I've seen her in the year before.  It's been so nice.

9.  Two pigs made it to the butcher.  There was a time when I didn't think we'd have any left by now.  Fortunately, they made it, and I will have pork in the freezer again this winter.  (If you want to read the mildly amusing post about the loading of the pigs, it was in Thursday's post.)

10.  Bryan's birthday is Saturday, and we were able to go out on a date Friday night.  It's the first time we were out alone together since we got back from England, and we really needed the time together away from everyone and their driving needs.  It was an extremely odd date, with loads of laughter, and I cannot wait to write a post about it.  It practically wrote itself, and Bryan knew it.  (Yes, I'll be making fun of him, and he's perfectly ok with it.)

What has made your heart sing this week?  Link a post or tell me in the comments!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Hey, Christine, looks like the kids are making achievements!! WTG!!

  2. Here's to the beautiful season and the beautiful people around you!

    1. Here, here! I can't help but smile when I wake up to sunshine.

  3. Ahhhh I love that you had moments which made your heart sing, too! If you make it to mine, it's chock full of those moments. My heart was LOUD this week :)

    I'm so happy to read all of this. I love that the whole school and the community all came together for this third-grader and their family. That's a really sucky situation to have to try to manage, but SO good that everyone's chipping in and pulling together and seeing successes.

    I'm super-glad that the meds seem to have helped Phoenix already, and WTG him on the football thing - that's awesome. And bless Buttercup's boots! Girl has her priorities right, it seems. You've raised a good'un there.

    Hope Bryan has a lovely birthday (whatever happened to COW?) and that your weekend affords you some time to sit down and catch up a little, just with yourself, if not the Blogosphere :) Glad you got a date though - that's awesome.

    1. I have every intention to get there. Can't wait to read all about your moments.

      God led us to one awesome community when we plunked down here 17 years ago.

      (I got rid of COW back when I wrote a post about him back in March. It was all sappy and told about how we met and all. I couldn't call him COW in the post, so I dropped it.) He didn't have the loveliest of birthdays, but it was fine. I did not get to sit down, at home at least , all day, but it was a fine day. The date was sorely needed.

    2. Still annoyed about your tech issue, especially after this! Ah well.

      You were led good :)

      Sorry to hear the birthday wasn't the best, but I hope it wasn't the worst, and the date must have helped. Hope your knee's alright, what with you being on your feet all day! Don't ruin things at the last hurdle, will you!

  4. What a great list. I too like that it was numbered. It makes my OCD very happy. Your kids sound like they are truly blossoming!

    1. I went one week without the numbers, and it just didn't feel right. :)

      My kids are really coming into their own.

  5. Go Phoenix. I'm happy the medication helps him be more focused. I loved reading your post this week so much, I linked it in my Ten Things of Thankful. Now I can't wait to read about the date night.

    1. Val, I said it at your blog, but it bears repeating. You are so sweet! I'm glad the few posts I've been able to write are getting people to smile.

      I'm going to be working on the date night post as the clothes dry. :)

  6. How nice that the entire school is rallying around that student. Hurray for the solidarity of 3rd graders!

    I'm glad Phoenix is seeing some success with the medication, and congrats to him for making varsity. Hurray for Buttercup! Shopping for modest, appropriate clothes can be a challenge; how wonderful that you share the same standards.

    And hurray for dates, odd or otherwise. Happy birthday to Bryan.

    1. It is very nice. And tear-jerking.

      Shopping for appropriate clothing can be a nightmare. I'm so glad I don't have to fight that battle.

      Hurray! One of these years we'll be able to take them as often as you and your husband do.

  7. Don't ever feel bad about being too busy...its our lifestyle ...go go go, last night James went to a church function with a friend, the minute he came home- at around 11 pm- he asks, so mom what are we doing tomorrow? Even my kids are like go go go. James is a defender for his team too - soccer is with the Middle School - so all the games are after-school - Awesome job to Phoenix - with all that was going on sounds like he did well.

    Oh my about the third grader - I will be praying for the child and the family what a wonderful deed your town did.
    The Worse words in the world:

    Child Terminally Cancer
    Pediatric Hospice

    It makes me sad, really sad - that's it I am donating to St Jude.

    Wonderful shopping spree with Buttercup - i try to instill modesty and classy to Amelia - during our shopping trips i hold garment up to her and announce classy or trashy then she does the same...on the most part she likes what I pick out for her.

    Happy birthday to your husband - have a great weekend.

    1. I do feel badly, though. People are so nice to come and read and comment. I hate not to reciprocate. Plus, I really like to "visit" with everyone.

      Defenders are workhorses! With the high school, games aren't until 5 or 5:30 in order to give the teams time to eat and get to the game. JV goes first, Varsity goes second, starting at 6:30 or 7. They are some long nights.

      Thank you for the prayers. He and his family can use them all.

      I hope that trend of Amelia liking what you pick continues. Buttercup has always had a good eye for what is appropriate, and I couldn't be happier about it.


  8. 1 - Yay for blue skies and warm temperatures - they're the best :)

    2 - Well done to all the kids and everyone else who walked and head-shaved in support of the third grader - a great supportive community there

    3 & 4 - Well done to Phoenix with the football and the quiz, I'm glad he's been diagnosed and the meds are helping him

    5 - Good for Buttercup getting her priorities right with the clothes, sounds like she's got a sensible head on her shoulders

    6 - Nice that you got the email and well done to Giant for helping out

    7 - How do you know the tooth fairy is a 'he'? I've always thought of fairies as being female :)

    8 - It's good to get together with friends when you haven't seen them for a while

    9 - Poor piggies :(

    10 - Happy Birthday Bryan - and I can't wait to read the story of the date :)

    1. 1. The very best.
      2. There were tears, both happy and sad.
      3 & 4. There's still some working out to do and some bad habits to break, but I have some new optimism now that there is a diagnosis. And the soccer/football is going very well. Thank goodness.
      5. She is more sensible than me sometimes. It's quite scary.
      6. It was a nice surprise.
      7. Because Bryan is always the one who remembers. :)
      8. Very good. I love it.
      9. Poor piggies. I know.
      10. I'll pass along the message. I'll get right on that date post.

  9. Don't you just love a week of perfect weather. Try to remember that week when you weather gets awful.

    Oh no on the third grader. What a wonderful class though. That totally rocks.

    Way to go for Phoenix and varsity. That's wonderful. And the medication is even better. What a change this will make for him.

    It's great to be proud of your kids. Not just Buttercup either. Your kids rock.

    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Bryan,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

    1. I do. I really, really do. I'm savoring every moment of it, because I know it won't last.

      I have renewed optimism for Phoenix. Things have been pretty bad. Except for soccer. He's now a starter and everything!

      Thank you. I need to be reminded of that after the disaster we had tonight.

      I shall pass along the song. :)

  10. It has been a beautiful week. That should have made my list. So glad the two of you got a birthday date!

    1. I am savoring every bit of this weather.
      I am, too. We need to get out together more often.

  11. How did I skip the lovely fall weather on my list? That was dumb. It has been positively gorgeous here this week.
    Happy birthday to Bryan (yes, what did happen to COW - and why was it COW in the first place?). Did he get the red cake from hell?
    Your kids are doing wonderful things - and your school community is a great one. I love to see people pull together to support one another like that. Happens far too seldom, if you ask me. Or maybe we just don't hear about it enough. That's a thinker.
    I quite like my lists numbered...why did I stop doing them that way?
    The tooth fairy is a boy??? I had no idea.

    1. Well, I hope you are getting out to enjoy it!
      COW came about when I asked him what he wanted his chicken name to be, like I did with the kids. He replied, "Cock of the Walk". That was too long. It was scratched when I wrote a sappy post about him. I couldn't call him COW while I told about our early days.
      I'm pretty sure people are doing good things all over the world. We just don't hear about it. We have too many stupid celebrities and corrupt politicians to talk about. :/
      I don't know. Why did you?
      Only because Bryan is the only one who ever remembers to take care of it. ;)

  12. What a good list--don't you love it when you can recognize the love all around you?
    I hope your son continues to respond well to his meds. That's tricky stuff getting the dose just right. But good to hear he's got the assist he needs for success!
    Your daughter IS a peach! And so is Giant.

    1. I really do.
      It is tricky, knowing when and how much to give. We're working out the kinks. I pray it helps.
      Thanks. I agree. :)

  13. I can help with Lizzi's Comment! When she said 'football' she didn't mean foot…..ball, she meant football ( that's their term for soccer, which I believe is the national sport (or maybe that's darts…. or…wait a minute, cricket (no, not the animated kind) the kind with wickets and such (I wonder if they call that baseball)…lol

    what? oh yeah, I should write my own comment! good for Phoenix and the soccer…very cool way to advance, i.e. show 'em what you can do and the rest follows.

    1. I knew that. Remember, I lived in Bermuda back in the day and then went to England this summer. :)

      I doubt you know, but his success story is even better than simply a JV player getting moved up. He was cut by these very same coaches last year and was so close to not playing at all.

  14. That makes me so sad about the 3rd grader that has cancer. My son lost his best friend when they were 12 to a brain tumor and it always amazed me how the community came together for this terrible loss.

    1. It is hard to express how sad it is, but also how beautiful it is to see the kids rally around him.

  15. You brought back the numbers just for ME? I am honored!
    1. Isn't it the best time of the year?!
    2.That made me tear up. Kids are basically good; it's unfortunate that you mostly hear about the bad ones, the ones who bully or such. It will be difficult for them all to understand, but what special friends they are to do these things!
    3. All those years of hard work and practices have paid off!
    4. Yay! So happy for him!
    5. I've always said she was a peach, haven't I? Does she have a date or going with a group?
    8. See? There IS a silver lining to Cuckoo going to preschool and giving you some free mornings!
    9. It's hard waiting all winter for illustrated stories of you giving pigs shots.
    10. Happy birthday to Bryan!

    1. I did. I'm all about making it easy for you to comment. :)
      1. Well, no. It leads to winter, and I can't love anything that leads to winter.
      2. They are good. It's adults that mess them up.
      3. For sure.
      4. Yay!
      5. You have. It was just another nod to you. :) Going with a group. Our homecoming is pretty casual, so lots of kids go without dates.
      8. Well, no. He was with us for breakfast. I had to take the kids to school and had an hour before having to be back at school for the walk-a-thon.
      9. I know. I apologize. I'll see what I can do until then.
      10. Thanks. I'll pass it along.

  16. Lucky you that you got to go on that date! You have to enjoy those when you get the chance. Our tooth fairy is a total slacker here too- so much so that my ten year old doesn't believe in her anymore. I'm going to give you kudos for adding your son's diagnosis and medication to your list of thankfuls. I know how hard that decision is for some parents and I respect you doing the right thing for your boy, and am glad he's having positive results! Have a wonderful week to come :-)

    1. Very lucky us. It doesn't happen much this time of year.
      Giant has been known to leave post-it notes all around the house reminding the "tooth fairy" that he has a tooth under his pillow. I'm thinking once they are onto their molars, they can just get the dollar out of my purse. :)
      It ended up not being a hard decision at all. He has been having such a hard time, even after trying all sorts of behavioral tactics. We had to give it a try. Hopefully it works out.
      Thank you!

  17. I'm glad that Phoenix got the help he needed. Strong medication should never be the first choice, but if other, less-invasive options don't work, it's the path to go, and I can't tell you how happy I am for all of you that it works for him and he already feels better. We actually have a very nice fall so far as well. September almost was better than August. I'd bought these absolutely adorable summer outfits for Calvin and he never got to wear any of them :-( Hope you have a great week with your wonderful family, Dyanne!

    1. This choice to take medication was a long time coming. I really hope it helps in the long term.
      That's a bummer about the summer outfits. I'm thinking there are plenty of moms with babies in the same predicament around here.

  18. What a great thing for Phoenix!! I've enjoyed shopping with Girly lately for the same reasons. The cool temperatures are a huge relief.

    1. It is a great thing. I couldn't be happier for him. I was always so worried about when my daughter grew up. It's a relief to find that the clothes shopping isn't the nightmare I was expecting.
      I hope you are getting the time to get out and enjoy the great weather!

  19. #4 you will be so pleased with the changes you see in him. the True Phoenix will shoe through!!!
    #5 is Buttercup MY CHILD!?!?! I went so far as to buy a sparkle headband for her Homecoming outfit... she refused to wear it and whined like a 3 year old until i took it out...
    #7 isn't it nice when our kids help out with out being asked!


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