Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Three Brains Working Together Makes One Odd Post

The funny, funny Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum was kind enough to help out all of us vacationing and taxiing bloggers.  She put together 7 Mad-Libs from which we can choose to copy, paste, and complete on our blogs.  Since I am a vacationing blogger (Robbers, we have a house and farm sitter, so don't get any ideas.) I grabbed one.

I chose the "inspirational mommy" post option.

Giant helped.  I asked for the part of speech, he gave me the word to plug in.  His words are in bold type.

Yesterday, I  sang with all the kids in tow, and it struck me how happily life will eat with these vacations of mine. Many people would say Wowzers! and let pizza take a backseat, or simply not notice all the green masterpieces that a green pepper creates for us. As a mom, when I struggle, I find fast from salami and I want to ride every mom who colored to do the same. You can. We can. A roller coaster can. Together, everything is possible for our kids, without sacrificing our grass.

Well, I don't think Kelly meant for this to go all Rated R on us.  Oh well.  It's why everyone likes a Mad-Lib.  There's always that danger of something bizarre or inappropriate coming out.

Hope your week (and, more importantly, mine) is going well!

Have a lovely day!


  1. FRIST!!

    That's absolutely hilarious and has just given me a much-needed laugh after a difficult few days, so thanks to Giant for providing the words.

    hope you're enjoying your vacation, will look forward to lots of pics soon :)

  2. hysterical great job to you and Giant have a wonderful vacation :)

  3. Funny! I remember having fun with those Mad Libs as a kid.

  4. How fun. It took me a minute and I had to go to her site and then it all fell into place. You can have fun with this little exercise.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Love it :D Way to go Kelly and Giant and you! What a threesome!


  6. LOL!!!! That's like us singing banana bama bonana fe fi fo fanna - one time Christopher said, "Whatever you do mom, don't use truck."

  7. Hilarious. Gotta love a good Mad Lib!


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