Thursday, June 6, 2013

7QT #?? and FTSF #??

Let's get to it...

+++++++++++ 1 +++++++++++++

Hubby to me:  "You gotta believe me when I tell you the two things I'm about to tell you are not related.   I'm out of underwear and we don't have any toilet paper."

Oh, how I love that man.

@@@@@@@@@@@@ 2 @@@@@@@@@@

Giant's cast came off!!

I was happy to see there weren't any odd things stuck down in the cast and it wasn't dirty at all.  Not even that stinky.  Guess when you aren't allowed to get your heart rate up, sweat isn't nearly as much of an issue.

He made two observations:

1.  I have a tan line!

See it?
2.  The skin on my broken thumb is smooth.  It doesn't even have wrinkles.

Yeah, that's because it's still swollen.  Not exactly healed.

We came home with 2 soft casts, which he will wear all summer long.

One for when he's not playing soccer

And one for when he is.  (aka Cuckoo's cast when Giant isn't playing soccer.)

I feel this photo should be in Highlights magazine.  How many silly things do you see in this picture? 

I was a bit nervous to ask one question, thinking the staff would find me to be a bit off.  I was so happy when the tech simply offered.

Why yes, we would love to take the old cast home!

^^^^^^^^^^^^ 3 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I was talking to my mom the other day, and she was telling me about getting new appliances in her kitchen.  She told the story about her fridge's water line needing to be replaced, and as she was cutting or doing something with the copper wire, she cut herself.  She said, and I quote,

I was bleeding like a stuck pig.

blah, blah, blah.

Me: "SAM!" *

Mom:  What?

Me:  Do you know what you just said?

Mom:  What are you talking about?

Me:  You bled like a stuck pig?

Mom:  Yes, I cut my finger.

Me:  SAM!  After the week I just had, you are going to sit there and nonchalantly throw that phrase around like it doesn't mean anything?

Mom:  Oh!  Hahahahahaha!

Me:  I have seen a stuck pig.  I know the blood of a stuck pig.  I HAVE STUCK THE PIG AND MADE IT BLEED!  Until you have seen and done the things I have seen and done, you are not to use that phrase again!!!  You hear me!?!?!  **

Mom: Hahahahahaha!  OK, back to my kitchen.

* When I need my mom's full attention, I call her by her first name.
**I love my mom to pieces.  I'm not usually so smart-mouthed with her. ***

*** Yes, I am.  She loves it.

############### 4 #############

Speaking of pigs, an update.

I am very happy to say that the last three pigs are still alive and acting as pigs should.  They are eating, drinking, running, and rooting around.  Oh, the rooting.  The pen will never be the same after this lot. 

Thanks to a second injection which Hubby helped me give to the sickest pink pig (I'm sorry, I didn't write a post about this one.  It was getting dark, and we were both exhausted.  It took 10 minutes for me to convince Hubby to actually catch the pig with the rope, and another 5 for him to catch the thing), it is doing much better.

Unfortunately, Hubby was not able to catch the 2nd sickest pig, so it did not receive a second dose.  It still has diarrhea.  We're going to have to come up with a plan to catch that sucker and give it more medicine.

I'll try to get photos.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 5 $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Speaking of diarrhea, I feel much better now.  Thank you for all of the well wishes.  At least, I think that's what you were doing through your laughing.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight the new blog hop goes live!!!  Are your thankful posts ready!!!! 

??????????? 7 ?????????????

Our FTSF sentence:

I hit a turning point in my life when...

I have taken many sharp turns in my lifetime, but one that had the biggest impact was the day I forgave my parents and stepparents.

I was sitting in a quiet church, praying about something completely unrelated.  I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I started crying.  Tears streamed down my face as thoughts of my childhood and teen years went through my head.  I realized I was holding on to some serious anger and bitterness.  With all divorce situations, there are difficulties.  With remarriage situations, plenty more come up.  We'll just say there were some serious difficulties. 

I was holding on to my anger for one Very Good Reason.  The same reason most people hang on to anger.  I wanted someone to apologize.  I wanted someone to apologize for the difficulties I had to go through and take responsibility for it.  See?  Very Good Reason. 

Sitting in that church, it became clear to me that my bitterness and anger were doing nothing but hurting me.  They certainly didn't know I was angry.  It's not like I was outwardly mean towards my parents.  I still went to visit.  I was pleasant when I was there.  However, it was more out of obligation than desire to be there.  By holding on to the anger, I was hurting whatever possible future relationship I could have with them.   

An apology wasn't going to come.  What was I going to do about it?

I chose to take responsibility for my own anger.  I chose to forgive.  I simply let it go.  As the tears dripped off my chin, my anger and bitterness went with them. 

The weirdest thing about it all was that I didn't feel the need to tell my parents about it.  Our relationship changed in a very big way, but they weren't going to know that it happened.  There was nothing for me to say.

While I haven't forgotten those difficult years, I'm not angry.  I have learned from the past, and I am the person I am because of the past difficulties. 

I now thoroughly enjoy spending time with my parents.  I look for opportunities to spend time with them.  I'm sad when I can't be at gatherings they are attending. 

This relationship wouldn't have been possible if I would have held onto that anger.

But the best part is, I have taken what I've learned from this and applied it to everyone I come across.  People make mistakes.  Do I really want to hold their mistakes against them for the rest of their lives?  Do I want to be angry all the time?  No.  No I don't.

Plus, if I hold onto my anger for the mistakes other people make, don't others then have a reason to hold onto the anger for the mistakes I have made against them?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. #7 take: What a courageous attitude to a hard situation. I pray some of my friends who suffer from the effects of divorce will have a similar release from the anger.

    1. It isn't easy, and it certainly took me long enough. Keep praying for them.

  2. #1 I don't know if I believe your hubby about those two things being unrelated :)

    Grats to Giant for getting his cast off! I'd imagine he still has to take it easy? Sounds like he gets to play soccer, though? That has to be a relief.

    Your family should have like... a reality series or something >.>

    I maybe missed it in the post you listed about things you "learned" ... in that were there hints that the one pig passed away? Or are all of them okay?

    Glad you are feeling better! Something to be grateful for. And no, I don't have my lists ready for that. I think I can do it without being overwhelmed, though.

    Letting go and forgiving can be extremely difficult. A lot of times not doing so can eat you up and "kill" you inside. I'm glad you were able to eventually forgive your parents (and possibly others) so that you could move on emotionally. In turn, then being able to continue and grow your relationship with them.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    1. :)
      After three weeks, I don't think he can take it easy. He is playing soccer, and he's happy.
      Yes, one of the pigs died before we could get enough meds in him.

      It most certainly isn't easy. I'm glad I was able, too.

      I'm cracking up at how many comments you are leaving. Catching up on some reading, are we? :)

  3. Your #7 is AWESOME. Good for you. Been there and it really helps.
    #2 also great, as is #6.
    And no, #1 - sorry, I don't buy it.

  4. So true and couldn't agree more that people do make mistakes, but to hold a grudge is just too difficult and hard for me, too. I usually am the first one to extend the olive branch around these parts, too. Thanks as always for linking up with us and very exciting about the new hop tonight!! :)

    1. Very exciting indeed. Thanks for hosting such a good one yourself!

  5. I love a good healing story. I'm glad you let God mend your heart.
    And #1 made me laugh.

    1. I am very glad, too.
      I laughed pretty hard when he said it.

  6. 1. Mhm. 2. The tan line was the FIRST thing I noticed. That he has still maintained his meticulous manicure was the other. Also, loving me some mismatched (or just plain missing) socks. 3. Sooo, that phrase is true? 4. There better be pictures of the next pig round-up. 5. Probably the reason for #1. 6. Got my thinking cap on. 7. I saw Beth Moore one time when she talked about letting go. She suggested putting "it" in a pretty box, tying it up with a big ribbon, and lifting it up to God. I do that every time I need to let go of something. Sometimes that box comes crashing down a few times before I'm finally able to heave it up far enough for it to reach its destination, but it always makes it eventually.

    1. 1. :) 2. I thought of you when I took the photo. I had just cut his nails for him a day or two prior, and we even managed to clip the casted thumb. Neither boy likes to actually match socks. 3. Yes, yes it is. 4. I will do my best. 5. Ha! 6. Can't wait to read it. 7. That is a very good idea. Something tangible helps so many people with things are far from tangible.

  7. Take #7 - I needed that today.
    You're awesome.
    What's up with this hop - where have I been - I need to be there!!

    1. I'm glad I could help.

      We're starting a new hop - a 10 Things of Thankful - each Saturday. I don't know where you've been, but I just announced it Thursday. Hope to see you!

  8. I have sooooo been there with the forgiveness moment - I was 19 and talking to my friends about it in a Bible study. I thought I was going to need years of counseling to forgive my parents. My dear friend simply said "It's your choice." Just do it. Light bulb went off. Most freeing moment of my life.

    1. What a wise friend you have. It really is a choice, surprisingly enough.

  9. Choosing to forgive is such a hard step. YAY for being able to walk the "bigger" walk. Tell your hubby toilet paper and underwear a re always related...and you know it's time to go shopping when you run out of either :) Thanks for linking up with #FTSF this week. Hope to see you next week!

    1. It isn't easy, but very worth it.
      I will be sure to tell him. It means either shopping or actually doing some laundry. One of the two. :)
      Thanks for hosting!

  10. You are one funny lady! I enjoy coming here and reading what's happening in your neck of the woods. Your husband? He cracks me up!

    Anger is a hard thing to give up. I've been there. I finally, after many, many years, have stopped being angry at my ex-husband, who left me for another woman, while I was pregnant with our second child, and our first child was only 2, who had some health issues. Was I pissed? Holy Cow was I ever! BUT, my second husband (current) came into the picture, (or as my mother liked to call him - My Knight in Shining Armor), adopted my kids, married me, and my life has been great ever since. Getting divorced had to happen for me to marry my second husband. Too bad I didn't know that at the time, though. Because that was THE hardest year of my life!

    1. Thank you!

      It is so hard. What a wonderful story of forgiveness and moving on. And a story of being open to things you could never anticipate. I'm sure while you were in the midst of that horrible year, you never would have guessed how well your life would turn out!

  11. LOL - no matching socks and Cuckoo is missing one.

    Glad you learned to forgive. I think resentment is a poisonous seed that does nothing but hurt us.

    1. Socks are always missing around here. And when someone finally puts two on, they never match.

      It very much is.

  12. It's always a good reason, the reason we hang on to anger. Unfortunately, it only hurts ourselves. So glad you chose forgiveness - for you!

  13. Wow, lady, you never cease to amaze me! First you crack me up with your opening line, then I'm silently cheering about the cast coming off, and then WHAM! You share more of your beautiful wisdom with us. What a great story. So glad you linked up with us...

    1. You are such a good commenter! Thank you for the kind words. And thank you for hosting!

  14. very: good/entertaining/funny/insightful/pretty-damn-cool Post

    (hey, new hop in town, yo. totally looking forward to it, hope I can come up with a Post that it deserves... (if this were an imaginary, 1950's universe I would say that I would drive by your house slow with the headlights we could head into Town and meet up with Considerer and them...)

    1. Why thank you!

      Ha! You crack me up. Of all the co-hosts, I'm most glad that you have joined up. Can't wait to see what you (will roger or scott be joining in?) come up with.

  15. I'm still stuck on we are out of TP and underwear. Although I did very much relate to forgiveness when it comes to parents and step parents.

    1. Don't get stuck too long. Nasty images will be forever in your brain. :)

  16. Your FTSF really moved me. It's so hard to forgive, but really is essential to finding joy. Otherwise that pain festers and pulls you down. Great post! And I loved the underwear/toilet paper line. That's totally tweet-worthy. ;-)

    1. Ha! Don't think I didn't secretly wish I was a tweeter when he said it. :)

      Essential is a good word for it. We must in order to be truly happy.

  17. beautiful FTSF. Forgiveness came easier for me, too, when I realized I have hurt people in my life as well. How dumb not to realize that. But, when you are hurt and bitter, you focus on yourself. The message of Christ has helped me here. EVERY one has fallen short. If we applied the same ruler to ourselves as we do others, we would be more humble. I've also learned, over time, that people do the best they can with what they know AT THE TIME. Most people aren't hurtful on purpose, they are usually reacting to some pain in their own lives. I wish I'd knows all this younger in life. Anywhoo....lovely sharing.

    1. Thank you. It makes me so sad to see people I care about unable to come to this conclusion just yet. All I can do is pray that they listen to their little voices inside telling them to let it go.

  18. Wow this was a very full post. First, I love your husband...not in the "we're having an affair" way, I love that he knew you would connect the dots on those two items and he needed to clarify first that they were not related!

    Glad your little ones thumb is healing. I only had girls...and girls girls at that, so I thought broken fingers in sports activities would not be happening in my house...wrong! My oldest daughter was a "gifted" student (academically never struggled) and her school put together a 9 member softball team made up of the girls from the gifted class (7 of which had never played ball before) and she broke her pinky finger TWICE while catching a ball in the outfield. Their team also had a zero loss season. I think the extra smart girls played more strategically than athletically and it worked to their advantage.

    So glad some of your piggies are doing better. That is actually the reason for my visit to your blog tonight, to check on their status. I hope you and hubby can lasso that last one so s/he can get the needed medication.

    Well, I am off to read your new post about Thankful...

    1. Good thing, seeing as how I do love him in the "we're having and affair" way. :)

      Playing smartly is most certainly going to give a player and edge in any competition. In this house, our one daughter has had more injuries (stitches twice, elbow out of socket, concussion) than most of her brothers. Girls are tough cookies!

      Thank you for worrying about our pigs. They are doing sooo much better. I think we're out of the woods.


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