Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm Not Knowledgeable, But My Friends Are

So, I don't know if you've heard, but Google Reader will become obsolete come July 1.

Yeah, I've heard, but I have not one iota of a clue what that means.

There is also talk of GFC (that thing in the sidebar that shows all your lovely faces as followers, not the food/supplies chain here in the Midwest) maybe going by the wayside.

I am not a computer person, I simply play one on my blog. 

Fortunately, one of my wonderful blog friends is a nerd (her word) who figured some things out and relayed them to her audience. 

She is my hero.

So, I followed her directions, which took all of 1 minute, to get this bloglovin' account.  It is my backup for when google reader and maybe GFC are gone. 

Look at me.

Ahead of the game.  July isn't for months, yet I'm ready.

That is so unlike me.

If you are curious, or confused, or just want to do it 'cause that's what all the cool kids are doing, go to Kellie's little tutorial.

She's really nice.

Scroll down in the post's comments to mine and you will find the instructions to get that jazzy little button in my sidebar for bloglovin' followers.  (There are fancier, bigger ones, but they were a bit too much for me.)

Good luck.

May the force be with you.

(Isn't that what nerds are supposed to say to each other?)

Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh, thank you. I had heard about Google Reader going belly-up, but hadn't really figured out how that might impact my blog. I guess I need to do something--and thanks to your post, I'll be able to do that without too much mental effort!

    1. I was able to get the bloglovin' thing with next to no mental effort. Good luck.

  2. I have no idea what Google Reader or Bloglovin are even after I read her post. I am that computer illiterate. I have no idea how I wound up with a blog that actually publishes posts. Miracles happen. But thank you for directions. I will study :)

    1. I just today realized where google reader is on my dashboard. I never use it. I'm more worried about the GFC thing. Let me know if you figure anything out!

  3. Wow. I understood none of that. Long as I can still post stuff and folk can still see it, that's fine.

    1. You should be good, then! :) My worry was that I wouldn't have the URLs for the blogs I read saved.

  4. Is it sad that I don't know how to use Google Reader? I have that little button on my blog for the RSS feed but I don't know if I have anything to do with that on my end.

    I probably shouldn't be writing a blog. I probably shouldn't be operating a car either, as I have no idea how that works.

    1. Not sad at all. I have no earthly idea what that rss feed is all about.
      If I weren't allowed to operate anything unless I knew how it worked, I'd be stuck in a closet all day.

  5. Don't listen to her, guys. I'm not nice, I'm a terrible, awful person. I don't recycle, so that means I'm single handedly destroying the planet.

    Love you too, honey! Mwah!


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