Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Shorts

After finishing dinner, which included some delicious ribs, Hubby went to give the bones to the dogs.  In my concern for the dogs, I jumped and said, "You can't feed those to the dogs!  They'll choke!"  Hubby was quick to remind me, "Honey, the dogs have been known to eat pig ribs directly off the dead pig lying in the field.  I think they'll be alright." 


I learned something new about our TV.  If it has been on for a certain number of hours without anyone changing channels, a little message pops up and asks, "Hey, anyone actually watching this?" or something to that effect.   I learned this on the day that both little boys woke up with raging colds, and I wasn't feeling all that well either.  And to the TV we replied, "Shut up.  We don't feel well and will watch as much PBS as we want.  Or at least until the creepy guy starts painting."


I work one day a week in a preschool with a yeller.  Not an angry-yeller, but the kind that Seinfeld would hate.  The "since you don't speak English very well, it might help if I talk really loudly and enunciate every syllable" kind of yell.  She does this all day, as we have four Burmese kids in our room.  I was going to pick Turken up from his classroom, and I could hear her down the hall and around the corner talking to a Burmese family.  "DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHOW AND TELL MEANS?  SHOW AND TELL?  THE KIDS BRING THINGS IN FOR THE WEEK'S LETTER.    TODAY WAS A.  THEY COULD BRING AN APPLE.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"  And she did this for each of the four Burmese parents.  I think the Burmese still in Burma might now know that we have show and tell at our preschool.


The kids and I were looking something up on the computer, so they were all around and on top of me.  As we all focused on the screen, Cuckoo quietly, nonchalantly said, "I'm peeing."  It didn't register until my lap felt a bit warm.  Yes, yes you are peeing.  AAAAHHHH!!  Could have sworn that kid was potty trained.  Hasn't had an accident for months now.  Really, the only person who should be peeing on me is me, and that's only when I cough or laugh extra forcefully. 

Have a lovely day! 


  1. LOL! Well it's not really an accident if he announces it. Then it's just a lifestyle choice ;D

    1. Ha! That is an extremely good point. A disturbingly good point.


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