Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh, I Remember That Sound

Of all of the sounds in the world, one of my favorites has to be a good, steady rain.

It is such a comforting sound.  It's like a voice telling you, "It's OK.  Leave your PJs on today."

It's a sound that invites you to be still.  To empty your mind and just plain listen.

Today, Isaac has calmed down, gotten friendly, and has come to Indiana for a visit, and our family welcomed him with open arms.  We were still and listened to his call.  We listened to the subtle differences in the way the rain hits leaves, puddles, and stone steps.  We watched how the rain slanted when a gust of wind came through.  We most certainly didn't think about school, or the vast number of things we could be doing.  We sat.  In our PJs.

At least temporarily.  It wasn't long before the boys heard a very different call.  They stopped hearing, "Sit and listen," and instead heard, "Get out here and splash!"

Their impression of Timothy Green.

At one point Turken realized that you could see his tattoo through his T-shirt and that his boots sounded like frogs when he ran.  He had done so much puddle-jumping, and the rain had come down so hard, that his boots were half-way filled.

Giant offered to help him out.

I am so grateful for this day, and so glad we decided to cancel the Labor Day party!

With soccer and school, and cross country, and chores, and a myriad other responsibilities, we sometimes forget that sitting and listening is important, too.  

After this drought, it was good to have a rainy day reminder.

Have a lovely day!

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