Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Truly Are Pitiful Gardeners

A few posts ago I talked about my pepper discovery in the garden.  When I finally remembered to tell my hubby about it a few days later, he said, "How did the lettuce look?"  The blank stare I gave him prompted him to continue.  "I planted some spinach and lettuce a few weeks ago."  Huh.  Glad to hear it.  It rained the next four days, then we were way busy for the next few days.  Today I finally went out to the garden to see how the lettuce was doing.  Here is what I found:

How 'bout that.  Lettuce.  With what looks to be some itty bitty carrots growing in it. 

Then the boys and I played a little game.  You can play it, too.   Can you find the spinach?

Looks like we have some weeding to do!

Before we could get started, the two year old looked across the rows and saw this:
Heaven forbid we see a pepper and not pick it immediately, so off we went to see what we could gather.  This is how we get produce to the house when we forget to bring a bowl or basket:

When we got to the house, I told the boys to play outside while I got the peppers put away.  When I came back out, this is where I found the three year old:

Apparantly he couldn't take it anymore.  He had to weed the flowerbed in front of the house.  As you can tell by the size of the weed he pulled, we aren't any better about our landscaping than we are about the garden.  It kinda drives our two children with OCD tendencies nuts. 

Have no fear, though.  Not all of our kids are neat-freaks, as proven by the two year old.  While the three year old was weeding, this is what the two year old was doing:

There's my normal boy.  Perhaps you can see the huge puddle of bubbles behind him.  He is now trying to shake out the chalk he dropped into the bottle last week.

I'm really going to go weed now.  Unless, of course, I find something better to do on the way there.

Have a lovely, weed-free day!

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