Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Look at the Backside

My favorite photos are those that lead to a story.  The posed head shots are cute and all, and yes they have a place on my mantel, but those are not the ones I will remember forever.  Inside the kids' albums is where you will find all of the photos that tell the stories of their lives.  It is where you will find their personalities, their interests, their accomplishments, and their mix-ups.  Much to my children's dismay, I always take a picture when they do something I find funny before I console them or help them.  This is the day my daughter got her hair all tangled in the tree swing:

She stood there for five mintues while I got the camera ready.  Her friend is just out of the shot, half laughing, half horrified.

My kids, or at least my grandkids, will thank me someday.

Lately I have found the two youngest to be most adorable from a different point of view.  I realized that for some reason I have taken quite a few pictures of them from behind.  Can't see their cute little faces, but I love them anyway. 

I took the two youngest to the local zoo and gardens.  The three year old felt responsible for the two year old's well being all day.

For my nine year old's Halloween costume we needed to get a wig.  The little boys claimed it and looked hilarious running around the house, curls bouncing all around their heads.

A few days ago, the two year old figured out how to take his clothes off all by himself.  And of course, with a two year old, if you can, you must.  Every time I turned around, the child had every stitch of clothing off.  He didn't stop there.  He managed to get the diaper off, too.

Yes, that is his diaper in his left hand.  Six kids and I've never had a streaker before.  Cute, but glad the phase only lasted one day.

As for their albums, I do not have the time, energy, money, or desire to scrapbook.  I do have albums for each of them.  I always buy the albums that have a memo area to write the story that goes with the picture. 

A little tip that works wonders:  When a child goes in to the doctor for his 4/5 year old shots, I always take one of his earlier albums.  While the nurse does her thing, the child and I go through the album, and I tell him all of the stories.  He hardly notices the shots going in.

Have a lovely, photo-op day!

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