Monday, October 17, 2011

Our house is most definitely haunted

A few years ago, my book club read a book about psychics, and we had one come to our meeting to give us all readings.  In the middle of the conversation, the psychic stopped abruptly and asked which one of us had a really old house.  Everyone, of course, looked to me.  She then said that we had a spirit living with us.  He must like us, she said, since he hasn't done anything to make himself known. 
Well, we must have done something to irritate him.  Things are going downhill around here. 

Our washing machine started making an unbelieveably loud noise at the end of the rinse cycle.  It is so loud that our two year old jumps up and runs to me crying when it happens.

Our kitchen sink is leaking like a sieve from at least three different places.

Our refrigerator has asthma.  It wants to make ice.  I know it does.  I hear it trying to catch its breath, all to no avail.

But the most convincing argument is our leaky toilet.   We noticed the ceiling in the kitchen getting a wet spot.  We had a plumber come out, who opened the ceiling up and fixed the problem.  We left the whole in the ceiling, since we will be getting our kitchen redone soon.  (Also why said plumber didn't fix the leak in the sink.)  Two weeks later, whenever someone flushed the toilet in our master bathroom, the toiled leaked into the kitchen.  Woe to the person looking in the fridge when that happened!

Naturally, we had a different plumber come in to fix the problem.  He fixed it, and we could get items out of the fridge without fear, at least for a couple of weeks.  A few days ago, the hubby was getting ready for work while the kids and I had breakfast.  He flushed the toilet, and drip, drip, drip.  A puddle on the kitchen floor. 
Any of these things, taken individually, are annoying but manageable.  When they all happen at once, concern sets in.  I'm getting paranoid about paranormals.  We have a spirit.  And he's in our water pipes.

Have a lovely, ghost-free day!

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