Thursday, October 9, 2014

TYVM for the LOLs

I love texting with my kids, as they constantly surprise me.

I'll give you an example:

Driving home with the two oldest children, I wanted to talk to someone at home.  I did not care which someone it was, I just needed someone to get some ground meat out of the freezer and into the microwave to defrost, as I knew my time for dinner prep was going to be cut short.

It seemed I had not hung up the phone when I used it earlier, because the phone kept ringing busy.  Finally, I told Phoenix to use my phone to text Giant (the most likely to have his iPod nearby, seeing as how his friends have become a group messaging gang, filling my iPad with their nonsense).

He was told to text "Call me."  So he did.  With just those two words.

The reply I received:  "Who tf is dis"

When Phoenix showed me, my eyes about popped out of my head.

I asked Phoenix, "Did he just text what I think he text?"

Phoenix:  "Um.  Yes.  That would be a WTF."

Me, very tersely and with a dangerous crevice between my eyebrows:  Text back "Your mother".

I was floored.  The two kids with me were flabbergasted.  He was so busted.

Within seconds, the phone rang.  The display told us it was Giant calling.  I answered very sweetly, "Well hi there!"

The reply was a simple "Yeah.  Hi."

Problem was, it was a deep, scratchy, voice.  Basically, it sounded like a 400 pound man, who had done quite a bit of smoking in his lifetime, coming out of a drug-induced coma.

I sat there with the phone to my ear, struck speechless, yet trying not to laugh, while the guy just kept grunting and breathing.

Me:  "Um, yeah.  You are not who I was expecting.  Clearly I have the wrong number."

And I hung up.

The two teens were laughing their full heads off as they told me why the previous exchange happened.

The kids in our family who do not have phones use an app on their iPods to text.  If that app isn't used within a certain amount of time, the user receives a new number the next time he does.  I had an old number programmed into my phone. Apparently, it was given to a large, sleepy, unhappy man.

I was laughing pretty hard about the entire episode, but I pulled it together before going inside.

I stomped in the front door, went up to Giant, pointed a finger in his face, and scolded, "You are SO lucky it wasn't you!" before I turned on my heels and went to get the meat out of the freezer myself.

As I write this, I wonder. Should have done that man's mom a solid and scolded him, too?


  1. I haven't even met your kids, and I thought that text was completely out of character! As for your question, I think that if you had scolded him, you might have received an earful of text language.

    1. It was completely out of character, but with all of the group messaging he and his friends have been doing, I wasn't about to say, "My kid would never do such a thing."

      Very true. I really wish I knew what was going through his head, though, when he called me so fast. :)

  2. Absolutely priceless, thanks for giving me a laugh :) :)

    I'm sure none of your kids would send a text like that to anyone but my first thought was that it was done in innocence and Giant honestly didn't know what WTF means.

    I wonder what the guy thought when you spoke to him. Your description of him is a classic, I can just picture what he would look and sound like.

    1. You're welcome! Glad you found it as funny as I did.

      I am fairly confident none of my kids would send a text like that, but I've seen enough kid behavior (mine and other kids') to know I can't say "never". I have had talks with a couple of my kids about saying things because they thought it was funny, having no idea what they were saying. I thought I might have to have the same sort of conversation with Giant on this one. Until the guy called, of course. ;)

      I know! What was going through his head?

  3. Too funny ... I think the scolding would have been excepted being that he called you so quickly, but better you didn't. I thought it was odd and uncharacteristically of any of your children... Giant is very Lucky hahaha, what was his reaction? If I do that James would definitely fess up to something really trivial ;)

    1. I was thinking something similar. Why did he call me back so fast??

      He was speechless. No fessing up, unfortunately. :) It didn't help that the other two were hot on my heels, bursting to tell him the story.

  4. Clearly, the power of a Mother's phone call is great!

  5. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. That was hilarious.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  6. You know what drives me NUTS? That I can't comment on your blog from my phone, and I have NO IDEA WHY!

    I totally think you should have told the man off, but I'm HUGELY relieved the text wasn't from one of yours (and I felt a bit weird about it)...because I think that all of your children would have spelled it better.

    How bad is that! I totally assume that they're going to be the kind of kids who are NOT sloppy with language, even in text! I have no idea really :D

  7. We have been laughing about this story ALL DAY in our house...awesome. And yes, you should have done his mom a solid, for sure! It takes a village, right? ;)

  8. At least he was too sleepy (or lazy) to spell it out.


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