Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm a Guest Blogger!

Sorry.  My brain knows it's fall break and refuses to come up with a catchier title.  That or the 2 hour SpongeBob Squarepants Monopoly game sucked all the creativity right out of me.


Kerri asked me to write a post for her series "My Challenge Is..." a while back.  Of course I said yes and then put it off for a month.  But I got it done, and today it is up at her spiffy new blog.

Before you go, take a guess as to what you think my challenge is.

Let me know if you got it right!

Have a lovely day!



  1. Yep, that was spot on. Loved it. You write so very well. ☺

  2. I was thinking procrastination?

  3. nice work with the guest posting!

    (the hippie thing is a good and admirable ideal and I suspect I have a sense of that perspective…. man lol) of course, (to me), having seemingly oppositional views of how to deal with a situation, isn't really a conflict is both are coming from within…. rather it's these different aspects, (I would suggest), are what will result in one (view) to influence and modify the other… all to the benefit of you and the family.

  4. love it - teenagers it's not easy - I know what your going through I have two and yes I know if I don't change I can also push them away - the few things I tell my kids is "there is always a solution a good solution that is " "there is nothing in this world that will shock me or dad; we are always here for you, and if you can't talk to us you have alot of family that you can speak to...Aunts, Uncles, Cousins" its hard and scary i get it great post I'm going to try to be the hippie mom too (sometimes) :)

  5. Sponge Bob'll do that to you. lol Off to the click.

  6. Christine, that VIDEO. Wow. I'm a problem solver, too. Active listening is a skill, I know, I can use it always, but when it comes to my own children or my younger sister (who is an adult) I need to remember the nail in the head. It's not about the nail. As I was raising my own teenagers, my goal was to always be able to have an adult relationship with them after we all survived the teenage years. They always called me a hippie. lol

  7. You got this. Great guest post.

  8. Every mom, I think, struggles with keeping her mouth shut! We just know so much, and our kids aren't interested in our wisdom. Now that my kids are adults, they do come for advice now and then - and it's glorious! They did have to make a bunch of mistakes first though. That seems to be how we learn, dang it. :-)


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