Friday, October 31, 2014

Indiana Is Cold, So I'm Heading South, TToT 72

1.  Cuckoo was the only child I took to my great-aunt's funeral.  Turns out, he was the only person there younger than 38.  There were only 2 of us in our 40s.  We'll just say it was mostly just the seasoned relatives in attendance.  Cuckoo behaved marvelously.  Considering going to church is probably his least favorite thing to do in the entire world, it could have gone horribly wrong.  I don't think I could have taken the advice of 100 people 78 and older.

2.  Cuckoo provided the comic relief everyone needed.  He even got a true guffaw out of my grandma.

3.  The weather for the funeral was perfect.

4.  Since I was able to stay for two nights, we were able to get all sorts of Euchre in.  We laughed and laughed, despite our exhaustion and sorrow.  Well, really, because of our exhaustion and sorrow.

5.  I will be in Florida for the first snowflakes of the season.  Everyone here in Indiana will be bundled up in coats and gloves for trick-or-treating, while Cuckoo and I will be enjoying Halloween without layers.  Shorts and a t-shirt for me!

6.  The new light fixtures for the front porch and my bedroom hallway have arrived.  Finally, I'll have some light at night and won't be so likely to kill myself when I trip over the junk the kids have left on the floor.

7.  Bryan doesn't have to clock in at work, but can work whatever hours works for him.  While he usually works from 7:30-5:30, it's been (and will be) very helpful that he can take the time to do the driving I normally do on weekdays.

8.  I still have a few kids who don't mind when I hug and kiss them, even in public.

9.  Internet banking lets me schedule the paying of the bills.  No overdrawing the account or paying late in this house!


It's Wednesday, so no code to put the link in here.  Head over to Lizzi's if you want to join in the thankfulness with a post of your own.

Have a lovely day!


  1. No snow here in MD, but it is cold! Fire pits were lit for t or t last night, and their warmth was welcome. I'm glad you had some good family time and that you are warm!

  2. Did you say something about Florida and the beach? I think you did.

    Have a fabulous time. :)

  3. YAY FOR THE BEACH! I am SO happy for you (and I still really, really want you to meet up with Sandy and take photos - I hope that happens!). Well done Cuckoo for behaving so nicely at the funeral, and I'm glad it was a good one, and that you got lots of Euchre in with your family.

  4. I'm including TToT into my blog's month-long Gratitude Challenge. I know most of you have been doing this for a while but I'm so glad to have found it and want to share it with everyone during the month.

  5. Florida! Fun!
    I think there's much to recommend children's presence at funerals. Glad Cuckoo rocked it.

  6. Yay for the beach and warm Florida weather. NJ is freezing-rainy-windy-yucky. I love online banking - fast, easy and efficient. I'm sure Cuckoo charmed the funeral attendees and helped them appreciate the joy of life. Enjoy you time away and stay warm.

  7. We got snow yuck last night and throughout the day today but I doubt that it will stay very long. Euchre!!!! I have not played in so long and I absolutely love Euchre! Do you ever play online? I used to play on a site but can't remember the name of it now.

  8. I'm glad you got to attend the funeral and Cuckoo being on his best behavior. Enjoy your time in FL and the beach! Hope to be able to make it there next summer as well (the North Sea or Baltic Sea coast that is). In Germany, we usually set up automatic recurrent payments for the usual things (mortgage/rent, loan payments, power, kindergarten fees, etc.), so having to pay everything by check in the States made me panic at first. Remember dropping off a rent check at 4 am February 2, 2008 before heading to the hospital to have a baby :-)

  9. you gotta love that cuckoo! Have fun at the beach....

  10. 1.-2. He is a one-man show. Love that kid!
    3. Wonderful!
    5. Snow on Halloween? That's not nice! It was really cold here, like just over 40 degrees, but at least it wasn't windy.
    6. Will the lights be in place by the time you get back, or will that be on your list of things to get done when you DO get back?
    7. It's always good for a husband to experience these things every now and then.
    10. Are you in Florida?!

  11. Actually, I bet Cuckoo was a humongous blessing to all those present at the funeral. A young, healthy guy like him is a reminder of hope and joy.
    ~May @ Achieving Clarity

  12. I've played board games after a funeral before. It's a great stress-relief to be able to laugh and play together.

    I know from your instagram photos that you are having a ball in Florida. I hope Cuckoo shared his candy with you! :-)

  13. hope you had a wonderful trip Florida ... can't wait to see the pictures

    Again I am sorry for your family's loss

  14. one word: not fair!!

    lol (excellent plan… "...oh! so you say it's snowing outsider… hey Cuckoo! out of the water time for lunch!… 5 to 7 inches, you say?")

  15. While I do love Fall, it is cold and very windy here today and the beach sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  16. Well it is a tad chilly in Florida but it is not snowing so there is that.

    What a great list and I am glad there was some comic relief too. We all need that especially in times of sorrow

  17. Oh number 8.
    I closed my breadbasket up after I had my one and only so I'm getting all the public displays of affection that I can!!
    Yes, be very thankful of warm.
    We have frost.

  18. Well, now I know who brought the cold weather ;)! It's actually been lovely here, which of course you know, and I hope you're enjoying your trip. I got your message and replied but I think from the photos I've been seeing that you must be having a great time. I saw the one of Cuckoo in the water at the beach...on the coldest day we've had this year!

  19. Well it definitely feels like mid-fall here, that's for sure! I love it - and I'm glad we aren't getting that snow that those around us are. It's just too soon.
    Glad your funeral trip was filled with Euchre (what IS that??) and that Cuckoo could bring a smile to people's faces. I always think funerals should have happy moments.

  20. I'm so glad you came to FL (but sorry for the lost of your great-aunt.) I'm in central FL and the weather is ALWAYS perfect for Halloween. I tell people the best months to visit are Nov. and March. Unless, of course you want to swim in the ocean, which means you come in the summer, when everyone else in the world visits. Nov. and March are beautiful months - 75 degrees mostly. I'm sure you had a great time with ONE child!


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