Friday, March 28, 2014

Short and Sweet Thankfuls, TToT Week 41

The quickest thankfuls you ever did read on my blog comin' atcha.

I am thankful...

1.  that I get to be a stay-at-home mom and can simply take off on an adventure with the kids.

2.  for my husband, who doesn't begrudge us the fun and adventures we take while he stays home and goes to work.

3.  that my mom is healthy enough and crazy enough to join us.

4.  for the opportunities my kids have to grow and be brave.  Three days after school starts back up, my little 6 year old Turken will be reading the introduction to the all-school Mass.  There will be at least 600 people in the congregation, and all eyes and ears will be on him.

5.  that I am able to help a friend with the care of her ill mother.

6.  for good books.  I have read a whole bunch of good books lately.  I most recently finished Yvonne's book, Drawings in Sand.  The main character and I have basically nothing in common, but she has plenty in common with someone I know.  I often felt like I was in my friend's head as I read, and many of the things the character said are things my friend has said.  It was almost eerie sometimes.  Nice work, Yvonne!

7.  that my name was pulled out of the hat to win an iPad mini at our school's fundraiser.  The kids were hoping it would become their iPad, but

8.  for our kids' love of game-playing.  For months, Cuckoo has been watching the rest of us play Settlers of Catan.  This week, he told us he had watched long enough.  He wanted to play.  Not only did he play, he beat us all.  Turken received Ticket to Ride (USA version) for his birthday, so between the two games, we've been having lots of family together time.

9.  for all of my nieces and nephews.  I have lots of them, and I enjoy seeing them every chance I get.  (I will this weekend, when we all get together to celebrate all of the March birthdays.)

10.  for my smartphone.  It will make keeping in touch with Bryan and all the other people who want to keep track of our no-plans spring break trip easy.  And fun.  I'll be taking all sorts of photos and putting them on Instagram so my dad doesn't worry about us too much.  (I'm "inthecoop" if you want to follow along, too.)

That's it for me.  I have to put the finishing touches on the packing of the stuff.  You cannot even believe the organizational system I have going on here in my living room.

Something new I learned...when kids gather laundry from the dirty clothes baskets, they just grab the easy, large articles of clothing.  The small things, like socks and underwear, get shaken to the bottom of the hamper.  While this fact makes packing for a trip very difficult (as no one has clean underwear or socks, even after two days of non-stop washing and drying and folding), it completely explains the putrid feet odor forever hovering in their bathroom and bedroom.  I do appreciate an easy fix to a putrid feet odor.

Your turn.  What is making you want to yell, "Thank you!" for all to hear?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Catan has helped us pass many a wild night here at my house! And I too was blessed with a husband who did not begrudge the amazing and adventuresome undertakings the kids and I experienced while he was off working his tail off many a day. Making memories....good stuff!

  2. I was/am very thankful for being able to be a SAHM too!

    Lucky you!!! I never win anything. Wait. I stand corrected. I won a "dip chiller" the other night. You're jealous I know. ;)

    Have a super fantastic trip!!! Can't wait to read all about it...with plenty of photos of course! :D

  3. This may have been a short and sweet list but it's a great one! Go Turken...amazing for him to be able to do that! I feel the same way about my husband...that he provides us with this incredible life. Boo-yah! on the iPad mini...keep an eye on it :)
    Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see all the pictures I know you're going to take!

  4. Wishing you a fun and great trip now. Loved your short, but sweet list, especially winning an iPad Mini. That truly was awesome and hope you get to enjoy it and that it doesn't indeed become the kids, because my iPad was slowly becoming my kids and had to reclaim a bit more myself recently. :)

  5. Have a GORGEOUS holiday. I shall look forward to watching where you get to on Instagram. And YAY for your iPad mini :)

  6. " ….You cannot even believe the organizational system I have going on here in my living room."

    I can!! I can!!! wait! wait I think got this it is 'by furniture and person' rather than simply one childs clothes… the (particular) piece of furniture is the modifying subset for the group as people into articles of clothing…. stop me anytime if I get too spooky with my insight, or I get too spooky with my enthusiasm


  7. I can sense the build-up of excitement! Have a great adventure!

  8. I'm going along on your trip as an observer. I think you'll have great fun.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  9. Can't wait to hear about this trip! I'm both jealous and impressed!

  10. YAY for trips and adventures with your kiddos and MOM!!! Help with that putrid odor? I got nothing.

    I love that your hubs is so supportive- you are an AMAZING mom!!!

  11. I love adventures! I wish I could get in the car and drive and drive and stop and look at everything along the way that strikes my fancy. Have a fantastic time!

    I believe I fully understand your organizational system, as I suspect it's very similar to the one I employ when getting ready for a trip. I'm a pilot - pile it here, pile it there....

    Have you written your name on the iPad? Or put a password on it that only you know? I would.

    I'll be watching Instagram for photo evidence that you're having a wonderful adventure!

  12. How awesome you won the iPad! Congrats! I see you with the socks / underwear issues. I often hear: I don't have clean socks. well, tell me when you take your last pair and I make sure there will be clean ones the next :-) Enjoy your trips and stay safe!

  13. My mother ( of 8 stinky footed children) would sprinkle baking soda in the hamper every week... I guess she figured she was washing it anyway so no biggie to have white powder on everthing... I dont remember putrid smelling hamper and we only had one bathroom....have a great trip. congrats on the win and keeping to yourself!

  14. A no plans spring break adventure sounds exciting!

  15. this is a supergreat list and I am so proud of your son speaking like that! that is GREAT!
    jean xox

  16. Now you mention it, I'm pretty grateful for my phone too. Managed after a long time to do documents on it!

  17. I hope that when i have kids i can just go on fun trips with them- and bring my mom! I'm sure it doesn't get to happen as much as you want but still so great!

  18. Aw thanks so much for the shout out Christine. That is eerie that Stella says things your friend has said. I hope your friend has found peace or finds it. And hope you are having a great adventure.

  19. Great lesson for the kiddos - my name, MY iPad!

  20. being a stay at home mom does have its perks aside from cleaning dried up pee in places you never knew existed in the bathroom. I'm glad that your mom can partake in the crazy.
    Your friend is really lucky to have you help her out!

  21. Congrats on your winning the ipad! Very cool!
    It is a blessing to get to go off with kids whenever you please.
    And kids who play games are my favorite kind. I could play board games and cards for ages!


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