Monday, March 31, 2014

One Challenge. Do I Get Points for Trying?

P.J., from a 'lilhoohaa, has a photo challenge each month where he announces a theme.  The participants have one month to take five photos based on that theme.  I have never participated, not because I don't want to, but because I forget to take the photos.

This month's theme is ONE, since it is the one year anniversary of this challenge.

I remembered to take the photos, but only managed to take three.


I'm putting them out here anyway, seeing as how it's the closest I've ever gotten to conquering the challenge.

FYI:  It's hard to take a photo of your feet while you're swinging.  It's even harder to take a selfie.  Remind me to show you sometime.

Construction on the new orangutan exhibit at our zoo is wrapping up.

Exterminator screening off the birds' entry point to our attic.

Have a lovely day!


  1. First again! lol

    Were you upside down when you took the photo of your feet? I think we need a video demo of this one! :)

  2. That includes screening off all the bats too. Excellent.

    Loved the feet shot.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. The swinging selfie is AMAZING though :D Such a joyful image

  4. The on-the-swing selfie is awesome, Christine! I can imagine that the topic itself is quite challenging, I would have serious problems being creative with it. Hope you can visit the new orang utan exhibit soon. Those primates are so funny :-)

  5. I think I could manage a selfie of my feet better than I can my face (recent Instagram photo is case and point!)...but not sure about the swinging part. I thought maybe you were hanging upside down! I did get the idea that you were at a playground. Love the bokeh effect!

  6. I would forget to take the pictures too! I hope the exterminator gets rid of your birds and whatever else is hanging out in your attic!

  7. Wow. The orangutans can climb that tower just like King Kong!

  8. I totally thought the first one was someone standing on their head and taking a photo! I suppose that would be less difficult than swinging at least its not moving!

  9. Yes, you get always gets points for trying. The ladder is my favorite...not that you asked, however when has that ever stopped me from giving my opinion.

    BTW I can't wait to see the selfies while swinging. :)

  10. I'm with Zoe...I thought the swinging pic was someone laying on their back with their feet in front of the sun...that's my favorite!


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