Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Really, Really Quick Takes

See Jen.  See Jen write.  See Jen let other people write and link their posts up to hers.

********** 1 ***********

James Dyson says "cyclone technology" ensures that their vacuum never loses suction.  Ever.  That is a lie.  Their vacuum most certainly does lose suction...

when you forget to clean the filter and roller for a year or so.

*********** 2 ***********

I grew up 15 minutes from the Hoover Vacuum plant and the Hoover family.  I say "vacuum" the carpet.  My British friends, who live thousands of miles and across an ocean away from the Hoover plant and the Hoover family, say "Hoover". 

I find that to be quite funny.

I'm going to assume you do, too.

************ 3 **********

I had the best game of Scrabble of my life.  I had three, let me repeat, THREE words in which I could use all my letters.  I got to use two of them.  One on a double word score, one on a triple word score.  I got over 400 points in one game. 

I was playing against Star, who normally gives me a run for my money.   That day, though, he had just gotten home from camp covered in poison ivy.  And when I say "covered", I mean his entire face had swelled up.  He was just a touch distracted, so I had a hard time feeling triumphant.

Blasted kids, always raining on my parade.

***************** 4 ***************

"I don't have any socks," in kidspeak actually means, "I have shucked my socks all over the house over the last five days, so none of them actually got washed, so I don't have any socks in my drawer to put on today."

These were found in every single room on the first floor of our house in a two minute clean-up time.  They all belong to Cuckoo and Turken. 
************** 5 *************

Kids think lollipops are fun, especially when I insist they sit and watch TV while eating them, to ensure the lollipops don't get stuck to things in every room in my house.

What color is my tongue?
************* 6 ************

Child does not do the laundry he was supposed to do while Mother was out.  Again.

Mother gets angry with Child.

Child apologizes, then hops to.

With a smile on his face, Child takes 5 times as long as it should to fold the laundry because he folds it origami-style.

Mother has a really hard time staying angry with Child.

************* 7 ***********

As a fake farmer, never knowing a real farmer in real life, I was quite excited when our town had a "Meet Your Neighbor" event at a farm in town.  There was a tour and everything, so we could meet the family and learn all sorts of things about modern farming.  It was completely fascinating. 

What did my children consider the best part?

On a side note, while at the farm event, my husband found what he wants to be called on the blog.

Nice try, Dear, but, while true, it is most certainly not a chicken name.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. There's one surefire way to have your vacuum keep it's suction. Never use it. Works for me anyway...

  2. Origami laundry folding! Now that's a procrastination method I never came up with.

  3. All of your letters THREE DIFFERENT TIMES???? You might not have been able to gloat in front of Star, but WOW! I'm impressed!

    I think that laundry-folding child has a career waiting on a cruise ship. I hear they have towels folded origami-style.

  4. WHOA, I'm waiting for your child to fold something into the shape of a chicken. That's quite a talent! Plus, I'm glad to know socks are all over your house as well.

  5. 1. I recently removed about 10 pounds of long, blonde hair from the roller brush in my vacuum. Amazing how it no longer smells like burning motor parts now. 2. I am going to start using "Hoover" as a verb. For all kinds of things, not just vacuuming. (I have a Panasonic. Panasonicking does not have the same ring to it as Hoovering.) 3. Take your wins any way you can get them. 4. My son plays that game, too. Only each of his socks are about the size of a sleeping bag. 5. Did they actually finish the lollipops? Because my kids NEVER finished one like that. 6. Niiice. 7. Just when I thought Pluto Pup, I mean, Cuckoo couldn't get any cuter.... And tell your husband "nice try" on the name.

    Going to Hoover on over to the pool now and enjoy the sunshiny day.

  6. Loving the lollipops and origami-style folding. Haha so adorable!

  7. Vacuum's have a filter??? right back.....

  8. No-one I know uses 'vacuuming' unless they're American at home. It's all about the hoovering (and thank goodness they went that way or we'd all be 'spangling' instead!)

    Congrats on your Scrabble. Mum and I play most Sundays and mostly I get my ass handed to me, but one glorious game, I managed an 8 letter word over two triple word scores. That was my crowning moment, I think.

    Have to say, I'd probably be pretty excited about the giant farm machinery. I'd love to drive it. Or a traction engine. Or a mining truck. Imagine being in control of something *so* huge!!

    1. I've always wanted to try to operate a backhoe, although I don't think I would be coordinated enough to do it. I just want to try to dig a really, really big hole with it.

  9. I love your little memes. I am always assured of a few chuckles when I read them. Love that the kids most enjoyed the tractor tires. And that name for hubby, well...I think my hubby might want it too if you do it, so maybe you better not lest you start a trend for bloggy husbands wanting to be called "Positive Stud"

    You got me beat on Scrabble, I have only twice used all seven letters in one game...many, many years ago. Maybe we should play each other instead of the kids, especially if you are taking advantage of a sick one, lol.

    Have a fabulous weekend!


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