Thursday, December 27, 2012

And So I Allow Him to Go Unharmed

The morning started with me wanting to do physical harm to my husband.  I don't mean a slap kind of harm.  I mean real harm.  That includes blood and broken body parts.

Yesterday, we spent a whole lot of time shoveling.  I took care of the porches and walkways, while Hubby spent a couple of hours making two tire tunnels for his car.

I in no way want to make light of the amount of work Hubby put in yesterday.

He started at his car (which we strategically placed facing down the driveway before the snow started.  (This ain't our first snow dance.)) 

and continued all the way down the .35 mile driveway.

The closest dot you see is Hershey.  The next dot is Roy.  And lastly, aaaaall the way at the end of the drive, is Hubby. 

He worked his tail off, hoping that the two lines he shoveled lined up and gave him enough room to get the car out in the morning.

After the sun went down, our lovely neighbor showed up with a scooper truck.  That nice man followed Hubby's tracks and cleaned up the rest of the snow.

Now, look at the photo above again.  See where our vehicles are?  When Hubby went out to thank the man, he didn't think to ask, "Would you mind clearing off the bit to my wife's van, too?"

Nope.  Just so he could get to work, he was happy.  Which meant my car was completely blocked in by the 10 inches of snow, plus the piles of snow left by the scooper.

Normally, not too big of a deal.  The kids and I could have lived on candy until he stopped at the store on his way home from work.  Except, I had one errand that had to get done.

Just before Christmas, Hubby asked me if I had sent in our homestead exemption form when I paid our property taxes.   I had no idea of what he spoke, so clearly the answer was no.

He said, "We (meaning you) have to file them before Dec. 31."  I couldn't do it before Christmas, so today was the day.

So, guess who was outside shoveling a path through the snow this morning? 

I might have said a few bad words in the process.

But, I got the van out and braved the bad roads to make it to the county auditor's office.

Where there was a loooong line of people also needing to get their exemptions filed by Dec. 31.

After half and hour, I finally made it to the desk.  I handed over our paperwork, and the dear woman said, "You have already done this." 

Come again?

"Have you refinanced?"


"Well, you filed this in 2010, so you don't need to do it again.  Once and done."

Are you saying I didn't need to come down here before Dec. 31 to file any paperwork?

"No ma'am, you didn't."

Flippin, flappin, sugar bits in my grits, my husband is in super big, very bad trouble.

Cuckoo and I left the office, texted Hubby a terse note, and headed to the grocery store, which of course, wasn't crowded at all, being the first day after Christmas and a blizzard in which stores were open.  Nope.  Not crowded at all.

I came home in a lovely mood.

But, I am to the point that I no longer want to hurt my husband. 

Christmas candy was half off, so I gave up my M&M fast and bought myself two big bags.  (Just throwing it out there, but I just may be an emotional eater.)  That made me happy.

The sun is shining, and the sun always makes me feel better.

As I stand on the front steps, I can hear little drip, drip, drips all around me.  Snow melting in the sun and dropping off the roof, the downspouts, the trees, the picnic table.  It's a pretty little symphony, just for me.

While on my porch, I saw a couple of cardinals cavorting in the snow-covered trees.  I love, love, love the sight of bright red cardinals back-dropped against bright white snow.

I have all of my kids home with me.  And they're getting along nicely. 

The plumbers have made it to my house and, as I type, are working to get running water into my kitchen.  Thank you, God. 

Lastly, I just got an email saying that a picture I sent to a fellow blogger is going to be on her site today. Anna from My Life and Kids does a series on messy houses that is hilarious and makes us all feel better on days that we don't quite get to the housekeeping. Today, she is doing a messy house: kids edition. Our dearest Cuckoo made the cut with the mess he made in the bathroom one day over the summer.  Seeing the photo made me smile.  I can laugh about it now that it is in the far, far past.

So, really, my husband is a lucky man. The good is outweighing the cruddy start to my day that he created. There will be no husband beat-down when he gets home from work.

Although, with a kitchen sink up and running, I will finally be able to make all of the food I've been missing.  That's gonna mean a whole lot of messy dishes for Hubby to clean. 

Not that I'm into paybacks or anything.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Men truly are from a different planet. Sometimes I get much more pleasure from a big ol' bag of peanut M & M's 'cause at least ya know what your gittin'.

    1. A very different, completely illogical planet. I agree.
      Lots of pleasure from a big bag of M&Ms, until I get to the point where I have eaten too much. Unfortunately, that happens too often. :)

  2. Wow. I am impressed with your restraint. Your husband is very, very lucky. I hope he knows it.

    1. He's very lucky. And he'll know it as soon as he reads this post. :)

  3. my youngest was just commenting yesterday how much she liked to see the Cardinals in the snow :) she'd probably enjoy watching you pummel your husband with snowballs too, though :)

    1. Your youngest has a wonderful eye! :)
      And while I didn't get my husband with the snowballs, I did sic the kids on him. They got him pretty good for me.

  4. M&Ms really do make life better. And not having running water in your kitchen? I don't think there's enough M&Ms in the world to make me happy about that.
    On a side note: you deserve a wife of the year award for not retaliating. ;)

    1. After two months without a kitchen, I was thrilled to be getting water.
      After the things I've had to do this year, I would actually gladly accept the award for wife of the year. :)


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