Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tip Thursday

I realize that everyone in blogland does tips on Tuesday.  The alliteration makes the title flow nicely.  Unfortunately, Tuesdays are busy days at the coop with me working and all, so after giving tips to preschoolers all day (things like "Tissues are much better for wiping that snotty nose." and "Underwear really should be worn under jeans that you can't button yourself.") I am in no mood to hand out any more wise counsel.  So Thursday it is. 

Perhaps I could call it "Thankful Thursday", because you will be oh so grateful for the wisdom I am about to lay on you.  How's that for alliteration and cockiness all rolled into one.

Tip #1:

Do not hand an open jar of Nutella to a three year old.  Or anyone of any age for that matter.  It is just too easy to grab a spoon and go to town.

For the record, it was not I, but a big kid, who made this egregious error. 

Tip #2:

When at a soccer game in the freezing cold, do not send a little boy into the bathroom with a big kid alone.  Fishing isn't really the fun it's cracked up to be when the fishing is done in a public toilet.

Oh, the hand-scrubbing that went on afterwards.  When I asked who actually reached in to retrieve the gloves from the peed-in toilet, Giant responded, "Luckily they hadn't gone all the way under yet."

Tip #3:

For those who were looking for some actual wisdom, I have some of that, too.

When your children graduate from the sippy cups (which mine always did by the time they were two years old, as I cannot stand a sippy cup and refused to let my kids use the ones with the stopper things in them) do not use plastic cups.  Buy some large-bottomed juice glasses made of real glass.  I got a cupboard full of them from Goodwill.   People normally shy away from glass, afraid the cups will break when dropped.  Trust me, kids spill plastic cups way, way, way more than they drop cups.  I have six kids, and only 3 glasses have ever been dropped.  Only one has broken in its drop.  Plastic cups, on the other hand, get spilled non-stop.  Way too much milk and patience is wasted on plastic cups. 

Tip #4:

Disregard tip #3 if you have a tiled kitchen floor.  Everything shatters on a tiled kitchen floor. 

And lastly, Tip #5:

When remodeling your kitchen, do not put in a tile floor.

Speaking of remodeling your kitchen, I am in the middle of a mild panic attack.  Tomorrow is the big day that I head to the showroom and choose the materials for the new kitchen/mud room.  Because of a large funeral, our school is getting out an hour early, which means I will have an hour and a half to choose everything.  With only the little boys to "help" me.  

I hope I don't hyperventilate from all of the deep breathing I'll be doing tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Ok, I am so excited to see your new kitchen, this is like a real life episode from HGtv. Also that glass cup tip is great! Why didn't I think of that, this is going to make things so much easier for me! You can't trust any member of my family around Nutella, we keep a guest jar available for people who don't want to share the germs of the family's fingers and double dipped spons lol!

    1. Ha! I'm excited to see it, too. No clue what the heck it's going to look like yet. In our family, Nutella is given as birthday presents, so each person has his own jar o' germs.

  2. And there I am bugging husband for tile!! But I know better then to share my nutella with anyone!!

    1. Oh, not the tile! The grout. The shattering! Don't do it!
      I have made a vow to never, ever even taste nutella. I have seen way too many people hooked on it, and I don't need one more junk food to crave. The jar was his birthday present from his brother. Luckily. Or there would have been a serious uproar from the other kids.

  3. I'd probably end up looking like that too if you handed me a jar of nutella :D


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