Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes - Halloween Edition

Today I'm doing a Halloween edition of Quick Takes.  Lots of scary and gross things going on around this here coop.  I'll put them in order from least gross/scary to most, just in case it gets to be too much for you and you need to bail.  Gotta warn you, the last one's a doozy.

*************** 1 ************
Giant's costume for the 2nd annual Halloween soccer practice.

Yes, that is a lemon in his hand.  Take a moment...Think on it...AHA! 

Way too deep for most folks on Halloween.  Scary deep.
************* 2 *************
Even after all of these years, I'm still amazed at how quickly a kiss from Mom can make a boo-boo better.  I love that I can ease the pain of one of my kids with just a little peck of attention.  However, I do have one rule.  I don't kiss bottoms.  Way too dangerous on that end of my boys, and I think you know what I mean by that.  I may have to add some more places I don't kiss.  Just this week I was asked to kiss the inside of a cheek, a tongue, and the inside of a nose.  Even if all were possible, I'd still have to pass on kissing these locations.  Makes me want to hurl just thinking about kissing the inside of a nose.
************ 3 *************
Is it just me, or does everyone have a pile of stuff just hanging out by the front door?  Stuff that untold people have left at my house.  Stuff waiting to be handed down to the younger cousins the next time we see them.  And now a heaping, scary, giant of a mountain of stuff from the kitchen that we are taking to Goodwill is getting ready to swallow all the other stuff waiting at the door.   It's all getting a tad bit annoying.
************ 4 ***********
I'm shaking in my boots thinking that this is going to be my kitchen for the next two months.

And I don't even have half the stuff we'll be using throughout those two months out of the kitchen and into this room yet.  Gotta keep reminding myself, "You're getting a mud room, you're getting a mud room..."
***************** 5 *****************
We are at less than three days until my kitchen comes out.  Am I scrambling to get it all packed up?

 Clearly not.  I have spent the entire morning cooking.  I have baked two chickens, boiled a dozen eggs, made six pounds of taco meet, and baked a loaf of banana bread, and got up early to make the kids french toast for breakfast.  It's like I'm putting all sorts of decent meals in the bank to get us through the lean times.  Like we're going to starve during the kitchen renovation.  For the love, I need to get my brain straight and get this kitchen packed up!  It is in a scary state of affairs!
*********** 6 ***************
 This has got to be one of the lamest posts I've ever written.  It scares me that I can't focus on anything long enough to get a job done well. 
************** 7 **********
This one, I promise, is actually creepy and scary.  In the last two days I have had to kill more than a few wolf spiders.  Normally, I'm not squeamish about such things, but wolf spiders and I have a history.  Go here to read about it.  It was the ninth post I ever wrote, so don't judge.  The appearance of these wolf spiders is making me very nervous.  We haven't had this many in the house since our first year here.  You know how when you watch a scary movie, and the actress is a dolt, going to investigate something in the dark while you scream at her to NOT go?  I am smarter than that actress.  Not a chance in this world am I going to go outside at night to investigate the spider situation.
Well, there you have my mostly lame, not at all scary Halloween edition of 7 Quick Takes.  Please visit again, when I will hopefully have my brain back.  If not, I will for sure have some awesome demolition photos!
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I am most impressed with your organizational skills!! No way I could cook ahead that much food for my family. Just a guess on the Halloween costume but, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"?

    1. I do love to be organized, but I'm falling a bit short on the kitchen thing. All of that food I made today will feed us for four meals. My kids eat a whole mess of food. You got the costume right! After seeing yours for this year, I can tell you appreciate a costume that makes you think.

  2. I made it through the whole post, but now will probably have nightmares! We don't get wolf spiders where we are now, but have in the past. However, we're talking about one or maybe two at a time, not the thousands you had. What a brave woman you are!

    1. I actually did have nightmares during that ordeal. It was horrible. I pray that they are not coming back. And wolf spiders are the worst. They really squish when you kill them.

  3. okay totally off blog but your wood floors are beautiful!
    We remodeled our kitchen and my dining room table became our cupboards. what a mess. you can do it!
    NOT a fan of spiders we don't even use them to decorate for halloween. Once one came in from the attic into the girls room, O and I kept screaming made one of the boys run to the neighbors to kill it for us {keith was out of the counrty}
    I am ashamed at how much crud we have piled at the door and to top it off I have 2 big bags, 1 bin and a stack of clothing to pass on to friends this week, only to start girl clothes next week. We also have the assortment of 'found' things and a 'little house desk' a friend gave me all sitting next to the door, with the shoe pile at least keith took the computer that was there for 6 months to be recycled finally :-)
    enjoy your soccer game weekend!

    1. I do love our floors. They are original to the house, and are in a rectangle pattern. In seven years, we haven't done a thing to them. Making a neighbor kill a spider is ridiculous! You are a strong woman, able to renovate bathrooms without your husband. Surely you can kill a spider! Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a mysterious growth at the front door.

  4. If life gives you lemons! Awesome! That's my kind of Halloween costume.

    1. Mine, too, if for no other reason than it required very little from me :)

  5. Oh my gosh, the spiders!!! I read your post about them a while back, it is the most terrifying thing I've ever heard of. That would have been game over for me, light a match and walk away haha.

    1. Don't think that lighting a match wasn't an option I put on the table. Oh, the nightmares.


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